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Can Perfume Freeze In Really Cold Temperatures?

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Having mentioned that one of the ways to store perfume is in a cool, dry, dark place, people have often concluded that cold areas are also the best. But some wonder if perfume can freeze when exposed to too much cold.

Perfumes, like other scent types for the body, have unique formulas and compositions that can withstand cold, but can they freeze in certain conditions, like keeping it in the fridge or freezer?

This article explains if it is possible to freeze perfume and how safe it is. Keep on reading.

Can perfume freeze?

Perfume cannot freeze under normal cold temperature conditions.

Perfume contains a high level of ethanol or alcohol (80% to 90%). Therefore, it does not freeze easily, even in the coldest places like a freezer.

Nonetheless, perfume can freeze when put under an extreme temperature that is below its freezing point. Additionally, different types of scents have varying levels of alcohol. They freeze at various points.

Before exposing your fragrance to a cold place, check the alcohol by volume (ABV) to be sure it won’t freeze after exposure.

Why doesn’t perfume freeze?

While a perfume’s chemistry will change when exposed to deep cold, it would not freeze. The volatile composition of fragrances can be changed to solid, but rather than freeze, it becomes thicker.

However, the major reasons why perfumes do not freeze easily include:

They have a high alcohol content

Perfumes have as high as 90% alcohol by volume (ABV). Alcohol has low freezing points that are below 32°F (0°C), depending on the concentration, so it will not freeze when exposed to a cold night or freezer.

Cold helps perfume

Cold weather or conditions actually help preserve perfume more than we think. One of the reasons is because of its high capacity to take in cold. Therefore, the cold help perfumes stay cool, fresh, and still in composition for a very long time.

What temperature does perfume freeze?

A perfume’s freezing point starts from about -90°F to -130°F (-68°C to -90°C).

This is very low and more than the regular freezer with -17°F (-27°C) or higher. Your perfume is okay in the freezer or cold states and will not freeze.

Can perfume freeze in the car?

No, it cannot.

If you happen to leave your perfume in the car at low temperatures, it would not freeze. However, the flux temperature of a car does not make it suitable for fragrances because they need a constant temperature to maintain consistency.

What happens if perfume freezes?

Nothing really happens.

Perfumes have a very low freezing point and would likely become thick at most when in very low temperatures close to their freezing point.

And when they do freeze, it will be difficult to apply. All you need to do is unfreeze it by leaving it in lukewarm water (warm bitter can crack the glass bottle). This would not cause any lasting damage except a slight change in smell.

Will perfume go bad if it freezes?

No, it would not.

As mentioned, perfumes will not go bad when frozen or melted. Their composition may change, but the perfume is still intact.

How do you store perfume?

1. Keep it in a dark place

Perfume needs to be kept away from sunlight as must as possible. Therefore, keep them in dark corners of the bedroom, like the bottom of a drawer, a closet in the hallway, or any other place where light does not get to.

2. Store in original packaging

You should also store perfumes in their original packaging or perfume box because it prevents air and light from penetrating.

3. Keep in a cool, dry place

Perfumes need to be stored in a place where there is no moist or humid air. This can affect the composition of the fragrance.

4. Keep in a fridge

You can definitely store your perfume in the fridge because the cold does not affect it. However, you will have to consistently keep it in there because sudden temperature changes can affect the quality of the perfume.

5. Keep in the original bottle

Try as much as possible not to change perfume bottles because this can lead to oxidization, which will affect the perfume.


can perfume freeze

Can cologne freeze?

Yes, cologne can freeze.

However, just like perfume, colognes have a low freezing point. Therefore, it will not freeze even if the temperature is below -110°F (-79°C).

Does cold weather ruin perfume smell?

No, it does not.

Contrarily, perfume lasts longer in cold temperatures because the cold air slows down the evaporation rate.

What affects perfume’s strength the most, cold or heat?


Heat leads to quick oxidation than cold does. It also changes the molecules, and when the molecules are heated up, they vaporize faster than in cold when it takes time to heat up.

However, heat makes the perfume smell much stronger than in cold weather. The scent projection is less dense in cold temperatures.


Perfume will not freeze in cold temperatures. Unless you willingly leave it out in the cold (which still wouldn’t change a thing), your perfume stays safe and strong.

However, if it does happen to freeze by some unlikely chance, you simply unfreeze it, and it is as good as new.

Therefore, if you forgot it in your car on a dead cold night or set it in the freezer, you do not have to worry about it freezing. All is well.

Thanks for reading.

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