Best Toner For Oily Skin: 15 Products To Enhance Your Matte Skin

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Often left out of essential skincare due to its mixed features, toners are the hidden gem of any skincare routine. They provide extra hydration and deeply cleanse the skin pores, removing whatever is left in the skin. This is why you need the best toner for oily skin.

The skin is not the easiest to care for. No matter your type, you have one or two concerns nibbling at you. For oily skin, it’s controlling slippery and shiny excess oil. Cleansers will get the oil, grime, and makeup residue off; however, a toner will go deeper and remove whatever is left.

This makes it essential in an oily skincare routine, but getting one is easier said than done. You will need all the help you can get to maintain refreshed and silky smooth skin. This is why I am helping out by providing the best toners designed for oily skin.

These toners help oily skin with one skin concern or the other, but a core function is to help control sebum without stripping your face.

The list was gathered based on expert research on sales data metrics and social media engagements.

1. Best overall toner for oily skin

Thayers Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Facial Toner

This product stands out for its gentle drying and moisturizing effect on the skin. The formula contains witch hazel, rose petals, and aloe vera to cleanse, moisturize, and protect your skin barrier. The toner also serves as a pore-tightening treatment to control sebum in your skin.

Additionally, the toner helps to reduce skin inflammation and redness with its antioxidant properties. As a result, you have smooth and soothed skin. You can use the toner to balance your pH level and clear your skin from grime and residue.

It is a needed product to improve skin health and vitality.

2. Best drugstore toner for oily skin

Mario Badescu Witch Hazel Toner

This toner balances the sebum on your face and removes impurities lodged in your pores. The toner is highly refreshing and contributes to the overall glow-up of your skin complexion.

In addition, the toner contains rose water and witch hazel to serve as antioxidants and hydrating properties to keep your skin rejuvenated and healthy. You can use the toner to cleanse without stripping. Furthermore, it has a non-greasy effect on the skin.

Moreover, it is free of harmful chemicals such as alcohol, parabens, and sulfate. It perfectly fits in your morning and evening routines.

3. Best dermatologist-recommended toner for oily skin

Dickenson Pore Perfecting Toner

This toner has a simple formula that is highly effective in removing excess sebum and grime from the skin. The toner helps in soothing and calming the skin with its natural witch hazel ingredient. Furthermore, it does not dry the skin, rather, it balances the sebum on the skin.

It does not contain dyes or parabens. It is also good for all skin types. If you need a skin-renewing and pore-regulating toner for your oily skin, start with the pore-perfecting formula.

4. Best toner for oily acne-prone skin

Bioré Witch Hazel Pore Clarifying Toner

This clarifying toner contains salicylic acid to remove the grimes and excess sebum in the pores, thereby reducing acne breakouts on your face. The toner also soothes inflammation and redness on the skin, keeping your skin refreshed.

In addition, it is lightweight and slips through the pores with ease. The oil-free formula provides the needed clarifying treatment to treat your pores and tighten your pores.

You can use the toner in your morning and evening skincare routines to hasten your blemish and keep your skin clear of acne.

5. Best toner for oily sensitive skin

Neutrogena Skin-Purifying Face Toner

This hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic toner provides a purifying effect that thoroughly removes residue and sebum from your skin.

The toner is also quick-absorbing, keeping your skin clean but maintaining your natural moisture. Moreover, it is oil-free, which makes its lightweight formula easy to use.

Furthermore, it keeps your skin supple. It does not dry out your skin. You will feel a silky and smooth texture when you touch your face. The alcohol-free formula is non-irritating and stripping.

6. Best toner for oily combination skin

Lauda Botanicals Vitamin C Facial Toner Spray

This rich formula helps to keep your skin hydrated and balances the pH level of your skin. It also helps to restore the smoothness of your skin’s texture. The toner is suitable for reducing blemishes on the skin and leaves a matte finish on the skin.

The toner is also effective as a pore-minimizing product. Additionally, it can act as a primer before makeup to clear your pores. The toner contains vitamin C, witch hazel, and aloe vera to regulate your skin in a cyclical process that maintains the natural moisture balance of your skin.

You can use the toner to improve your blotched combination skin. You can also use the formula to refresh your skin and protect against external aggressors.

7. Best glow-up toner for oily skin

Pixie  Glow Tonic

This toner cleanses, exfoliates, and tones your skin, bringing out your brightened skin. The formula is soothing and smoothing. It also has ginseng and aloe vera to hydrate the skin after clearing the skin pores.

The toner effectively removes dead skin cells and purifies the skin. Additionally, it works to reduce the appearance of pores, thereby keeping your skin’s pH level balanced. You can use this toner to improve the complexion of your face. It is also suitable for morning and evening use.

8. Best exfoliating toner for oily skin

PCA Skin Nutrient Toner

PCA Skin toner’s formula contains pumpkin wine extract, enzymes, essential amino acids, and vitamins to exfoliate and clear the skin of dead skin cells and residues. The formula is highly concentrated to provide your skin with the right healthy glow.

In addition, the toner is suitable for all skin types in clearing and cleansing the skin. It does not irritate or leave any residue. Furthermore, it evens out the skin tone, helping you retain your skin complexion.

The toner can be used in the morning and nighttime to get the moisture balance you need.

