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With the makeup industry involving, there has been a need to upgrade the tools and techniques used in interpreting the different types of makeup, bringing out the best of them. One of such is a beauty blender.

The beauty blender was said to be first invented by makeup artist Rea Ann Silva. In 2002 while working on a TV show, she would cut out the edges of a disposable sponge, giving it an edgeless shape. Using the edgeless sponge, Silva realized that the makeup she applied was able to achieve a flawless and natural finish that looked great on TV.

In 2003, Silva began producing and selling Beautyblenders, a much better-designed and high-quality material makeup sponge. The beauty blenders became a hit in the makeup and beauty industry and have evolved over time in design and functionality.

Shopping Criteria

What is a beauty blender?

A beauty blender or makeup sponge as it should be rightly called is an absorbing tear-drop shaped foam used for the application of foundations, concealers, bb creams, and every other cream or liquid thing in your makeup bag. It is a versatile tool that provides a natural finish by blending the products cleanly in all areas of the face or body.

When using a beauty blender the three-step process is wet, squeeze, and bounce.

A beauty blender is best used wet. That means it must be soaked in water before use. Then the water is squeezed from it and left damp. The beauty blender is bounced or tapped lightly across the face, spreading the makeup product on it.

Importance of a beauty blender in your makeup bag

A beauty blender is used to flawlessly apply all kinds of base makeup which include foundations, bb creams, concealers, and highlighters. They are also versatile enough to be used for applying moisturizers, setting creams, and any other thing that can be applied on the face.

The unique edgeless shape of the beauty blender makes it the ideal tool to use for clearing up streaks or blotches on the face, giving it a perfect finish. Meaning, you can also use the beauty blender to reach hard parts of the skin like the curve of the nose, making a makeup product’s total coverage possible.

The beauty blender is soft textured and gentle to the skin, making it easy to use and for all types of skin. It is a tool that must be found in every makeup enthusiast or professional makeup artist’s bag.

Types of beauty blenders

types of blenders

The original beauty blender

This is the most famous of the beauty blenders. The original beauty blender is known for its exclusive aqua-activated foam that can reach any part or corners of the face. The round-shaped tip is used to cover the chick region, especially around the cheekbones and under the eyes. It is also used to apply cream or liquid makeup products to the face.

Cosmetic wedges

This is a triangle or wedge-like designed foam that provides a more specific function of reaching the edges of a facial contour. The foam also absorbs less product and also gives the face more when blending.

Flat ended sponge

This type of blender covers all the dimensions of the face. It is a tri-purpose tool with a round side, a flat edge, and a precise tip. The round edge covers broader areas, the flat edge is used for contouring and the tip is used for hard-to-reach edges of the face.

Color use

Pink: The blender mostly comes in pink color. It is suitable for concealer, base, powder, highlighting, and ideal for applying setting makeup or base.

Black: This is specially designed to apply dense makeup or dark tones. It comes in an extra-large size that is used to blend in wider areas like the skin or neck.

Beige: This is used to apply natural colors and concealers.

How is a beauty blender used?

beauty blender

The beauty blender is easy to use. You just have to know what you are using it for. To get the best of your beauty blender, you have to get it wet first. Moistening the sponge first lets the makeup product spread smoothly across your face. It also makes the blender soft and ready for use.

You then apply the right amount of foundation to your hands. Then little by little, pick the makeup product with the sponge and to your face.

Once the product is on your face, use the blender to lightly tap the product, spreading it across. The trick is to bounce, not glide, rub, or drag.

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How is a beauty blender cleaned?

A beauty blender is supposed to be cleaned regularly for it to live a long lifespan. It’s best to wash with soap and water to get the leftover products absorbed by the sponge. Keeping your beauty blender clean also helps keep your skin clean by ridding off dirt and grime hiding in the foam.

The trick is to rinse with water, squeeze, and dust. Then you repeat the process again like three times to truly get those stains off. You can also opt for the original Beautyblender brand’s cleansers and shampoos used specifically for cleansing the sponge.

You can also follow these easy steps to cleaning your beauty blender:

First step: You rinse the sponge with plenty of hot water.

Second step: Then you soak it with a sponge or makeup cleaning soap.

Third step: You follow up by rubbing the sponge with your fingertips to remove dirt thoroughly.

Fourth step: You rinse again with plenty of water until all soap is removed. Repeat the three first steps several times.

Fifth step: Squeeze the sponge with a towel to remove all excess water and residue.

Sixth step: finally, you allow it to air dry.

Who should use a beauty blender?

A beauty blender is meant for all. It is an affordable tool that can be used on all skin types. It’s not only a makeup artist’s tool, it is also for everyday people who wear makeup.

Buying Criteria

Texture and material

Beauty blenders now come in different colors and textures that are different from your average sponge. The unique material that allows them to absorb water and makeup products has made them indispensable in the beauty industry. So when buying a beauty blender, you have to keep in mind that it is made of silicone or latex with natural, non-toxic materials and dyes. If the beauty blender you are purchasing is not in this form, don’t buy.

Skin type

The beauty blender is known to be good and fit for all skin types. You can also use it not only for your face but also for your body. But to make the brand diverse and specified, there are some beauty blenders made for some types of skins. These specific makeup sponges have some characteristics that are good for a specified skin type. It could be the extra-sensitive skin, or dry skin, or any other type of skin to help the application process more natural.

A skin care tip is to moisturize your face before using the beauty blender to apply your makeup.

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If you are going for the original beauty blender, you need not worry about allergen. If you are going for more specified ones like the cosmetic wedge-like sponge, you have to make sure it is latex-free. This should be noted especially for those with hypersensitive skin that reacts easily. the product should not contain latex if you are allergic to it and it is best you use the original brand to avoid reactions or complications.


With the significant change, the beauty blender has added to the makeup industry, it is no wonder why it has become a must-have in every woman’s bag. Makeup artists also recommend the product if you want to have a perfect finish for your makeup. The beauty blenders are also versatile and they can be used for foundations, concealers, base, powder, or any other cream or liquid product for the skin.

The product also doesn’t contain toxic chemicals so it is the safest to use and get the desired result that would live you astounded. It also comes in different shapes and sizes to suit your hands perfectly, making them the most flexible makeup tool in your bag.

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