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Exfoliating the skin regularly is a major part of the beauty and facial routine. Using a face scrub is a good tool for exfoliating the skin.

The skin is very sensitive and needs care because it is the outer layer of the body that gets affected by external factors like the sun for example. Washing the skin and removing the dead cells is a good way of rejuvenating the body and always keeping it fresh.

A facial scrub is one such tool. As the skin is the most sensitive part of the body, the face is the part that should be particularly cared for because it is always bare or covered up with makeup.

Washing off makeup thoroughly is the first part of cleansing the skin. As mentioned before, exfoliating is important in the facial care routine. That is why knowing how and why you need to use a facial scrub is necessary.

In this article, you will find what a facial scrub is, why it is important in beauty or facial routine, how to identify which is good for your skin, and the important things to note when buying it.

Shopping Guide

what is a face scrub

What is a face scrub?

A face scrub, also known as an exfoliation scrub, is a cream-based product used in the simple process that consists of removing dead cells from the outermost layer of the skin, keeping it fresh and smooth.

Most of these dead cells fall off naturally. Only a few stubborn ones stick when the skin is experiencing dryness, makeup clogs, sweat clogs, or air pollution.

A face scrub deep cleanses the skin, delicately removing all the dead cells as well as smoothening the impurities and lightening the skin to give it a fresher glow up. Routinely using a facial scrub will help in regenerating your skin to a better condition and even make you look younger. It resolves to remove all blemishes found in the skin and takes care of it, providing the nutrients it needs.

How do face scrubs work and what do they do?

The main purpose of face scrub is to exfoliate your skin and to remove dead skin cells lurking in the pores. This allows your skin to absorb hydrating moisture easily. The use of coarse cream-based particles helps to remove the impurities that are hoarding on the skin’s surface.

Also, a face scrub helps to stimulate skin cell regeneration. After using a face scrub, the skin naturally renews the surface with new ones once the dead ones are off. Also, with some specific ingredients, a facial scrub can serve as an anti-aging formula, that keeps the skin feeling fresh and tight. Face scrubs are used as deep cleansers that effectively help the skin more than the conventional soap because it is specifically created to help the face.

Why use a face scrub?

Skin cells in the body go through a cycle of 28 days. That is every 28 days the skin cells are changed. This process is not 100% effective carried out throughout the body as there are external and internal factors that affect it. Factors such as diet, habits, age, activities, and among others affect the effective cycle of a skin cell. However, it is almost impossible for this process to be carried out evenly. Other benefits of using a face scrub include:

  • Boosts cell renewal: Regularly exfoliation is vital in skin regeneration and renews the surface of the skin to a much smoother one.
  • Improved circulation: The massage performed during application helps to improve the blood circulation of the face.
  • Adds shine to the skin: improves skin tone and also lightens dark spots on the face.
  • Cleans impurities: It unclogs the skin pores, giving it space to hydrate.

Types of face scrub

Face scrubs can be generally classified into two types – the mechanical or physical face scrub and the chemical formulas.

Mechanical/Physical face scrub

It uses particulates or grainy devices like cleansing brushes to physically rub off the dead cells on the skin. They are good for oily and dry skin types because they buff away the dry skin patches and bring about a dramatic change to the skin texture.

The mechanical face scrub can be further divided into two types:

Soft: This is suitable for all skin types, but especially recommended for sensitive skin so as not to give a harsh result if scrubbed too much. The soft mechanical face scrub is based on waxes or vegetable oils (such as jojoba, for example). These provide skin surface exfoliation

Strong: This is suitable for all types of skins too, but especially recommended for oily skins. The strong mechanical face scrub is made with fruit stone particles, minerals, polyethylene, or other materials that do not degrade. It is best used for deep exfoliation.

Chemical face scrub

This is the use of chemicals like salicylic acid and retinoid to help loosen the bonds between dead skin cells so they can be removed with ease. It goes deep into the pores and unclogs it. They can be further divided into:

Bha, aha, and glycolic acid: this is for skins that are not very sensitive or are accustomed to harsher ingredients. The chemical face scrub stimulates the formation of collagen which reduces wrinkles developing. It is recommended to be used only in winter or in combination with a high factor sunscreen.

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Enzymatic: This is for all skin types, although they are perfect for sensitive and delicate skin areas. This type of face scrub should not irritate the skin. It provides deep and gentle cleansing action.

How is a facial exfoliation performed?

A face scrub process is easy to perform and does not take too much time, so you can squeeze it into your morning or evening routine. You only have to be sensitive to what your skin needs.  You apply the cream-based formula just as you would apply a moisturizer.

