Aftershave for Men: Best Selected Products to Buy

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The skin is sensitive and open to many hazardous reactions like pollution, radiation, harsh products, UV rays, and severe temperature changes. These things can take a toll on the skin and its health, especially our sensitive face. This is what shaving is to men also, a chemical that affects the face. To counter these, products like the men’s aftershave are needed to cool down the effects of the cream and weather whatever is to come.  

Shaving is a potential damage-causing activity to the skin. Damages like cuts, irritation, bumps, and rashes are common after-effects of shaving and to counter them, men use aftershave products. The aftershave is a formula created to refresh, soothe, and protect the skin after shaving.

Aftershave calms the effects of the razor blades, prevents burns, and stops the appearance of bumps on the face. Men’s aftershave is a handy tool for every clean-cut man and this article will serve as a guide to all things aftershave.

It will answer any possible questions that arise when you want to buy an aftershave and getting the top-rated product.

Shopping Guide

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Before buying that aftershave, you have to be informed about the products and all aspects that make the product what it is. Men’s aftershave comes in different forms and formulas and can be confusing when picking characteristics best for the skin. Don’t worry too much, this section will answer the frequently asked questions buyers have.

What is men’s aftershave?

The definition is all in its name – after-shave. It is a formula used to treat the skin after shaving. The term can’t be as complicated in use as one might think. It helps the skin to recover after shaving facial hair off with a razor or electric shaver.

It is a formula that contains antiseptic agents like the traditional alcohol or witch hazel to prevent the skin from infection, irritation, and also help to relieve itching. The formula is a liquid solution that can come in a lotion, gel, cream, or paste form and sometimes double as a moisturizer to increase the natural vitality of the skin.

Aftershave also contains natural ingredients that would make the skin feel fresh and also smell fresh. Yes, some aftershaves have fragrances. The quality ingredients also help to moisturize the skin, soothe it from the harshness of razors and also tackle irritation from the inside-out. They are products that help a man stay clean and fresh without worries.

Why should I use aftershave?

The facial skin of men is quite different from that of women. A major difference is facial hair that grows more on men than women. Also, it tends to be longer and thicker. The skin of men is firmer and secretes more oil, which also produces grease that enhances facial hair growth.

Aftershave exits to protect the skin and rehydrate it after shaving. Shaving naturally dries the skin out from all oils and can cause the skin to feel tight and prickly. An aftershave adds moisture to the skin. That is why some aftershave comes as a moisturizer.

Also, aftershaves have properties that restore the flexibility and smoothness of the skin, at the same time easing inflammation and redness or any other form of irritation on the face. Aftershaves are just the added healthy balm to dry skin after shaving.

What are the benefits of aftershave?

There are certain after-effects of shaving like the skin drying up, inflammation, redness, and tight skin. These reactions often appear on frequently shaved areas of the skin like the cheeks, neck, and chin. The skin of these areas has to be properly taken care of to avoid infections in the pores. The aftershave acts as a repellant of infections by keeping the skin hydrated and safe.

The aftershave also helps to reduce the negative reactions from shaving daily. Many aftershaves come with moisturizing properties that keep the skin from excessive tightness. If the skin is not tight, the pores won’t be clogged and therefore skin cells won’t be damaged. They also help to soothe the skin after shaving razors have plowed through the skin, preserving its natural elasticity and resilience.

What are the effects of aftershave?

The aftershave can offer many after-use effects that would be evident to you as the days pass. Their first effect is to calm and soothe the facial skin after shaving. With the natural ingredients present in aftershaves, it becomes easy to enjoy the benefits. Some of the benefits include:

  • Reduces itching and swelling from ingrown hair
  • Closes the pores from bacteria, chemicals, or dirt.
  • It helps cuts from shaving heal faster.
  • Prevent inflammation of the hair follicles
  • Aftershave the regrowth of skin tissues that will help protect the skin’s health.
  • It has a soothing and refreshing scent.
  • It enhances skin ability.

How do aftershave formulas work?

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The aftershave formula is applied topically and has properties that soothe and care for the skin. The best way to reap the effects of the aftershave is to apply right after shaving. Once the face is washed and cleaned, you apply the formula to your facial skin and spread it evenly throughout the face and neck.

