Best Mineral Powder
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One item that is never missing from our makeup kit is essential powder as it evens the skin tone, seals foundation or pores and minimizes the shine of oily skin. There is a new item in town and it is mineral powders.

Makeup lovers are no longer concerned about their powder shade as they just want to know what the product is made of. In this new guide, I will guide you through knowing about this new item called mineral powder, especially the best mineral powder.

Let’s start with the basic questions you might have in mind.

Buying Guide

What element makes up mineral powder?

Mineral powder is made from earth extractions that have been cut into little pieces. Depending on certain factors the manufacturer has in mind during the product, the tone and purpose differs.

Even though I am no expert in mineralogy, I have done extensive research on the high quality of these natural cosmetics.

Are there other mineral cosmetics besides powder?

Yes of course! Even though this trend is just getting popular, mineral makeup has been in the market for awhile and the products are easily found in the market. Asides powders, you can also find foundations, highlighters, eye shadows, lip glosses and blushes.

Most popular beauty brands already have mineral makeup but the numbers are still low. New cosmetics brands are focusing more on mineral resources since it is the way forward.

Why do I need mineral powder?

It might not be a necessity but it is a need for makeup users. Due to the raw materials it is composed of, mineral powders make your skin rest after continuous exposure to chemicals and various contaminants.

When you use mineral powder, it creates a protection over your skin that is beneficial to sensitive and mature skin.

 The older you get, you want to use methods that are good for your skin and give it a youthful look. This is where mineral makeup comes to slow down photoaging.

Are mineral powder better than traditional powder?

This depends on what your preferences are. If you are mindful of what your skin is exposed to and have sensitive or acne-prone skin, mineral cosmetics are the way to go.

If you have a steady traditional brand you use then you don’t have to switch urgently. The most essential factor is making sure your skin and face is always healthy and this can be achieved with a good facial cleansing routine. A little reminder: never go to bed with makeup on!

What are the benefits of mineral powders?

By now, you know the benefits you stand to gain when using these cosmetics but my main goal is to give you enough information on whether you use mineral powders or not.

After various research with cosmetic experts on mineral properties, I have tons of benefits to share with you especially for women over 30.

Here are the benefits below:

  • Easy to apply and remove. This helps your pores to breathe properly.
  • No mask effect.  The formula is light and gives the skin a natural look without looking heavy or powdery.
  • You can start noticing their benefits after your first time use.
  • Mineral powders can reduce the appearance of  acne, redness, or other skin conditions.
  • Long duration. No matter what skin type you have, mineral powder lasts long so you don’t have to freshen your makeup often.
  • Grease regulating effect. They help maintain skin balance.
  • Suitable for all skin types. You can use these cosmetics on your skin, whether it is dry, oily, or mixed conditions.
  • They contain no chemicals such as preservatives, dyes, essential oils, or fragrances that clogs the skin.
  • They protect from the effects of the sun. As I have said, their ingredients provide UVA and UVB protection.
  • Perfect for camera flashes. Their natural look makes them to be loved and used by professional makeup artists on film and photo shoots.

Should I be careful when buying mineral powder?

You should be! Knowing the ingredients is not enough knowledge to go shopping. You also need to pay attention to the components by checking the concentration of each one.

Some companies also add traditional products ingredients to start advertising them as mineral powders.

Shopping Criteria

We have all made the mistake of compulsive shopping one time or the other. Don’t buy a product you do not need no matter how much you find it attractive. This is why I have created this shopping criteria to guide you further:


Most mineral powders are affordable but we can still call them expensive in comparison with traditional powder. You can get cheaper brands or even home made products within your budget. If you go for this, it might be difficult to know the components.

If you want a great deal, you can check Amazon for great deals or even products that come in sets at an amazing price. This means you can save money on your skin glow journey.


Most mineral powders last long depending on the product’s quality and how often you use it. For the shelf life, the products should not contain preservatives which also means it has a short cycle of three and four years.

Do not forget to check the expiration date before purchase and even when you own it.


You need to know what you want from your product before you get it. If it is your everyday makeup, go for light products but if it is for elaborate or night time makeup, you need a 24 hour product with better coverage.

Even if you are not an expert, continuous application of this powder on your skin requires some technique to make it look natural.

Skin type

As with any makeup product, you need to identify your skin type to know which products are best for you and how you sweat. It is helpful to know a lot about your skin type. Mineral powders work on any skin type so your best option is compact use for greater coverage.


Protecting, correcting and perfecting your skin are things you expect from cosmetic products and mineral factors as they have all these factors in common. They are beneficial to your skin and work well for all.

What more do you need to know? If you enjoyed this article, check out more makeup guides.