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Beauty and skincare are as translucent as some of the products used for maintaining the routines. This is because the beauty industry is ever-expanding and diversifying, and converging, and merging. There is also the need to have an all-in-one product that would serve many purposes. Such of these products is the BB cream.

As times are changing, so are the beauty demands changing too. In recent times, people have been looking for products that would serve many purposes like full coverage, blemish cover, hydrate the skin, and protect from UV rays. They also want soothing that is light to the skin and lets the pores breathe well. This is all to save time, money, and energy than focusing on a full makeup routine that would take these factors.

That is why BB cream has become a popular product in the American market as it serves a multipurpose function on the face. Applying it also does not consume time and energy and there are pocket-friendly brands for every type of budget.

This article will be your information guide on everything there is to know about BB creams. What they are, why they are important in your beauty regimen, and what you need to know before you purchase your own BB cream.

Shopping Guide

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The BB cream became popular because of its excellent results on the face. It is easy to apply and also light to the face, yet providing all you need in one go. It the best all-kill. That is why this section delves into what BB creams are and why they are important. It discusses all you need to know when purchasing the product.

What is a BB cream?

Basically, a BB cream is an alternative to a foundation that offers light coverage and blemish cover, all the while being tender to the skin. The term is known as blemish balm, beauty balm, or blemish base. The name varies, depending on who you ask. The product is designed to serve as a moisturizer, foundation, and sunscreen all in one. That is why it’s called the all-kill.

The BB cream a tinted moisturizer that primes and evens out the skin tone that hides imperfections while hydrating the face and allowing pores to breathe through it. Some BB creams contain SPF and other types of anti-aging ingredients, which makes the demand for the product high in the market.

How did the BB cream originate?

Even though they are the new mainstream beauty hack, BB creams have existed for such a long time. The cream was first developed by a German dermatologist, Dr. Christine Schrammek, in the 1960s. She used it to protect her patient’s skin from inflammation after facial peels and surgery. Her major aim was to soothe the skin of her patients while also covering the redness and inflammation on the skin.

The BB cream didn’t become marketable until 1985, where it became popular in East Asian countries, mostly Korea and Japan. Korean cosmetic companies relaunched the product that sold widely and became a huge hit, changing the beauty industry.

The trend later swept through North America and Europe over time, and now it is seen as a major beauty product that can be sold at your local drugstore.

What does a BB cream do?

There are many uses for a BB cream. As mentioned above, the BB cream is an anti-imperfection balm that provides light coverage on the face, hiding away the skin blemishes. It also guarantees 24 hours hydration on the face by regulating the water balance on the skin.

The BB cream contains Vitamin C and other mineral pigments that help protect and improve the appearance of the skin, keeping it healthy and glowing. It also has anti-aging properties like Pro-Xylene or SPF to activate collagen production and also firm the skin.

The cream, being a tinted moisturizer helps the skin look fresher and brighter. The fact that it is easy to apply also helps it save you time and energy.

What are the types of BB cream?

The types of BB creams are based on the characteristics they have. As mentioned earlier, the BB cream does more to the skin than other products, making it an all-in-one product. That is why the types are based on skin tone, properties, textures, finish, and treatment.

Due to its popularity around the world, the BB cream now offers different colors for different skin hues. It also takes note of the skin textures like dry, oily, sensitive, or mixed. The finish of the BB cream also comes in shiny, matte, or luminous finishes.

When we mentioned the properties of the BB cream, the product includes anti-aging ingredients like the SPF. The SPF ranges from an SPF of 15 up to an SPF of 50, depending on what the brand wants to achieve. All BB creams have various treatment potentials like hydrating the skin, lighting and mattifying the skin, and also firming and pore control.

Difference between a BB, CC, and DD creams

After BB creams became mainstream, the CC and DD creams were also created. The three creams are similar in functions but there are slight differences between the three. The CC cream is a color concealer that focuses on reducing the appearance of redness in the face.

The CC cream improves the skin tone and also the shallowness of the skin with its light-diffusing properties. While the BB cream is a tinted moisturizer, the CC cream tends to conceal and cover more blemishes than it.

