Best Hair Extensions to Change Up Your Style

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Whether it’s straight or wavy locks, you can’t deny adding hair extensions to your hair gives it the length and volume you desire.

Changing your hairstyle is very significant and important to women. Most especially because it tells of how you are feeling and how you want the world to perceive you. You can go for the easy chopping off your locks or enhance your look with some extra hair.

Good thing that ready-to-wear hair extensions are there to provide you with the volume you need.  All you need to do is attach them in, comb them to blend with your hair, and voila! You have yourself a new look.

So if you need that extra hair to bounce or length to carry the rest of your in a beautiful style, an extension is there for you. After all, it is a known fact that long hair will always make you stand out, and better shining hair will put you on a pedestal.

Shopping Guide

hair extensions

If you are interested in getting hair extensions and not sure where or what to splurge your money on, then you are in the right place. Getting your extensions can be made as easy as possible if you know the right thing to get. And that is why we are going to tell you all you need to know about hair extensions. You have to know what you will be spending your money on in and out.

What are hair extensions?

Simply put, hair extensions are strands of hair sewn together to make a weft. And then, they are attached to the scalp of a person. They are meant to alter the look of the wearer for a period of time. They can be clipped in, sewn in, or glued in with an adhesive. Extensions are great for adding length and volume to your natural hair. People who have thinning hair and need volume and length to bring out the shine of their hair can use hair extensions.

Hair extensions are also great for styling the hair in intricate styles, especially for special occasions like your wedding or a special night you want. And you can wear your extensions for everyday use if you love full locks of hair.

What are the types of hair extensions?

You can classify hair extensions by the type of hair and by the form they come in. When we say the type or origin of extensions, we have natural and synthetic hair extensions.

Natural hair extensions

Natural or human hair extensions are exactly what they sound like. They are extensions made from real human hair all through. They are tough and durable and silky to the touch, but they are also expensive. Natural extensions are also flexible and can be treated like your real hair. That means you can curl, straighten, dye, and wash them as you do them. They also take in normal hair products.

Natural extensions can also be used and will not be easy to spot in-between strands. This is because they offer a more realistic look. You will be getting your money’s worth with a natural hair extension.

Another separate grade of natural hair is the Remy hair. This is the type of human hair where the cuticles of the virgin hair are protected and the hair flows in one direction. They offer the best natural look and are also the most expensive.

Synthetic hair extensions

Synthetic hair extensions are made from blended fibers and other synthetic materials. They are not as durable as natural hair but are made of fine plastic fibers to imitate real hair. Synthetic hairs vary in textures but they are very sensitive to the sun. You cannot style and wear them like you would natural extensions.

Synthetic extensions are good for easy short-term easy wear if you want something already styled and without stress.

What are the types of hair extensions based on attachment?

hair extensions

As earlier mentioned, hair extensions can be classified based on the forms they come in this is how they will be attached to your hair. The attachment also determines whether they will be short-term or long-term. The way extensions come in is always expanding and there are newer and smoother integrating methods that would suit your needs.

Clip-in extensions

This is the easiest and fastest way to get your extensions in. They are great starting points for hair extensions first-timers. It involves wefts of hair that come with a clip. All you have to do is clip the extensions to the roots of your hair, brush them in with your natural hair, style, and you are good to go.

Tape-in hair extensions

These are wefts of hair that come with a double-sided or single-sided polyurethane tape or glue that will be attached to the roots of your natural hair. People go for this one when they want the extensions to align with their roots.

The adhesive products are pinned in with a heating tool. But note, when adhesives are heated to your hair they could cause damage. They last longer in the hair and can be washed with your natural hair.

Sew-In hair extensions

This is a more elaborate weave attachment that involves the braiding of your natural hair into cornrows first. Then you use a needle and thread to sew in the wefts of hair into your braided hair, covering it up.

It is very technical and might take time for your hairdresser to fit in. It might also put a strain on your head because it is too tight. But it is good for those with thick hair. It also offers a more permanent solution.

Micro-Links hair extensions

This involves pulling the wefts of hair in tiny sections with a tool or pin that is similar to a crochet hook. Each extension is pre-tipped with a sealing agent and looped with your hair with the hook.

Fusion hair extensions

We have the cold and hot fusion hair extensions. The cold fusion comes with a pre-tipped keratin-based polymer that will be attached to your hair roots and it doesn’t need to be heated. While the hot fusion extensions involve a pre-tipped keratin-based bond that is in line with silicone and heated into the roots of your hair. The silicone is there to protect your roots from heat damage.

You can also opt for lace wigs if you are too tired for styling your natural hair.

Does my hair type affect my choice of hair extensions?

Yes, it does. Your hair type plays an important role when it comes to choosing hair extension type and form of application. For instance, thin hairs are advised against knots like micro-links because they might take out your hair. You can use cold or hot fusion extensions because they are keratin-based. Also, thick and frizzy hair can go for micro-links because they are stronger and won’t break.

Can hair extensions cause damage to my hair?


Truthfully, they can. But certain conditions will cause to damage your hair. For instance, when it comes to the more permanent extensions, you have could have alopecia (losing hair in bunches) if you keep them in for too long.

Also, wearing extensions back to back on your hair might cause it to break. You should take breaks between extensions to grow your hair. This is a great breathing plan if you want to wear the more permanent ones.  

And to avoid losing hair and damaging your scalp, it is highly recommended you see a hairdresser with lots of experience to attach your extensions for you. This way you would avoid wrongfully attaching the wefts of hair to your hair, causing more damage.

