Grow and Shine Your Hair With Top-Rated Hair Serum

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Getting your hair care routine done has evolved over the years. It doesn’t just have to be shampoo, condition, and dry. The process now involves adding products like hair serum, oils, treatments, and others in-between to get your hair shiny and smooth.

Sometimes it takes more than the fundamental products to keep your hair healthy, growing, and luscious. You can have difficult hair that needs to be tamed now and then. Therefore, you would need products that would help in that areas.

And the good thing is many products would help assist your regular hair care products in getting that healthy hair you really want. One of such products that assist is hair serum.

If you aren’t familiar with the product, you should be because it is one treatment product that you must have. There are many benefits your hair can obtain from it, as long as you choose the best one.

This is why I would be delving into everything you need to know and getting the right hair serum that fits your hair type.

Shopping Guide

hair serum

Buying good hair serum means knowing everything you need to know about it. It is familiar and yet distant. Hair serums are known products in the beauty industry, but only few can describe what it really is and what it does.

This section would take a look at all there is to know about hair serums.

What is hair serum?

Hair serums are silicon-based products used to coat the top layer or surface of your strands. It shines the hair without penetrating the cuticles. Also, it maintains the smoothness and curliness of your hair. And it helps to reduce the frizz in your hair.

Your strands will be protected from harmful external agents when hair serum is coated on them. You would get lovely shining and strengthened hair when you apply the silicone-based product to your hair.

The concentrated formula is always liquid-based for easy penetration through the strands. It is engineered to coat and work with the most stubborn hairs with ease.

What are the benefits of hair serum?

Hair serums helps your strands in several ways which include:

  • Controlling the frizz of your hair.
  • Making it bounce and shine.
  • Moisturizing and locking it in with its coat.
  • Protects your hair against harmful external elements.
  • Hair serums reduce your tangles and smoothen your tresses.
  • Works as a good protectant against heat.
hair serum

When do I need hair serum?

You would need hair serum when your hair feels flat from using heat tools like straighteners too much. Also, when your hair is looking dull even after using good shampoo and conditioners, you would need a good serum to revitalize your strands.

If you have a hard time controlling your frizz and tangles, you would need the extra help of hair serum. Hair serums are basically used when you need to cure your damaged hair and bring it back to its glory.

What are the types of hair serums?

Serum types are classified based on their purposes and benefits to your hair. The following are the common types of hair serum you would need.

1. Straightening Hair Serum

This is used mostly when you want to style your hair. The formula is effective in reducing frizz. They are thick liquids that are humidity-resistant and would help smoothen your strands as you style them.

2. Moisturizing Serum

You would need a serum that provides intense moisturizing for split ends and dry hair. These serums rejuvenate and nourish your hair, keeping it as less greasy as possible. The moisture from the serum also protects your hair from the sun rays’ drying effect.

3. Hair Growth Serum

These serums are concentrated and contain more active ingredients than the others. You can use them to improve the growth rate of your hair by hydrating and soothing the scalp. This, in turn, improves blood flow, which starts the growth phase of your hair. New healthy hair will grow from your follicles when there is enough circulation.

hair serum

So how do I determine the right serum for my hair type?

Just like skin type, we all have hair types. Hair types are mostly classified into dry, oily, and combination. However, there are classifications in between, especially for special types of hair. Now that you know the types of hair serum, it becomes much better identifying what types you need.

For instance, dry and weak hair would need moisturizing serums to give it moisture and strengthen the hair. On the other hand, oily hair should go for serums with a light formula. Meanwhile, damaged hair would need growth serum to rejuvenate your hair and promote the growth phase.

Dyed hair would need color protecting serums, while brittle and frizzle hair will need frizz control straightening serums. Naturally, when your hair is dull, you will need moisturizing hair serums to illuminate your hair.

How do I utilize hair serum to my benefit?

To get the best out of your hair serum, you need tips that would come in handy at any time. Also, knowing what to do will save you from damaging your hair further.

  • Use hair serums meant for your hair type. If you don’t see any positive changes with your hair, it is most likely you are using the wrong product for your hair type.
  • Serums are highly concentrated. Therefore, use the product in minimal quantity. 1 to 2 drops are enough for each use.
  • Use the hair serum on damp or dry hair.
  • Apply hair serum lightly through your hair. Do not rub it into your scalp.
  • Spread the liquid product evenly with your palms not fingertips.
  • After applying the serum, comb your hair out from the middle of your hair to the ends.
  • Complement your hair serum with good shampoos and conditioners. You can switch up the products if they don’t match.

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What are the ingredients I should look out for in hair serums?

The ingredients in hair serums varies according you your hair needs.

For instance, hair serums for oily hair would have ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba, avocado oil, or any other light oils. Also, because oily hair is caused by excess sebum, essential oils like geranium, peppermint, and lemon can be used to control sebum production.

On the other hand, dry hair needs thick and highly concentrated serums with ingredients like castor oil, argan oil, rosewood, and lavender essential oil. These ingredients will protect the scalp and moisturize it.

Hair serums for brittle or frizzy hair should have humectants like glycerin or aloe vera to help restore the health of your hair. They would also be growth-enhancing ingredients to cure brittle hair. And for dyed or colored hair, use serums with active ingredients like green tea extracts and coconut oil.


What is the difference between a hair serum and hair oil?

There is a difference between these two products, even though they have similar functions and textures.

