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One of the things you cannot stop is the skin’s ability to reflex what is going on with the body. Things like exhaustion, stress, age, and weight loss are reflected in our skins. The particular area that shows some of these phenomena is the eyes. Dark circles and eye bags are signs the skin show when we are exhausted, stressed, or aging. That is why eye cream is used to counteract these blotches around the eye.

There are various reasons why the dark circles around our eyes appear. And when they do, it becomes uncomfortable to look in the mirror because you don’t want to see your panda-eyes. Even when you decide to catch up on the sleep you are lacking, the circles won’t go away. That is why you need the help of eye creams.

This article will help you in deciding what eye cream product you should buy by telling you all there is to know about eye creams, why dark circles show, and what type of skin circles affect the most.

Shopping Guide

Eye creams

The major purchasing factor of eye cream is to treat the dark circles around the eyes. Before you can choose any cream in the market, you have to know all about the product and why the product is needed. This section tackles some of the frequently asked questions people have about eye creams.

Why do I get dark circles under my eyes?

Good skincare for the eye area is very indispensable. This is because the first place that tells something in your skin is changing is around the eyes. When dark circles or eye bags form around the under eyes, they tend to make one look older or tired than you really are. The major factors that affect dark circles are dehydration, age, stress, lack of sleep, or hereditary trait.

When tired, the body will produce more cortisol than normal. This hormone then breaks down collagen around the eye and causes blood vessels to constrict or swell. This leads to blood vessels trapped under the eyes becoming stagnant. Since the under eyes is very thin, the blood is seen as dark circles or bags.

Also, age is another common factor that causes a dark circle. As you age, the tissues around the eye weaken, causing collagen to shift fat to the eyelids beneath the eyes, creating puffiness and dark shadows.

Why do I need an eye cream for dark circles?

The area around the eyes is delicate and thin so many are afraid adding or using eye cream will damage the area more. This is not true. Some look for alternatives like a hydrating facial cream. A good facial cream that hydrates can be favorable to the skin, but, it won’t do what an eye cream that is formulated to specifically treat the sensitive area around the eyes. So if you have dark circles and eye bags, you should opt for an eye cream that would treat them.

Using a treatment will reduce the puffiness of the bags and also help to cover up the darkened skin under the eyes. Eye creams for dark circles have less oil in them than the average face cream, which makes them less irritating to the eyes. There are some eye creams with hydrating properties and moisture that won’t make the eye dry.

Do eye creams for dark circles work?

If you are looking for an overnight miracle-working formula, you won’t find it in a good eye cream. Your dark circles and eye bags won’t automatically disappear after a few days’ use. However, eye cream does help. You can opt for a fast-acting product that the result won’t last for more than ten hours, or you could use eye cream products that slowly treat the eye area and won’t take effect immediately.

The cause of your eye bags and dark circles is also a major factor in eye treatment. For instance, a simple spot or sag from lack of sleep or exhaustion can easily be covered up by a concealer to cover up and work better on your sleep routine. But for those whose dark circles are caused by age or gene, the eye cream will take time to work on those factors. Good eye creams with retinol, vitamin C or B3, sodium ascorbate, or organic silicon help to treat the dark circles caused by those factors.

Advantages and disadvantages of eye cream for dark circles?

Eye cream for dark circles is good for anybody with an eye defect under their eyes. No matter your age, the eye cream for dark circles is bound to have effects that can be advantageous or disadvantageous to you. Before you purchase your eye cream product, you should know these advantages and disadvantages.


  • Regains the skin’s normal color.
  • Hydrates the skin around the eyes.
  • It reduces puffiness.
  • Eye cream improves blood circulation in the vessels under the eyes.
  • Eye creams make the under-eye skin more flexible.
  • Your skin will look smoother and more alert.


  • It might irritate those with extremely sensitive skin.
  • Breaking consistency will not make it work.
  • Cysts might appear as a side effect.