Temporary extensions are good because they cause minimal to no risks. For clip-in extensions, you just have to clip-in and at the end of the day you remove the clips before going to bed. That way your hair won’t tangle up with the clips.

What is recommended between synthetic and natural hair extensions?

Natural human hair extensions are more recommended than synthetic hair. This is because synthetics are made of plastic fibers that imitate real hair. They cannot be styled and don’t last for too long. Whereas, human hair is durable, can be styled, washed, blow-dried, heated, and dyed. They are great for your hair and can’t be easy to spot.

Synthetic hair might also cause allergies to those who are sensitive. It could cause itching for some people because it attracts heat. That is why you should only wear synthetic hair for a short period of time.

How should I take care of my natural hair extensions?

It’s natural for you to care for your hair extensions like you would your own hair. This would make it not only last long but also keep its integrity. Here are tips to always remember when caring for your hair:

  • Apply moisturizing treatment to it every day without rinsing it out.
  • You should comb the natural hair extensions, especially before washing with shampoo. This will minimize the tangles.
  • Use sulfate-free shampoos to wash the extensions. This is because they have no way of replenishing natural oils.
  • Massage the shampoo gently into the sewn area with your fingertips when shampooing. This spreads the shampoo evenly from one end to the other.
  • Wash the natural extensions in a basin rather than in the shower. The water pressure must also be low when washing.
  • Brush slowly and gently when dry. Do not use excessive force or the strands will pull off.
  • For permanent extensions, sleep with your hair in a loose ponytail to keep them from knotting.

What are the pros and cons of hair extensions?

When it comes to having hair extensions in your hair, there are advantages and disadvantages you must know. This will help clear your mind on what an extension can do and what it can’t. These are some of the general pros and cons of hair extensions.


  • They add volume and length to the hair
  • You create a new look with them
  • They can last long with a semi-permanent fixture
  • Some of the extensions are easy to apply, especially the temporary ones if you need a quick fix.
  • They add color to your hair.


  • They can be expensive
  • Poor quality hair will likely damage your hair
  • Some application times run for long. If you are looking for permanent ones you might spend hours fixing them in.

Buying Criteria


Before buying any product, you have to weigh in some factors that influence your final buying decision. Some criteria will guide your buying decisions when it comes to hair extensions. And with so many options to choose from, it might get confusing when it is time for you to make your choice. These criteria will be your guiding light.


The quality you want is an important factor when it comes to buying a hair extension. Naturally, you should go for natural human extensions. There are also ranges you can choose from when it comes to forms of application. Tape-ins and fusion extensions are the least obvious if you don’t want them to be easily spotted.

Whereas, clip-ins come in mostly synthetic hair because they are temporary. So their quality might be lower and won’t last just as long. The quality of the hair you pick will determine how long you want it to also last.


Hair extensions are used to add volume and length to your hair. If one of these is your objective, you can go for sewn-in or adhesive extensions. This way you will get the length you desire down from the roots and keep it firmly in place on your roots. Clips extensions will also give you the length you want, but they tend to shift or not holding up for too long.


How your lifestyle is will also determine what type of extensions you get. If you are the type that does rigorous activities, more permanent hair extensions are great for you because they won’t slip easily. You can also use them in the shower as opposed to clip-in extensions.

If you are also the type that has little time for hair salon dates, you can use permanent extensions because you won’t even feel the presence or need to take them out after a short period of time. But if you need a quick fix or something just for an occasion, you can opt for the clip-ins.

Recommended Hair Extensions

1. Best Clip-In Hair Extension

When it comes to clip-ins, Rosebud Clip-in Hair Extensions are completely Remy. They also come in different inches all making a total of 8 pieces. It can be washed and straightened with a heating tool. It is chemically odorless and lightweight. You won’t feel the clips also pinching your scalp. For simple days, it is best.

2. Best Natural Hair Extension

Using Italian keratin glue, LaaVoo nano pre-bonded extensions help to prevent your natural hair from shedding. It has invisible beads that look natural and give a beautiful finish. You would hardly feel the extensions in your hair and you can also style it however you want. If you are the type who loves volume without being noticed, LaaVoo is for you.

3. Best Synthetic Hair Extensions

Reecho hair is the best synthetic and low-priced hair. They come in over 20 hues, giving it a wide color selection. Unlike most synthetic extensions, they don’t tangle easily, neither do they buildup on clothes. You can wear the extensions without feeling the heat because they are heat resistant.

Reecho can be washed. All you need is a little bit of shampoo and conditioner and it is back to its shining glory.

4. Best Tape-In Hair Extensions

ABH Amazing Beauty extensions are already pre-tapped. They are double-sided and come with three highlight effects. The length varies between 18-20 inches and can be invisible. It being hard to spot gives the waves natural look. And the best part about these extensions is that they can be reused up to four times.

5. Best New Style Hair Extensions

Instead of using traditional tape or glue, Goo Goo hair is the best natural hair extension because they use a transparent wire. The wire blends naturally and perfectly with your hair color, making it a quick fix. You can also style it however you want, despite the wire. There are clips to hold the wire properly in place.

The extensions come in a three color-effect that gives a more natural ombre look to the wearer. They are the best when it comes to increasing your hair volume.


There is nothing that beats looking great and standing out in a crowd with gorgeous hair. Extensions are great for that. Whether they are natural or synthetic, you can get the volume and length you want.

They are also great for those with thinning hair and need to make their hair look great and bouncy again. You can go for various forms of attachments from the temporary like clip-ins to the more permanent like fusion or tape-ins. But be sure to care for both your hair and extensions so that they won’t damage. Now you can go right ahead to buy the best hair extension that suits you just fine.

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