Hair Removal Wax: A Great Hack to Skincare

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How do you get rid of body hair? Some like to shave, some get a semi-permanent treatment like a laser procedure, and others prefer the good old hair removal wax to do the job of scraping the body clean.

Getting rid of body hair at regular intervals could be tedious work for some people, especially when they have to resort to shaving. Not that there is anything wrong with using shaving tools to clear out body hair. It’s not just the perfect fit for a special set of people. This is why such people seek other options. One of such is waxing.

Waxing is not as painless as you would think. In fact, it is more painful than shaving. However, it provides a more long-lasting result. And you can do this procedure right in your home with the best hair removal wax kit.

If you are interested in getting a wax kit but don’t know where to start, you are in the right place. I would be delving into all there is to know about hair removal wax and what you need to know to get the best product there is to offer.

Shopping Guide

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Waxing is not new, it is one of the oldest methods of body hair removal. However, the methods and waxing components have changed over time. This is why it is essential to be up to date with modern waxing products and techniques.

You can make a better decision with your choice of hair removal when you know all there is to know about waxing. I will be answering every possible question you might have about modern hair removal wax.

What is hair removal wax?

Hair removal was is simply a sticky substance that adheres to the skin, removing body hair when pulled off. The substance is made of beeswax or paraffin base with adhesive resin and enough lubricants to hydrate the skin while plastered on it. The lubricants could be essential oils or carrier oils like coconut or olive oil.

The lubricants are what make the wax come off. Though they might not spare you from the possible pain you will feel, but they do peel off the wax. Waxing is seen as a worthwhile practice even with the pain because it prevents hair from growing back for a long time. The period before new hair becomes visible is as long as 6 weeks. This is a very long intermission if you are a busy type of person.

Why do you need to use hair removal wax?


A hair removal wax kit is a kit you can use in the safety of your home. You don’t have to see a professional esthetician. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD), at-home waxing is a time-saving and very affordable method of hair removal.

There are other reasons why you need to use hair removal wax. The following are the benefits and reasons you need to use a hair removal wax.

You won’t cut your skin with a wax

Even when you use the best shavers, you could still cut yourself if careless. However, with a hair removal wax, you won’t have to worry about cutting yourself with a razor when removing body hair.

Hair grows back slowly

A benefit of using hair-removing wax is your skin hair grows back slowly. The regrowth of your hair is slower after waxing. It usually takes 4-6 weeks to grow back. Also, you can enjoy a smooth shaven body for two weeks before the ingrown hair pops up. The hair when growing back will also become thinner. Due to this, the root is often weaker. This makes it easier to wax again.

Less ingrown hair

Hair removal wax pulls off hair completely from the roots. This makes it less likely for ingrown hair to grow. But it is important to wax correctly to pull all the hair off. You can keep your body tensed during the removal process to get the hair out completely.

The wax exfoliates your skin

A reason to stick with hair removal wax is its ability to remove body hair and dead skin cells. When the wax is pulled off, it takes with it the thin surface layer of the skin, leaving a soft and smooth skin.

Your body won’t itch

The after feeling from shaving includes itchiness. With wax, you won’t feel itchy afterward. Also, when new hair grows back, the itchy feeling would be minimized because hair grows slowly.

Reduced inflamed skin

Usually, when you shave, there is a lot of friction. However, with wax, you will feel less friction. This leads to less inflamed skin or even not experiencing it at all.

What are the types of hair removal wax?

hair removal wax types

There are different types of waxes with different potency. They are also used preferably for some body parts. For instance, pubic hair requires a thicker wax consistency because the hair around the private part is thick.

You can generally classify hair removal wax into hard or soft wax, but there is so much in between that needs to be considered. This is why the list of hair removal wax is based on popular types you would find home kits in.

Heated Wax

This is melted wax. It is melted using a microwave or a warmer. Once applied to the skin, it hardens. And then you rip it off. The heat makes it easy for the wax to spread and soften the skin before it hardens. Heated wax makes it hard for hair to grow back completely. Which means you don’t have to use wax often. Also, you can use this method on your upper lip area and eyebrows.

