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We understand that beauty is an essential factor in many women’s lives. That’s why we at MBGON find out what women want to know, should know, and how to apply these trends seamlessly in their everyday lives. 

Plowing through the undecipherable, raw information fields may be challenging for some, so we do the path-clearing with distinctive and intensive research. With our creative writing style, we bring you the very answers you need from fashion choices, wellness, hair, makeup, skin, perfumes and oils, nails, natural beauty, and celebrities.

We aim to make our readers the personification of the Most Beautiful Girl Online with our beauty and lifestyle tips. Whatever the content, as long as it provides answers to make you the best version of yourself, we got you.


  • To build trust with readers by creating original and tested beauty and lifestyle content.
  • To foster individuality and confidence in the reading community.
  • To improve beauty standards by stating what is and what isn’t- as it should be. Transparency is important for us.
  • To create a safe space where you can learn and extract information (our how-to guides are lifesavers!).
  • To create a safe environment for all interested.


  • We just want to serve and feel we are doing just that. You relying on us is our #1 goal.

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Our team comprises competent and experienced writers who follow strict writing rules to create unique, original content that has been tried and trusted.

Their familiar writing style would draw you in immediately, making you feel like you are having a chat with a close friend.

You can trust the team to deliver information on trends, lifestyle, beauty hacks, and even in-depth facts on new beauty sure passes (and fails).

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