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What recent times have shown us is that as humans we are social beings, we can’t do without interacting with one another. Knowing this, we find ways to try to boost our confidence, form a barrier, or project our personality with the way we look. That is why our choice of everyday makeup will help in confirming our emotions and be the shield we want it to be.

Makeup is a great tool to enhance and change the way you look and also boost the image you want. It has always been seen as a form of art that confers a set of emotions, be it confidence, strength, vulnerability, happiness, or a cry to the world.

If you want to make a great impact with your makeup and appearance, you have to know what makes a good makeup kit, what products should be in it, and how to go about using them. This article is about what needs to constitute your everyday makeup.

Shopping Guide

Everyday Makeup set

If you are a fairly newcomer to the makeup world, you would be lost in a sea of products, concepts, and their correct application. You need to know how to use everyday makeup and this section will tell you all there is to know about everyday makeup.

What is everyday makeup?

There are many concepts you can follow in the cosmetic makeup world. Everyday makeup is one of such. It is putting together a set of products that would give you a natural look. Just like the phrase “less is more”.

Everyday makeup is combining simple yet outstanding makeup products to enhance your natural features and beauty, rather than change your look. You want an enhanced you that is sophisticated and radiant in the daytime. To achieve this, you have to keep things subtle and unnoticeable to the barest minimum. Wearing everyday makeup means balancing your features well and staying away from dramatic or eye-turning looks.

Benefits of using everyday makeup

Correctly using everyday makeup has many benefits that go beyond boosting your aesthetic features. You are sure to find your skin protected by good-quality makeup products. Most North American makeup products now have properties that help protect the skin and face. For example, some foundations now contain ingredients that protect from UV lights. They also have moisturizing properties to help keep the face hydrated and smooth.

We also have lipsticks that are good for dry and charred lips. They can help protect the lips from further damage. This will impact your happiness as another benefit of everyday makeup.

It has been shown that everyday makeup help in boosting our psychological and mental health. This is because using makeup gives confidence and builds our self-esteem when it comes to beauty. It can let us be ourselves without worrying about how people are looking at us. Also when you are happy with your makeup results, your body is relaxed and so is your mind.

Everyday makeup also has its cosmetic benefits by hiding the spots and blemishes on our face and enhancing our natural features. Everyday makeup is about evening out the skin, highlighting your eyes, defining your nose, and finally moisturizing your lips and defining their volume. You don’t need more than that to enhance your natural features.

The difference between everyday makeup and evening makeup

Just as everyday makeup is a makeup concept, so is evening makeup. These looks are very different even though you can use the same products but have varying results. You have to understand the fundamental differences between these two looks and know what cosmetic products work well for which concept.

For everyday makeup, the concept is to enhance the natural look subtly, while evening makeup in contrast is to highlight your facial features as loud as possible. Evening makeup requires a rounded color pallet, while you don’t need to go beyond natural colors for everyday makeup.

Another difference is the highlighted parts. For evening makeup, you highlight your eyes and lips in particular using bright eye shadows and lipsticks, while for everyday makeup a liner, mascara, and blush are good enough to highlight your natural features.

Another difference is the foundation on the face. The everyday foundation goes for light foundation on the face, almost the same color as the skin, while the evening makeup is heavy on foundation, matching the skin tone. It is intense and contoured with a loud blush and bronzer. The goal for evening makeup is to highlight the facial features as loud as possible.

Characteristics of everyday makeup

The goal you want to achieve defines the characteristics of everyday makeup. You already know what everyday makeup is and its purpose, this means you are creating a natural look that is balanced and unnoticeable. If it is not, it will come out as fake or too much. A major characteristic of everyday makeup is striking a balance. This will work well if you know what products to use and how to use them.

Another characteristic is that it is fast, easy, and natural. You don’t need to spend much time creating a natural look. It is best to use colors or neutral tones and shades to give the natural feel as effortlessly as possible. The lip should be matted and not highlighted to give you a subtle look.

For your eyes, you can give them an edge with colors but do not use too much of it. Your pallet should stick to neutral tones that would dull down the sparkle and shine effect of your makeup.

What choice of foundation should I pick?

Liquid foundation

A foundation is an important tool in creating everyday makeup. When choosing your foundation, make sure to stick to a color tone that is close to yours. You are creating a natural look so you need a foundation that will give you a natural finish after using it. If you go for lighter or darker tones, it will affect the natural effect you wish to achieve.

Also, choose a product most natural for your skin. A liquid foundation is a perfect example. Liquid foundations are good because they are lighter, water-based, and give a perfectly natural finish. A powder, oily, or compact foundation might be too cakey when you use them and you won’t get the natural results you want.

For an alternative to foundations, you can opt for BB creams and CC creams. They are the current raves in America right now. They are colored moisturizers that have a lighter consistency than the foundation, making them the perfect subtle base you need to use. And lastly, when choosing your foundation, make sure it offers you UV protection in its composition because you would be wearing it out in the open and you need the protection.

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How should my eyes be lined?

The key to keeping your everyday makeup natural with your eyes is to be subtle as much as possible. Refrain from using dark tones, shining unnatural tones, and glittering tones. You can opt for soft earthy shades and also nude shades.