9. Best hydrating toner for oily skin

ProactivMD Hydrating Facial Toner

This alcohol-free formula removes sebum effectively and hydrates the open and freed-up pores to prevent it from drying up. The toner contains skin-balancing properties to help in keeping your pH level under control. It also helps to reduce future breakouts in the skin.

The toner is effective and great for all skin types who want to improve their skin’s blotched look to a soft and smooth texture. You can use the toner to hydrate your skin and clear your sebum-filled pores, improving the dull look of your face. All skin types can use this toner.

10. Best toner for oily skin with large pores

Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Pore-Reducing Toner

This is designed to reduce the pores by delicately removing the excess oil and residue through exfoliating properties. The oil-controlling toner also helps reduce the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads when controlling the pores of your skin.

Furthermore, it contains ceramides and antioxidants to reduce bacteria on the skin and hydrate your face to prevent it from losing its natural moisture balance.

It is suitable for skin types with naturally large pores such as oily, combination, and acne-prone skin types. However, dry and sensitive skins can use the product too.

For those with enlarged and open pores, this would serve as a redeeming product to reduce the visibility of your pores, improving the smooth texture of your skin.

11. Best alcohol-free toner for oily skin

Natural Outcome Oily Skin Control Toner

This skin-controlling toner has a witch hazel and grapefruit ingredient to serve as an alternative to alcohol for its drying and sebum-controlling properties. The toner also contains aloe vera to hydrate and protect the skin barrier against external aggressors and pomegranate to clear your pores.

What sets this product apart is its mattifying formula that keeps your pores in control and helps them improve their pH level. This, as a result, saves your skin from regular breakouts and bacteria from building on the skin.

The clarifying toner turns your oily skin into dry and soft skin. You won’t have to worry about moisture and the shiny effect on your face after using the product.

12. Best organic toner for oily skin

Ren Clean Skincare Glow Tonic

Ren Clean provides a natural vegan and cruelty-free formula to enrich your skin and reduce the pores on your face. The toner contains AHAs and BHAs to exfoliate and clear your skin of residue and excess sebum.

It also has skin glowing abilities due to its exfoliating properties. The toner works on keeping your face smoother and brighter after use. You can apply this toner to your starved face every day in your morning and evening routine.

13. Best Korean toner for oily skin

TonyMoly Wonder Ceramide Mocchi Toner

With ceramides, this toner hydrates the skin and leaves a silky texture behind. The serum provides your skin with the needed moisture balance and sebum control in your pores.

You can protect your skin with this toner. Furthermore, it does not irritate the skin. It is easy to use.

14. Best toner for mature oily skin

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Astringent Face Toner

With its LHAs (lipo hydroxy acids), the toner clears your skin of dead skin cells, residue, and excess sebum. The toner is highly nourishing and leaves a smooth texture behind. Additionally, it works for enlarged pores and oily skin in general.

Your skin visibly reduces the size of pores while using this toner. This, in turn, reduces the sight of blackheads and other blemishes. You can apply it to your skin to remove and hydrate; it is a no-rinse formula. It fits into your evening and morning routine.

15. Best simple formula toner for oily skin

Skinfood Peach Sake Facial Toner

This toner is unique for its use of traditional Japanese Sake and peach extracts to tighten skin pores and remove excess sebum, helping your skin stay firm. The formula is rich in vitamins A and C, which help in skin regeneration and brightening.

It also provides a gentle treatment on the face, giving you long-lasting hydration and smooth skin. All skin types can use the product to enhance their skin texture. However, it is the perfect solution for oily skin with excess sebum.

It might look simple, but it is effective in providing the expected results. You can use it in your morning and evening routine for a faster result.

How to pick a toner for your skin

You have oily skin, as a result, pick toners that are suitable for oily skin. Toners must be alcohol-free. Alcohol counterworks by stripping the skin of all the oil, which causes your skin to produce more sebum.

Go for lightly exfoliating toners with salicylic acid or witch hazel to help soothe and cleanse your skin. In addition, go for toners that do not contain sulfates, parabens, or artificial fragrances. These chemicals can irritate the skin, causing more harm to your skin.


Are toners necessary?

Yes, they are.

Toners help to remove residues hiding in pores and cleanse and prep your skin for other products. It is used to enhance your skin tone and exfoliate. As a result, they are necessary for your skincare.

While it is an in-between product often removed, toners are essential in improving your overall skin.

Does toner come before or after cleanser?

After cleanser.

A toner comes after cleansing and exfoliating your skin. The toner is used to remove leftover residues your cleanser could not. Furthermore, it clears and hydrates your pores, making it easy for your serum and moisturizer to penetrate.

Can oily skin use toner for dry skin?

No, it can’t.

It is advised you don’t. While face toners provide quick hydration for the skin, they could clog your pores if you use toners meant for dry skin.

Face toners for dry skin have extra moisturizing properties that would not suit oily skin features.


You can’t do without a toner. Don’t let the doubt fool you, it is important. And if you decide to get a good one, I would recommend THAYERS Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Facial Toner and Mario Badescu Witch Hazel Toner to provide the needed cleansing without irritating your skin.

Meanwhile, Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Pore-Reducing Toner serves as a pore-shrinking toner to help reduce your large open pores. And PCA SKIN Nutrient Toner would help to improve skin complexion by exfoliating dead skin cells, revealing bright new skin.

Therefore, you have no reason to not get the best toner for your oily skin if these great options have been laid out before you. So, try one today.

Thanks for reading.

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