On the other hand, DD creams are fairly new in the beauty industry and all have the all-in-one feature of the BB creams. It focuses more on anti-aging properties and was developed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

Does BB cream contain parabens?

In many makeup products, parabens are used as preservatives to make the makeup last longer. They can also alter the hormonal imbalance of the body. But for BB creams, it is recommended that parabens or propyl parabens must not be included in the formula. So you must avoid any BB cream that lists any of the two. This is because BB creams normally last long on the face and it won’t be good to have preservatives on the face for too long.

How to use a BB cream

The BB cream is very easy to apply to the face. The best way is to use the tips of your finger and rub them in a circular motion on the face. And then you wait for it to react on your face with its result. One thing to note is that the BB cream lightens the skin, so it is best you get one in your skin tone.

For professional finishes, you can use a sponge or a Kabuki brush to apply the cream. But if your aim is to cover small blemishes, a smaller brush is needed. The end result is a natural look that highlights the angles of your face. As all makeup products must reach the end of their use, you must wash the BB cream off before you go to bed to give your skin room to regenerate and breathe as you sleep.

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Advantages and disadvantages of BB cream

There are many advantages and few disadvantages of the BB cream that you must know of. As mentioned earlier in the article, the BB cream is used to hydrate, brighten, cover blemishes, and keeps the face looking light. The few other advantages are highlighted below.

  • It acts as a sunscreen agent.
  • The BB cream does not have many pigments, unlike the foundation and concealer.
  • Saves time with only one application.
  • It is light to the skin, so the texture allows your pores to breathe.
  • You have different options to choose from.

You must also be aware of the disadvantage of using the BB cream to be able to make a firm decision.

  • A major disadvantage is that it does not give a very natural finish, unlike the foundation.
  • It can only be used for daily routines and not for formal events because of its imperfect finish.
  • The SPF component is not high enough to block UVA rays that are responsible for skin cancer and erythema.
  • It can dry out the skin because of the mattifying properties.

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Buying Guide

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As there are many options for beauty products in the market, it might be hard choosing a good BB cream but don’t worry, it is not tedious. Before buying your BB cream, there are some criteria the brand you are buying must tick before purchase.

Skin type

Like any other beauty product, your skin type is the most important factor that determines what you are buying. The texture of your skin, whether it is dry, oily, mixed, or sensitive, must be taken into consideration. The BB cream must also be available for your skin tone to avoid you looking too bright or pasty.

Treatment type

The treatment you wish to get from the BB cream is also a criterion. If you want the cream to fix a particular blemish on your skin, the BB cream concentrated with formulas that keep the face blemish-free is available. It can have components like zinc oxide or perlite to control the pores, or enzyme Q10 that keeps the skin firm, or hyaluronic acid which helps keep the face healthy and wrinkle-free.


A BB cream can come in different textures and forms. You might want to go for the fluid or liquid option. This type of texture is the most common because it is easy to apply. There are also other textures you can choose from like the powder or roll-on textures.


There are different price ranges for BB creams. Brands like L’Oréal, Covergirl, Nivea, and Garnier provide cost-friendly BB creams that are also of good quality. There are also high-priced BB cream brands like Erborian, Decleor, Skeyndor, and Clarins. They are pricey because they use the highest quality of raw products for the cream. It all depends on your budget, you will still get the same features you want for any of the good BB creams you buy.


It is recommended you buy a brand that you recognize the most as friendly to your skin. This is because a BB cream is going to feel like your second skin. You don’t have to worry about price but getting the best protection of your skin from your already tested and true brand is the best option.


If you are looking for an all-in-one product that would lighten your skin, hydrate it, cover your blemish, and protect it, the BB cream is for you. It is easy to apply on the skin and can last for as long as 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry about it melting. But for safe skincare, it is best you wash off before going to bed.

There are also many options to choose from when you want to purchase your cream after a good price offer. This makes the BB cream the perfect handy makeup product that everyone must-have. So to enjoy its simple nature and lasting results, you should get yourself one. This should be easy now, right?

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