The aftershave’s effects are likely to be felt almost immediately, starting with your face feeling fresh. Aftershave composition helps to create a layer of protection on the skin, keeping away harmful agents. The antiseptic elements prevent the appearance of pimples, working on restoring balance to the face.

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What are the ingredients present in an aftershave formula?

Aftershaves contain various ingredients that help to achieve the desired result of the product. These components include natural materials like aloe vera, chamomile, shea butter, witch hazel, and many more. These ingredients make a composition that moisturizes and protects the skin. They also enhance the natural rejuvenation of the skin cells

Some of the common ingredients of aftershaves include:

Alcohol: This works as an astringent and antimicrobial agent that protects the skin from bacteria. Most types of alcohol used are denatured alcohol. It also helps to stop the bleeding and cleans the cuts on the skin to prevent infections. When applied, the alcohol is what makes the aftershave have a stinging effect.

Witch hazel: This is a natural ingredient found in a flowering plant. The ingredient has anti-inflammatory and astringent properties. It helps to prevent the skin from drying out.

Natural oils: Aftershaves contain natural oils like essential oils, vitamin E, and carrier oils. The essential oils are added primarily as fragrances for aftershaves. It can also help treat dark spots, dry skin, and acne. The carrier oils have moisturizing properties, while vitamin E oils help to fortify the skin due to their antioxidant properties.

Chamomile extract: This ingredient helps to soothe the skin and relieve irritation. It also helps to detoxify the skin.

Aloe vera: It counters the stinging effect of the alcohol and helps to clear the scarring caused by acne and shaving.

Menthol: This provides a fresh sensation as it soothes the skin.

Birch sap extract: It provides healing and antiseptic effects.

Thyme extract: This helps to promote the freshness sensation also. It also relieves the skin of stinging and irritation.

Eucalyptus: This helps to promote the hydration of the skin. It also has antibacterial properties that help to relieve skin irritation.

What are the types of aftershave?

There are different types of aftershaves available in the market based on their forms, formulas, and functions. The traditional aftershave liquids are alcohol-based. They tend to have a strong scent and provide relief to the skin instantly.

There are also non-alcohol aftershaves that have the alternate witch hazel as the antiseptic agent. These aftershaves mostly contain natural ingredients that are good for the skin.

There are also multifunctional aftershaves that do more than protecting the skin. They can contain components that will help hydrate the skin or regulate excess oil for instance. Some even serve as alternatives to facial creams.

Aftershaves types can also be based on the forms they come in. The primary forms available are the splash, lotion, and balm aftershaves.

Splash aftershave: This form is mostly alcohol-based and is used to disinfect and protect the skin from infection. Due to the alcohol content, it usually stings after applying this type of aftershave to the facial skin.

Lotion aftershave: This type may or may not contain astringent properties but they are thicker in texture. They also have a milder scent, which makes them easier to pair with a body spray or cologne.

Balm aftershave: Balms contain moisturizing and nourishing properties with a focus on repairing the skin after shaving. They also reduce irritation, dryness, and tightness of the skin. They are usually mild or unscented fragrances and work well with sensitive skin.

What aftershave products are good for my skin?

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Just like any other facial cream or products, there are lots of aftershave products that cater to every skin type. But occasionally some products cater to specific skin types and problems. That is why you have to be informed about the product details and your skin characteristics.

For instance, a lotion aftershave might cause a more counterproductive reaction for oily skin because of its oil (sebum) properties. Also, dry skin should stay away from alcohol-based aftershaves because it leaves the skin drier and tighter, and dry skins don’t need these. You have to choose the product according to the dictate of your skin.

The different classifications below should help in selecting the right type of aftershave for your skin.

  • Splash aftershave (alcohol/witch hazel based): It is suitable for normal and oily skin types.
  • Lotion aftershave (non-alcohol based): It is suitable for normal, dry, and combination skin types.
  • Balm aftershave: It is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

How should I apply aftershave?