For chemical exfoliation, you apply a chemical peel on your face and massage it thoroughly in a circular motion. Mechanical exfoliation needs more care and careful steps that must be followed.

First, cleanse your face with a soap that you normally use to clean your face.

Then you generously apply the face scrub to the most sensitive and exposed parts of your face such as the forehead, chin, and cheeks.

Gently massage the face scrub in circular motions, joining everything together. Do not press too hard on your face, especially the most sensitive areas such as your eye contours.

After a while, rinse the face with plenty of clean water to remove any traces of the face scrub. Dry gently then apply your daily moisturizer or any other topical cream you use.

How often is it recommended to exfoliate your face?

This depends on the type of skin you have. The required number is at least twice a week for faster results. But you should be careful if you are using a face scrub with harsh ingredients. Then you can make it once a week so as not to irritate the skin.

For dry skin, once or twice a week with a gentle scrub is good. While very sensitive skin should exfoliate once a week or two. Your quick reaction to facial products is a key determinant.

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, at least exfoliate once a week, but for better results twice or three times a week if your skin shows no reaction to the product.

When should you exfoliate with a face scrub?

To each his own it would seem. Be it the morning or at night, what should determine when you should use a face scrub is what type of ingredients are contained in the product. In the morning, it is recommended to use a softer facial scrub with small to medium-sized particles to avoid micro-cuts to the skin and so that you can still apply sunscreen or makeup to your face.

At night you can use a slightly coarser product, which will better prepare the face for the absorption of other beauty treatments and let it work over the night. Your skin also has a full night ahead to recover before facing the harshness of the sun and other natural elements and weather conditions. Preferably, try to introduce a face scrub into your beauty regimen in the most convenient and enjoyable way for you.

What if I don’t exfoliate my face skin properly?

Common mistakes people make when exfoliating is over-exfoliating, that is, doing too much. Another is being excessively rough when applying the scrub. This results in facial swelling or redness on the face. When this happens, take a break from the scrub and allow your face to heal before you continue, properly this time.

If poorly exfoliated, the skin may peel or even, acne can break out. You must learn to follow a product’s direction and learn to be gentle with your face. If you also notice any strange reaction on your face, stop using the product immediately.

Shopping Criteria

how to buy a face scrub

The facial market is quite large, with different products and pricing to cater to different levels of society. The price of a product does not guarantee its effectiveness, so do not think that an expensive face scrub is sure to work.

Price is usually secondary to other things. They are the recommended criteria for you to tick before you buy that face scrub.

Skin type

Choosing the face scrub is dependent on your skin type. There are different skin types as there are equally different types of scrubs to cater to them. Knowing your face well will let you know what to buy and what frequency the face scrub should be applied.

Normal skin: Normal skin can use virtually any type of face scrub once or twice a week.   

Dry skin: Dry skin will value the use of face scrubs rich in moisturizing ingredients, such as jojoba oil.

Mixed skin: Mixed skin needs hydration (dry skin), but also a deep cleanse (oily skin).  

Oily skin: Oily skin should avoid very oily face scrubs and opt for facial and natural products that exfoliate the skin deeply to remove impurities and blackheads.

Sensitive skin: Sensitive skins should opt for face scrubs made with very fine particles. These products should be combined with moisturizers and the application of the product should be spaced.

Type of face scrub

There are two types of face scrubs, mechanical and chemical. We have highlighted what they are and what they do. It is now up to you to decide what best suits your skin.

Particle size

Face scrubs are made of particles of different sizes, all depending on the primary function of the treatment. There are face scrubs with small particles that can be used every day without much harm to the skin, while there are others with large particles that perform the task of treating tougher skins.

The bigger and harder particles are used for deep cleansing while the small particle face scrubs are for mild faces. This functionality should easily help when deciding what you want to buy.


This is where you pay attention. You need to read the list of ingredients in a face scrub before checking out. Abrasive particles found in mechanical face scrubs, for example, originate from natural extracts like seeds, beeswax, mineral oils, and others. You have to take into account all these ingredients in case you are allergic to any natural extract.

Also, pay close attention to the chemical used in the scrub’s composition. Some might be harsh to your face or make it break out.

Choose organic or vegan products as much as possible for anything you are buying. And if you have overly sensitive skin, avoid scrubs that have perfume in them.

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Facial routines like exfoliation are important in the beauty process because they cater to the delicate needs of the facial skin. Using a face scrub will help remove dead cells and rejuvenate your skin. By applying a face scrub, you will be stimulating cell renewal and helping improve the overall health of your face.

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