Also, your eyeliner should be used in moderation. You don’t have to go bold with a cat eye or bat wing. Lining the tips of the eye with dark eyeliner will make your eyes pop without it being too out there. You can line your upper or lower lash line only to give you the perfect natural look.

When using your pencil or mascara, make sure to keep their application light. You can opt for simple brown or black shades. When filling your eyebrows also, be sure to use the color that goes with your eyebrows.

What type of lipstick should I use?

Nude lipstick

When choosing your lipstick, you are going for products that would make your lips look moisturized and full. Keep the loud colors away from your lips; you can save that for your evening makeup. You also have to keep in mind that your lips should be hardly noticeable, therefore, choose nude or neutral colors.

Try to use creamy lipsticks also. They are good products that would help your lips stay hydrated and lush. The daytime look could also handle gloss, as long as it stays light and matches the everyday concept. You can also use matte lipsticks but not deep matte colors that will end up giving you a dramatic look.

What other products should I buy?

The key products you must have for everyday makeup are your foundations, eyeliner, mascara, eye pencil, and lipsticks as highlighted above. There are also some products that you can use to enhance your natural beauty.

Concealer is an important everyday makeup too, especially for your eyes. The eye concealer is there to cover-up your eye bags and sagging skin around your eyes. A concealer is a shade lighter than your skin complexion and should be used moderately. It also shouldn’t be alternated for your foundation.

You can also use a setting powder to control the shine of your face while keeping your makeup in place. This is the last product to be used at the end of your routine. You need to go for the oiliest part of your face (your T zone) and focus on controlling it. A light-colored blush is an added extra that would give your complexion a little flush. Go for pink or peach and not a deep red.

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How should I apply everyday makeup?

You can only achieve an everyday makeup’s natural look if applied correctly to the face. This simple step-by-step guide will help you.

  • Keep the face fresh and moisturized.
  • Start with your concealer to hide the spots and blemishes.
  • Use your choice of foundation and even out your complexion.
  • Add a light blush to your cheeks.
  • The eyeshadow comes next to define your eyes neatly. Keep it light and simple.
  • You can make your eyes pop with eyeliner and mascara.
  • Then go lower and finish it up with a light matte or nude lipstick.

Disadvantages of everyday makeup

The disadvantages that come with using everyday makeup mostly stem from the wrong application and not doing the needful after use. Using makeup products that are not meant for your skin is bound to cause reactions, especially if you are allergic to some of the components or ingredients in the formula. You should also make sure to remove the makeup effectively after use or before bed. Leaving your makeup on for a very long time could block your pores and dehydrate your skin.

When using cheap or low-quality makeup, they may irritate the skin. For example, a good lipstick will keep your lips hydrated and matted; a low-quality lipstick would make it drier and harsh. You have to ensure you get the right ones for your face.

Buying Guide

Natural look

When purchasing your makeup products, there are some criteria you must tick off your box before you buy them. They are:


The main goal of everyday makeup is to be subtle and discreet, the colors you do purchase is of great importance. Getting your makeup products in natural, matte, or nude colors is the best and safest way to achieve your goal.

Also, make sure they are fit for your complexion and tone. The foundation should be close to your skin as much as possible. Your blush should also be in soft shades of pink or peach, to give you a natural blend.

Product characteristics

You have to consider the composition and characteristics of your everyday makeup products before purchasing them. You have to know the pigmentation level, texture, and product finishing.

A foundation is good in cream or liquid form for optimum results. Also, eyeshadows and eye pencils should be dull and without glitter or shimmer. And for your lipstick, purchase nonstriking colors and matte colors that are not too bright.

Skin type

Your skin type is an important purchasing criterion. The skin tone will decide what colors suit you best. Not to end up with an artificial look, purchase colors that are close to your skin for foundations, concealer, and blush.

You should also pay attention to your skin texture. If you have oily skin, use oil-free or sebum-free products, and if you have dry skin, use products that will hydrate and moisturize your skin. You have to use the products that will balance out your skin’s features and characteristics.


This is only relevant to people living in areas with changes in seasons. The time of year and seasons affect your makeup choices. For instance, in the summer, you should opt for products with light textures. They should also be cool and smooth to the skin. In the cold seasons, you can opt for makeup products that would keep your face cool and refreshed and also brighten your skin tone. In winter go for products that will protect your skin and keep it moisturized from the harsh dry weather.


The quality of your product will determine how long it lasts, the effects on your face, and the side effects, if any, you will have. Ensure you buy quality products to save your skin from irritations and other adverse reactions. Don’t compromise on quality products but buy the best one to suit your skin texture.

To ensure you buy the best quality, make sure to know the ingredients and composition of the makeup products. Also, look out for products that have moisturizing properties and can also protect you from UV light.


The everyday makeup look enhances the natural features of your face to give you a flawless complexion and a natural elegance. The look is subtle and discreet and does not need loud colors. You need a natural look for your daily activities so you should keep in mind the type of cosmetic products you buy. You also have to know how to apply them and how to make them distinct from the evening makeup.

The everyday makeup will also hide the imperfections of your face so you don’t have to worry about it being light and easy. And before you purchase your products keep in mind your skin tone, and the colors you need. If you have the right colors, you will get the right results. So try the everyday makeup now.

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