Cold Wax

The wax is poured directly from the pot to the skin. This is much firmer but can be tricky for thin hairs. However, it is cleaner and a great option for pubic hair that is thick and stubborn. The con is the pain you feel when pulling hair out.

Soft Wax

The wax is put in a thin strip and placed on the desired area. Then the wax is pulled off completely. This type of wax is great for dealing with fine hair because the strip sticks on the skin very well. Also, it has no known side effects and best for at-home treatment. However, it is known to leave a mess.

Hard Wax

For areas with fine and thick hair, hard wax is most effective to use. The wax hardens after it is applied to a specified area. You don’t need a strip like the soft wax, it acts as its own strip. After it hardens, you pull the thick texture off the skin. And then you apply oil to smoothen and hydrate the skin.

When using this type of wax, pulling in the direction the hair grows from is essential to prevent hair breakage and developing ingrown hair.

Chocolate Wax

This is a tender wax on the skin. It is described as the least painful of all types of wax. It’s a nourishing and hydrating wax with ingredients like glycerin, soybean oil, almond oil, vitamin E, and other minerals. The cocoa in the wax acts as an emollient.

Usually, it is melted then spread on the body in the direction where the hair grows. When it becomes sticky, it’s pulled in the opposite direction. The wax is known for being soft and soothing with little redness, though, it can be pricey because of its luxurious experience.

Sugar Wax

This is a simple natural wax composed of sugar, lemon, and hot water. It has less texture than the other forms of wax. Sugar wax works by grabbing body hair without attaching it to the skin. It is gentle and the ideal wax for sensitive skins. It can come in the form of hard balls to be rolled off the skin or soft wax to be pulled off with strips.  

Are there side effects to using hair removal wax?

Being a person pressed for time, you can use wax and know you are good for at least a month. But the hair removal wax might cause some side effects to some users. Firstly, it could cause redness or irritation.

Though I said using hair removal will reduce irritation. Yet, you might experience it, especially right after waxing. If you don’t use your after-treatment like oils to soothe your skin, you might experience redness for at least a day.

There is also the side effect of allergic reactions. This has to do with those who have allergens with the ingredients in the hair removal wax. You have to be cautious with whatever product you are buying. Make sure to cross-check the ingredients of the hair wax before purchasing. For sensitive skins, patch test 24 hours before using the wax.

Also, you can expose your wounds further when you use hair removal wax on places with open cuts. This is why you have to be free of new cuts and bruises before using a hair removal. You could risk getting a deep scar or infection when you use hair removal wax on cuts and bruises.

How do you use hair removal wax?


Getting smooth and soft skin without redness or irritation means using the wax properly. There are few tips to keep in mind before, during, and after waxing.  According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD), you can be cautious about at-home hair removal wax with the following tips:

  • Your body hair length should be one-fourth to three-fourths of an inch long. You should trim it lower to avoid messy waxing.
  • Avoid using prescribed retinoid creams or OTC retinol at least a week before waxing. This is to avoid removing hair and skin together.
  • You can use OTC painkillers like ibuprofen ahead to cushion the discomfort and pain from waxing.
  • Exfoliate before waxing. Remove excess dead skin cells, grimes, and product residue before waxing. The wax will remove whatever is left.
  • Follow the directions on the package of the hair removal wax.
  • When applying the wax, apply in the direction of hair growth.
  • And when removing, strip in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  • Soothe your skin with cold packs if experiencing pain. Also, avoid hot showers or water and wear loose-fitting clothes.
  • Apply oil-free moisturizers that won’t clog your skin pores.

Does hair removal wax expire?

This is a question that interests a lot of people, especially when you don’t have to wax for up to two months. There is no straight answer. However, hair removal wax can go rancid. If not used for a very long time it could harden and lose its scent. This is why you have to keep an eye on the expiration date on the label. Don’t buy a product with an expiry date less than a year away.

Also, the composition determines whether the hair wax can go bad or not. For instance, wax with a composition of beeswax and mineral oil is going to last for longer. On the other hand, if the wax is composed of beeswax, almond oil, and castor oil, it can go rancid. Vitamin E is usually added to preserve the shelf life of the wax, but the expiry date is definite.

What are the pros and cons of hair removal wax?