What are the ingredients in an eye cream for dark circles?

Smooth eye bags

There is no magic formula in an eye cream for dark circles. What makes it work are consistency and good ingredients. Though there is no cure for aging, a good eye cream formula can help diminish wrinkles with the right components.

A good eye cream has retinol, a derivative of vitamin A, that boosts cell turnover and helps cells reproduce. Vitamin C and peptides are also major components in eye creams as they help to strengthen and smoothen the skin.  Antioxidants like sodium pyroglutamic acid will help to protect the face against radical damage and also preserves the skin’s moisture.

These core components will help in clearing dark circles caused by aging and also stress and exhaustion.

How do I apply eye cream for dark circles?

Applying eye cream is easy, but for best results, you start with cleansing or hydrating your face. Then you take a little portion, like a grain of rice, into your fingertips, and apply it to the affected area. You massage the cream into your skin, starting with the outer layer, and then move deeper.

You have to be careful of your tear duct and eyelids. The cream is not meant for those areas. The reason you don’t need too much is so as not to irritate your eye or skin when you apply.

You can use the product both morning and night. There are some that are time-specific like morning eye cream or night eye cream. When using ones such as these, it is best you follow the users’ instructions.

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How can I avoid dark circles or eye bags?

Even with using an eye cream for dark circles, there are other precautions you need to take for the cream to effectively work. Also, you need to cut the root of the problem, that is, the causes of the dark circle or eye bags if it is not the age or gene factor. These tips will guide you in making your eye cream treatment work well.

  • Use sunscreen with your eye cream. You don’t have to apply at the same time but when going out or during the day, make sure to use sunscreen. It doesn’t have to be specially made for the eye area; you could use your usual skin sunscreen.

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  • Reduce your alcohol intake. Drinking too much can increase the redness and puffiness around your eyes.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes even when tired. They cause eye bags to look much worse.
  • Get as much rest as you can. The major causes of dark circles are exhaustion and stress. Try to sleep well and rest between heavy hours. If you can’t sleep for the ideal eight hours, try sleeping for six hours.
  • Remove your makeup around the eyes carefully and properly.
  • Quit smoking because they are generally bad for the skin.
  • Keep a balanced and healthy diet rich in healthy fats like avocado or nuts.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water for your body and also using a good moisturizer.

Shopping Criteria

Smooth skin

Before purchasing your eye cream for dark circles, there are some product criteria that must be ticked off. These criteria are what determines what you should buy and what you should focus on with your eye cream.

Skin type

This is very important as your skin type determines whether to use a product or not. Dry skins require treatments with hydrating effects, while oily skins need a cream lighter in texture so as not to produce more sebum or irritate the skin.


Your age plays a major role in choosing your eye cream for dark circles. As you age, so does your skin and a dark circle occurs due to the skin aging. Before you buy, you have to make sure your eye cream specifies that it also works on age-caused dark circles.

Type of dark circle

You have to know what type of dark circle you have and what caused it. Remember that not all dark circles respond to treatment and eye cream for dark circles is mostly for ones caused by stress or lack of sleep. So if yours is a genetic type, you might need special treatments and other component-specific eye creams.


Eye cream for dark circles comes in different textures. It can come as a cream, gel, or another type for treatment. What you buy depends on what your skin needs and the brand’s reliability. There are even some products that have menthol that soothes the skin’s puffiness.


The product also comes in different sizes of bottles or tubes. The average eye cream is small and only holds a few milliliters of cream or gel. This is so because eye cream products can be pricey. Also, it is easier to buy in small quantities because only little is required for use at a time. This way the product won’t expire before you finish it.


It might be hard to believe, people still consider purchasing eye cream for dark circles as a waste of money. But the truth is the eye cream does work. It might not be a miracle formula but with consistency, you will get your desired result. If you are struggling with exhaustion, stress, or lack of sleep the product is good for you. If your dark circles are caused by age or genes you might need more to get clear under your eyes.

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