Best Lavender Essential Oil to Boost Your Skin Health

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There are many different essential oils with different benefits to the body and health in general. When you think about the uses of lavender essential oil, you should know that its usefulness includes aiding sleep, soothing sunburns, and nourishing your hair.

The oil is so impactful to the overall health of humans it looks unreal. But if the oil has stayed relevant for over 2,000 years, then there must be some truth to its efficacy.

Generally, essential oils are oils that have benefits that improve the body. But when people go for essential oils for the first time, one of their go-to choices is a lavender essential oil. That is how important it is.

If you are looking to buy an essential oil, lavender oil should be your first try. And if you don’t know how to go about it, this article is perfect for you. We will be delving into everything about lavender oil, its benefits, and how to go about buying it.


Shopping Guide

When you think of essential oil, lavender essential oil is one of the oils that should come to your mind. This is because it is one of the core essential oils. It is used for almost anything from beauty to aromatherapy to reducing inflammation. It is a wonderful product to have at hand.

But where do you start if you want to acquire such a gem?

The answer to this lies in knowing what lavender oil is and what it offers to you as a user. That is why we are going to answer the questions that are essential to knowing everything about lavender oil.

What is lavender oil exactly?

Lavender oil is a popular essential oil. It is distilled from the plant Lavandula Angustifolia. Lavender hails from northern Africa and the mountainous regions of the Mediterranean. It has proven to be a versatile essential oil that is colorless, or yellow or yellowish-green. Also, Lavender oils may have a bitter taste, but with a pleasant aroma.

Lavender oils can be used for aromatherapy, cosmetic treatments like burns and hair loss. You can use it for anxiety, insomnia, stress, menstrual cramps, fungal infections, eczema, depression, and nausea. It is truly multipurpose oil. You can also add it as a flavor component in foods and beverages.  Lavender oils can be applied orally, topically, and through aromatherapy.

What are lavender oils commonly used for?

uses-lavender oil

While civilization has been harnessing the benefits of lavender oil for over 2,500 years, the oil has only become widespread, especially in the beauty world. Lavender oil has many benefits that are medicinal, therapeutic, and cosmetic.

For medicinal use, lavender is used for the healing and regeneration of the body’s tissues. It can help improve the lesions caused by the symptoms of hemorrhoids. For therapeutic uses, lavender oil is used for aromatherapy to induce sleep or relax the body. It is good for fighting anxiety and depression.

Cosmetic or topical uses of lavender oil are vast. It is most effective in fighting infections and is also very effective against acne. The moisturizing property of the oil helps to nourish the hair and helps regains lost hair. It is also used as a balm for dry lips. You can use the cream to treat eczema and cleanses your skin. It is good for people with psoriasis. It could lessen the irritation and redness of the body.

How is lavender oil produced?

Essential oils are produced through a method called steam distillation. Lavender oils are no different. The production levels can be broken into four different steps. They are:

  • The harvesting period. This is usually done in the summer in July, August, and September.
  • Immersion. This is when the lavender plants are immersed in water containers and boiled to produce steam or vapor.
  • Extraction. The vapor is transferred through a coil to a cooling machine. The machine condenses the mixture.
  • Separation. Here, oil is separated from the water. This process occurs naturally due to the density difference of the liquids in the machine.

The process of producing lavender oil is resourceful as no materials are wasted. For instance, the water separated from the oil is called hydrosol or plant water essence. Hydrosol can be used for other things, especially related to the skin. Lavender water is quite famous for smoothening the skin.

Are all lavender oils considered essential oils?

Not all lavender oils are essential. These other oils are ordinary lavender oils that did not go through steam distillation and are like other conventional oils. Conventional oil and lavender essential oil differ in manufacturing, aroma strength, and uses.

The conventional oil is derived by the mashing process, which is adding the oil to vegetable oil, fermenting the plant in oil, and filtering after. Lavender essential oils are produced through a steam distillation method.

Also, the aroma scent of the conventional oil is discreet and not concentrated, while the lavender essential oil is concentrated and prominent. It can be used therapeutically.

The uses of the two liquids differ. For instance, you can use conventional lavender oil for cooking, depending on the indications of the manufacturers. For lavender essential oil, it is not wholly recommended. This is because it could become toxic if ingested in large quantities.  


What advantages does organic lavender oil offer?

If you are going for lavender oil products, you might notice some products being advertised as organic, natural, or eco-friendly. These terms mean the same thing when talking about essential oil products.

Essential oils are meant to be organic. Made from natural ingredients with no chemical additives or preservatives, essential oils are more expensive than non-organic products. When purchasing your lavender oil, you have to make sure it is natural and has a seal of certification from an official board.

The benefit of using organic essential oil is the naturalness of the oil you will enjoy and also contributing to the development of the environment. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for non-organic products because they are not good, they have their own benefits, but organic products are naturally based. In the end, your preference and needs will help you decide what to buy.

Can I use lavender oil during pregnancy?

Essential oils are naturally concentrated but there is a list of contraindicated oils during both pregnancy and breastfeeding. Lavender oil falls in the list, but it depends on the composition of the lavender product. It is best advised you see your doctor for the right dosage and safe methods of application before using the product.

If authorized to use it, you are to apply not more than two drops on your temple to help clear your headaches. You can also use two drops on your pillow if you are wrestling with insomnia. If you are anxious about the pregnancy journey and what’s to come, lavender oil can help relax your nerves. You should use it aromatically by taking two deep breaths of the oil.