Applying an aftershave is as uncomplicated as it sounds. It is usually applied after shaving and you don’t have to worry about the burning or tingling feeling, they last just seconds. So buckle up.

  • Shave as you normally do whether with a razor or an electric shaver.
  • Rinse the area with cold water until all evidence of the shaving cream is cleared.
  • Dry with a towel by patting and not rubbing the skin.
  • Put a small amount of aftershave into your palm and run between your hands.
  • Spread the aftershave evenly on your face and neck.
  • Rub slowly around the surface shaved.

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Does an aftershave have adverse effects?

There are no adverse effects of aftershaves. They are meant to soothe and protect the skin against irritation and inflammation. The ingredients, therefore, heal and do not cause harsh effects. The only way there would be adverse effects is if you are using the wrong aftershave for your skin type.

Also, if you are allergic to the ingredients in the formula; your skin might react to the aftershave. If you have allergic reactions or have atopic or sensitive skin, you should opt for the alcohol-free aftershave made specifically with hypoallergenic.

Buying aftershave

Buying Criteria

Before buying your aftershave, you have to evaluate certain factors and aspects of the products to arrive at your choice. These criteria are important because they influence your purchasing choice.


Aftershave is a protecting product mostly used by men. They come in different forms like lotion, splash, and balms. They help in calming the skin and also protect them from irritation and infections. The splash or liquid aftershave has alcohol in it like the cologne and it is used mostly to heal the pores.

Lotions may or may not contain alcohol. But the balm is used to moisturize so it is alcohol-free. They tend to come in gel or cream textures because of their moisturizing and hydrating effect.

Skin Type

The best and safest option when choosing an aftershave is an alcohol-free one. Your skin type will determine what soothes you best. For instance, if your skin has lots of cuts from razors or electric shavers, you need an antiseptic aftershave to heal the pores and prevent infections.

Also, sensitive and atopic skin types could opt for products specifically made with hypoallergenic. There is also multipurpose aftershave that caters to all types of skin and conditions like a facial cream for example. The choice to pick is yours.


The ingredients contained in an aftershave are important. As much as traditional lotions have alcohol in them, they also contain menthol and eucalyptus that soothe and add fragrance to the skin.

Balms contain natural products like aloe vera, chamomile, and thyme extracts. These natural extracts provide natural healing to the skin, prevent redness and inflammation to the skin, and also help hydrate the pores of the skin.


The frequency of how you use your aftershave is important when choosing a product. Shaving every day, weekly or monthly will determine the size of bottle you should buy. As aftershave like any other product has an expiration date, it is best to choose one that will fit your shaving frequency.

Also, if you don’t shave every day, it is likely your skin would become sensitive. So you should opt for the balm aftershave because it moisturizes, hydrates, and soothes.


You have to familiarize yourself with the formula of your aftershave and its effects and benefits. This will keep you aware of any chemical agent or filler and also help to know if it is good for your skin or not. Some of the aftershave formulas cater to sensitive skins by adding hypoallergenic properties to them.

The consistency of the aftershave product heavily depends on what makes the formula. Some products are liquid like a cologne, lotion forms are a combination of liquid and balm. While others like balms have a formula that consists majorly of natural ingredients. These ingredients tend to make the formula thicker or creamier.

Consumer Reviews

It would help your purchasing choice when you know the opinions and ratings of other customers. If you are shopping for an aftershave on the internet, for instance, buyers’ reviews and experiences with the aftershave product will be detailed and relatable, since they are just like you.

The evaluations also help you stay away from products with bad ratings. Reviews and comments view a product realistically, outside the promos and advertising slugs. This is what you need. To hear real people talk about the real benefits and effects of the product.

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Shaving is an essential part of a man’s hygiene. And with constant shaving, the skin will likely go through wear, tear, and scarring. This is why facial skin needs special care.

Aftershaves are skin products that are used by men after shaving. They have astringent properties like alcohol to heal the pores and protect the skin from infections. Aftershave can also be made with natural ingredients that soothe the skin and also hydrate it.

The aftershave also comes in different forms and are available products for all types of skin. So you have your type available in the market. Now that you know all you need to, buying your aftershave should come naturally to you now.

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