Like any other product, hair removal wax has its own pros and cons. These pros and cons will guide you when you weigh the hair removal wax and its use to you. There is no straight an


  • It is effective in removing large amounts of thick hair at a time
  • It’s long-lasting
  • New grown hair becomes thinner
  • It exfoliates the skin
  • It smoothes and softens the skin


  • You could experience side effects like redness or irritation
  • You feel intense pain when the wax is pulled off the skin
  • Ingrown hairs may grow if the wax is not removed properly

Shopping Criteria

hair removal wax

After extensively discussing hair removal wax, it is time to move to the next phase, which is purchasing the actual wax. Before buying you have to check some criteria off your list. These criteria influence your final buying decision. You might have an idea of what to look for, but the criteria will streamline your options, making it easier to choose.


It’s best to go for wax products that are made with natural ingredients. This will reduce the likelihood of harming your skin. Also, the ingredients should have anti-inflammatory and calming properties to soothe the skin after the pull.

Lastly, it’s natural for the hair removal products to be different in components. But whichever brand you are going to purchase must be of high quality and have as few synthetic ingredients as possible. This way you won’t be harming your skin.

Skin Type

Sensitive and reactive skin types should stay away from hot wax. It could harm their skins. If you have sensitive skin, you should opt for milder wax-like sugar or chocolate. Even if you have to use heated wax, it is recommended you use warm wax and not extremely hot wax.


Your sensitivity and tolerance to heat are important. Hair removal wax comes in hot or cold wax. Some have sensitive skin that cannot take the hot wax, which is why they opt for cold or warm wax. You should know, the hotter the wax the more it would hurt. So, go for a product you are most comfortable with. There are more than enough choices you can pick from.

Recommended Hair Removal Wax

To help you make a better purchasing decision, I have put together a list of the best hair removal wax. The list contains products with a large number of user feedback. They are also well-known hair removal products in the U.S. market at the moment. Some are from known brands, which should ease the pressure of your buying decision.

Best Hair Removal Kit

A waxing kit is essentially everything you need in one. NaturalRays’ kit has a wax warmer, hard wax beans, and applicator sticks. The beans have ingredients like rose, chamomile, and cream. You can use wax on all hairy areas of the body. The hair removal wax is ideal for dealing with thick stubborn hairs for both men and women.

Best Wax on a Budget

If you are on a budget, you can opt for simple strips for all skin types. The quick tool removes hair immediately after application. It has a clean finish that pulls hair from the roots. The wax is made from beeswax essence and jojoba seed oil. Also, the strip wax is very convenient to use. All you have to do is warm it by hand, no need for a warmer or microwave. For easy use, you can cut the strip into the sizes you want to match your area.

Best Organic Wax

You can try the Sugaring Paste Luxury Home Organic Hair Removal if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin. Sugar wax is meant for bikini waxing and is made from organic natural components. None of its ingredients are modified, neither do they have chemical additives. Also, organic wax helps to slow down hair growth.

There is no need to preheat the paste. You can apply it to your body immediately. It penetrates deep into the follicles, uncovering them and removing hair from the root. The wax is soft on the skin and does not irritate.

Best Hard Wax

This hard wax is great for removing thick and tough body hair. The kit has a formula that targets the different types of hair on different parts of the body. It can be used on the eyebrows, armpit, facial, and also for bikini and Brazilian waxing. The formulas cater to sensitive parts of the body and also thin fine hair that might slip through.

Also, the warmer comes with a LED digital display for precise temperature control. You don’t need a double waxing session. The hair removal wax can remove tough hair in one session.


Getting rid of body hair can be a tedious process. However, with hair removal wax you can reduce the number of times you have to clear the body hair. And you can do it from the comfort of your home with the best hair removal product. You don’t have to let the slight pain you might feel deter you, it has its appealing benefits.

The benefits include exfoliating your skin, keeping it smooth, and reducing irritation. Also, there are options you can choose from. From heat to cold wax. You can opt for soft or hard wax depending on the area you want to shave. And for sensitive skin, sugar or chocolate wax will fit perfectly with what your skin needs.

The choice of what to buy is yours. However, make sure you follow the right tips to get the best of your hair removal wax.

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