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Nail art is unique and beautiful. There is no reason to not love it, especially if you take care of your nails frequently. As one of the nail art polish, gel nail polish is one of the most used types of nail polish. This is because it helps to preserve the color and art on our nails for an extended period.

Of all types of modern-day nail polish, the gel nail polish stands out because of one thing– it is virtually indestructible, glossy, and available at almost every nail salon. And to top it off, you can be assured of your nails not chipping off, even when you dig your nails in a sticky spot.

This article will highlight all you need to know about gel nail polish, what it is, how it is different from other nail polish, and the awesome benefits you can get from wearing it.

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The increasing popularity of gel nail polish has also raised the skepticism of nail polish users, especially when it comes to believing the polish can last for so long without chipping, polishing, or recoating. In this section, you will get answers to the frequently asked questions about gel nail polish. This will help you understand the product more.

What is a gel nail polish?

Gel nail polish is basically made from acrylic compounds with a primary designed function of prolonging the duration and stay of the nails. It is a gel-based polish that requires UV or LED light to help the polish adhere to the nail well. Gel polish naturally has stronger ingredients that grasp the nail tighter than traditional or classic nails.

The good thing about gel nail polish is that it can stand the daily wear and tear without chipping. Once dried by UV or LED light, the gel nail can withstand up to three or works weeks of use. The wear and tear of the nails depend on what activities you use your hands for. And when the lifespan of the gel polish is ending, you use a professional remover or a special gel remover to dissolve the polish.

Pros and cons of gel nail polish

As good as it is, gel nail polish has advantages and disadvantages but the good thing is that the advantages weigh more than the disadvantages.


  • It lasts long.
  • Gives your nails a professional appearance.
  • It is comfortable to wear.
  • It is ideal for those who have time constraints.


  • It is more expensive than traditional nail polish.
  • You won’t be able to care for your nails properly.
  • It is difficult to remove.

Does gel nail polish hurt the nail?

The natural answer to this is no. But you have to be careful when using gel nail polish. What matters the most is for you to use quality products and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for nail application, maintenance and care, and also removal. Then the polish won’t damage your fingernails.

Your nails wouldn’t be impacted negatively by the gel polish if you follow the instructions and don’t have a problem during application. The thing that differentiates a good nail polish from a bad polish is time. Over time if the gel nail polishes are applied properly, the quality and the lasting difference will tell it apart.

What is the difference between gel nail polish and traditional polish?

gel polish

The first difference is the long-lasting effect. Gel nail polish lasts longer than traditional polish. The gel polish can last for as long as three weeks, if not more. Also, the gel is made from flexible and resistant chemical compositions that can only be dried under UV or LED lights, while the traditional manicure can air dry.

For it to stay long-lasting, your nails need to be properly prepped so that they can be more durable, while traditional nails don’t need much prepping before application. The composition of a gel nail polish is mostly acrylic while traditional nail polish is lacquer. This is why it stays long.

When using gel nail polish, you get a professional finish than that of the traditional. Their outcomes’ difference is clear. Also, the layers of gel nail polish include base coat, nail polish, and topcoat. Traditional polish on the other hand can just be nail polish and a topcoat if feeling extra.

Should there be a resting time between one permanent manicure and the next?

The quality of products decides the answer to this question. If you are using high-quality nail polish, there isn’t really a need for your nails to rest between one color coat and the next one. The removal process also determines whether you are applying another one immediately. The removal process if not done well could damage your nails and you will need time to let it heal.

Worrying about the intermission between one color coat and the next is normal, especially if you are the type of person to care for your nails. Having a polish on your nails blocks them from sunlight and also doesn’t allow them to breathe easily. But with gel polish, your nails are protected by vitamin supplements and nutrients that would keep your nails healthy and safe.

Why do gel nail polishes vary in long-lasting time?

If you are the type whose nails grow very fast, you might experience the gel nail polish lasting shorter than the average time. But if you have nails that grow slowly, the polish will last longer. Your average nail polish experience is based on how fast your nails grow.

Gel nail polishes are naturally attached to the sides of your nails. So when the nails grow longer, the base of the nail polish also moves and might get detached from the sides. Therefore, how your nails grow is the determinant of how long your gel nail polish will last.