How should I store lavender oil?

The type of product you buy determines the lifespan. Lavender oils that are 100% natural won’t go stale like regular vegetable oils. It has natural antioxidant qualities, which means it can be preserved for as long as five years. But if you want to get the optimum lifespan from your lavender oil, you can follow these tips:

  • Store your lavender oil in a cool dry place.
  • Store them in dark amber bottles to protect them from UV rays.
  • Keep the container closed when not in use to minimize contact with air and molecular loss.
  • Always check the expiration date of the product package before you buy.

Does lavender oil have side effects?

Healthy adults are recommended to use lavender oil in 2-4 drops, two to three times a day. Lavender oils are generally very safe, but it’s best you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the product. When taken orally, you might experience constipation, increased appetite, and headache.

Also, if you have sensitive or you are allergic to the lavender plant, it is best you stay away from the oil. Other things you could experience are palpitations, nausea, vomiting, irritation, or dermatitis.

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Buying Criteria

Buying good lavender oil is essential to get the best of what you pay for. The product has to suit your needs and to do that it must pass a criteria test. There are varying lavender products in the American market that picking the right one could be a bit of a challenge. But if you follow the criteria list, you will be buying the right product just for you.


There are over 60 species of lavender, but not all of them are used to make essential oils. The best essential oils come from Lavandula Angustifolia. If the Latin name is hard to remember, you can remember them as English lavender or garden lavender. The flower has a mild and sweet aroma that makes it the ideal species used for aromatherapy.

Lavandin is another lavender species used for essential oil production. With the Latin name Lavandula Hybrida, the oil the most affordable. This is because it uses fewer raw materials during the production stage. It has a much stronger scent and is used in cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, shampoos, or creams.


The purity level of the oil is essential when buying the product. Though the oil may have been distilled, it could have been derived from poor quality plants that may contain harmful additives. This is why you should go for lavender oils that are stated clearly to be 100% pure. You should check the packaging for the organic stamp of the oil.

Also, the Latin and common names of the species used for the oil must be written on the packaging of the product. If they are not, it may be because there is added fragrance. But you should note that the purity level will likely affect the pricing of the oil since 150 pounds of lavender flowers make only one pound of lavender oil.


It is hard to figure out if a manufacturer is selling an organic product that truly does what it says. What’s worse, there are no laws in place to safeguard consumers or regulate these manufacturers. For instance, essential oils touted to have therapeutic properties with excellent quality and purity may not be what they claim. But there are governing bodies that check the grade of essential oils.

You have to find the seal of certifications from the necessary official body. But it is best you don’t rely on this criterion as a major deciding factor for buying your product.

lavender oil


Essential oils should be products that are naturally safe, natural, and efficient. The reputation of a brand will help build trust in the product you are buying and its functions. This doesn’t mean you stick to one manufacturer or product. The world of essential oils is wider than you may think, so investigate a product and the origin of the brand before you buy.

You should check how long it has been in the market and its commitment to protecting the environment. Also, check the studies and research they endorsed and the results they achieved. You should also check the reviews of the brand and their products before buying as this would help you make an efficient decision.


Essential oils should be contained in a dark glass bottle to prevent UV rays from getting to them. The properties need to be preserved so the packaging must be acceptable. Lavender oils can also be packaged in plastic bottles but they are not eco-friendly.

The bottle must come with a lid that is completely isolated from air and an oil dropper. That way the oil won’t spill and counting drops needed to be made easy.

Recommended Lavender Essential Oils

Recommending the right product will help you narrow down your search. This why the list of best lavender essential oils is created. The list contains the most popular lavender essential oils you can buy in the American market.

Best Seller

Artizen’s Lavender Essential Oil is the best seller with raving reviews. It is a natural blend made from Lavandula angustifolia. You would be getting premium oil for your aromatherapy because it is 100% pure and undiluted. It’s contained in a high-quality glass bottle with a UV coating to prevent sunlight and degradation.

Best Blend

This lavender essential oils blend by Majestic Pure uses two pure lavender oils. they are Lavandula angustifolia from Bulgaria and Lavandula hybrida from France. The oil is best for dry skin types to provide aromatherapy healing to the skin. Its scent is fruity and floral with a strong undertone. Also, it can be used topically. Be sure to dilute it with a carrier oil and carrying out a patch test on your underarms.

Best Topical Oil

Aromine Lavender Essential Oil Roll-On is a topical lavender treatment for the body. It is diluted with a fractionated coconut oil for safe topical use. The roll-on has no synthetic additives and fragrance. Also, you can carry the aromatherapy oil anywhere with you.

Best Organic

Now Foods provides an organic and climate pledge-friendly lavender oil. It’s 100% pure and helps to soothe and balance the air. The oil is a great aromatherapy oil that is safe and vegan. You can blend it with peppermint oil and chamomile oil in a diffuser and then enjoy the sweet aroma. The oil is derived through steam distillation from the flowering tops of the lavender plant.


Now that you are all caught up on what lavender oil is and its benefits, you can begin your wonderful journey into the world of essential oils. You now know the characteristics of lavender oil, how it is made using the steam distillation method. You also know that it is one of the most versatile and useful essential oils with benefits ranging from medicinal, to therapeutic, to cosmetic.

Lavender oils are a great product to have with you, but they can be dangerous if you don’t take precautions, especially if you are pregnant. It is strongly advised against you using if you have severe reactions or side effects. But if you don’t, be sure your treatment will leave you satisfied.

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