How should the gel polish be removed?

remove polish

Gel nail polishes are quite tricky to remove and if not done properly, they could damage your nails. It takes a bit longer to remove a gel nail polish than the traditional polish. It might take about 15 minutes and when removing, you’ll need a nail polish remover that best suits the gel polish.

With gel polish, here are the two ways you can easily remove it:

  • You can use acetone by pouring it into a bowl and dipping your nails in it.  In bits, the polish will begin to peel off until everything comes off completely.
  • You can use nail polish remover dabbed in pieces of cotton wool. Then you place it on each nail and wait for the polish to come off. To get a faster reaction, you can cover your nails with aluminum foil or buy cap slips specifically designed to remove gel polish.

What type of care does a permanent manicure need?

To keep your manicures properly cared for; you have to follow careful advice, especially for gel nail polishes that are aggressive with the nails. One way to care for your nails is to use restorative nutritive serums that help with nail growth and nourishes your cuticle. You can do this routine before you apply your gel nail polish.

After applying the nail polish, you can use a moisturizer to keep your hands and nails hydrated. Taking water always will also help your hands stay hydrated. You can treat the nails with protein care like keratin and use products that will strengthen your nails and not weaken them.

What should I do before home application of gel polish?

When applying your gel nail polish at home, always have a handy home manicure kit. The kit should contain the essential tools along with a base coat, a polish, and a topcoat. You’ll also need a cuticle remover, a nail file, a cuticle softener, and a LED or UV light for drying.

When you have the complete tools, getting your gel nail polish becomes easy. Before you apply your new gel polish, make sure you have removed all previous polish or coat. And when it is time to remove, your good nail remover or acetone should be ready at hand.

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Buying Criteria

two hands with gel nail polish

Having known the essentials about gel nail polish, you can make the choice of what to buy. But note before you purchase that nail polish, there are some criteria you have to cross off your list before making your choice.

Fingernail type

The nail features of everyone differ, so you have to know yours and their characteristics. If you have weak or brittle nails that break easily, try to restore them before you use your gel nail polish, since there is the likelihood of your nails damaging the more. And on the other hand, if you have healthy nails, you are covered and good to go.

Oily nails have to be careful too because they often have bad results with nail polish. Oily nails prevent adherence to the polish, so it is best to get products that will eliminate the grease before applying your nail polish.


A good quality gel polish is best for the skin. If you have sensitive skin, the higher the nail polish quality, the better it is for you. Quality gel nail polish also prevents harm to the nails, especially when they are misused. For safety, pick well-known brands popular among nail professionals and consumers in general.


Most of the gel nail polishes are composed of the same plastic ingredients like acrylic but to be sure check the ingredients list for any anomaly. For instance, always look out for “cruelty-free” polishes that have not been tested on animals.

Another thing to look out for is the ingredients that are harmful to the nails and skin. One of such ingredients is the hydroquinone monomethyl ether (MeHQ). This ingredient must have nothing more than 200 ppm (parts per million) in each polish bottle.


Polishes come in different formats and this is a criterion when buying a gel nail polish. The formats may come as a brush or a pen. You have to choose the format that you are most comfortable with. Also, you have to consider the amount of polish in a bottle.

The ideal size for most bottles is 15 mL to avoid the polish drying out quickly. You can also decide to use the matte finish or gloss finish. The opacity of the finish will affect the layers of the polish on your nails.


The only way to dry a gel nail polish is by using UV or LED lights. If you don’t, your polish won’t dry properly and that might cause wrinkles or bubbles to appear. That means you have to be sure your polish is compatible with your lamp.

Also, the polish should be compatible with the polish remover. There are universal nail polish removers that can be applied to all, and there are specific brands that remove gel nail polishes. Ensure to buy the one that will be compatible with your polish and make it come off with ease. For better use, buy the remover of the nail polish’s brand to keep things simple and better.


Gel nail polish is excellent because not only does it give a professional finish, it also lasts longer than the traditional or classic nail polish. It is an acrylic-based composition that can only be dried with UV or LED lights. They can be applied from home if you are not in the mood of going to a salon but they should be removed with the right tools so as not to damage your fingernails.

There is nothing stopping you from using this type of polish if you are a nail art and polish fan. And there are a number of brands that are easily at your disposal. So make that choice and buy the best gel nail polish.

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