Hair oils can are formulated to penetrate the hair cuticle, reaching deeper into the cortex of your hair. The oil rejuvenates your hair from deep within the cortex.

Meanwhile, hair serums are used to coat, protect and style your hair. They also reduce frizz and helps to detangle your hair.

Can I use hair serum every day?

It is recommended you don’t use hair serums every day.

The formulas are highly concentrated, and daily application could allow the serum to penetrate the hair cuticles. Also, the serums could damage or cause hair fall. You could experience thinning hair if you overuse hair serums.

The best time to use hair serums is when you are having your hair wash day or when you notice your hair is frizzy and tangled. Damaged hair gets a leeway. However, you are to reduce the frequency you use the serums as your hair goes back to normal.

What are the pros and cons of hair serums?

There are pros and cons to using hair serum. However, hair serums are known to be generally safe products so you don’t have to worry.

Pros of Hair Serum

  • It protects the hair from external damages
  • It shines the hair
  • Hair serum helps to keep your hair smooth and nourished
  • It moisturizes your hair

Cons of Hair Serum

  • Overuse could damage the hair
  • It does not treat from the hair cortex
  • It contains chemicals like silicone that could damage the hair shaft if used for a prolonged time without washing.

Shopping Criteria


This section is all about identifying the key criteria you need to know before buying your hair serum. The following factors will influence your buying choice.

Hair Type

Your hair type is a primary determinant of what type of serum you would be getting. The serum has to match the specific qualities of your hair. This is the same with the formulas for shampoos, conditioners, and other hair treatments.

If you don’t know how to tell what type of hair you have, you can consult a hairdresser or see a product specialist to guide you.


There are particular needs every hair has. You are getting your hair serum to fill those needs. You can get a serum to tame your rebellious curls or cure the frizz. Or you might be looking for a moisturizing serum to help with your dull dry hair.

Knowing what you need helps determine what purpose your serum is made for. And once the purpose of hair serum and your needs match, then you are recommended to buy.

Serum Type

For all purchase criteria mentioned here, this is relevant too. As explained earlier, there are different serums made for different purposes. Although the serums have similar features and are meant to repair hair damage, there are still some special features that set them apart.

These features are tied to your needs to give the best results. Therefore, you have to align the serum type to your needs. For instance, you would need straightening serums if you want to style your hair or treat your frizzy hair.


There are two essential things to look out for when buying hair serum. The first is the ingredients matching the purpose of use. For instance, if you want to treat your dry hair, you need a serum with moisturizing properties.

Also, you should look out for harmful ingredients that might be contained in the serum. For most cosmetics products that are liquid or contains aqua, preservatives like parabens are almost always present. So be careful when you buy serums with harmful ingredients because they might cause a reaction to your body.


It is recommended you use brands you trust whenever you want to buy a product. Yes, you could branch out and try something new, but the product should be certified by good reviews or word-of-mouth.

Again, you should make sure to stay in your brand family when buying your products. This way, other products will complement your hair serum. And naturally, products from the same brand tend to work best together.

Recommended Hair Serums

This section helps make shopping easier. You know what hair serums do and what to look out for when buying, but you still can’t make the right choice.

This is why I have compiled the best hair serums in the market. You can choose from this list and be sure to get your worth. The list is created based on user reviews and feedback.

1. Best Anti-Frizz Hair Serum

In need of a repair anti-frizz serum? Then this Fructis Sleek and Shine Anti-Frizz Serum by Garnier is just for your unmanageable hair. It will tame and protect your thick frizz, allowing it to smoothen out and shine.

It is fortified with the active ingredient Moroccan argan oil, which penetrates hair strands easily. You would also get a long-lasting finish when you use it to style your hair.

For much better care, pair the product with other Garnier hare products like shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, and texturizing sprays.

2. Best Hair Serum for Dry Hair

You would need this Evolution Argan Oil Serum from HerStyler to keep your dry hair nourished and moisturized. The serum contains ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E, and argan oil. They all help to keep the hair hydrated and smooth.

HerStyler’s serum is not selective of hair textures (including color-treated hair) and would treat frizz and curls. After using over time, your hair’s natural shine would be back to normal without leaving a greasy after effect. Use this serum to strengthen your dry weak hair and stop its breakage.

3. Best Hair Serum for Growth

Biotin Hair Growth Serum is Amazon’s choice for hair regrowth. The formula is advanced to help you grow your hair healthy and strong. It is suitable for all genders in need of hair help.

With ingredients like biotin, Pro-Vitamin B5, peas sprout extract, and other helpful ingredients, the serum boosts growth and retention at the follicles.

The formula is the key for this product. It’s what makes it different. Understanding that hair needs nutrients, the brand, Meraz Purebeauty, is providing a concentrated solution that is not only nutritious but also and gives you thick long hair.

4. Best Vegan Hair Serum

Vegamor Hair serum is made from plant extracts that help to increase the density of your hair by 50%. The serum is natural and doesn’t contain harmful ingredients.

Also, it is a strong root energizer for thinning hair. The product will make your hair thicker and longer. And it is a great relaxer you can use to massage your hair and release the tension you are feeling.


You would need the extra help to get your stubborn hair out of its state. This is why hair serums should be added to your hair care routine. Not only do they coat and protect your hair, but they also keep it moisturized and silky.

Hair serums are essential for different hair conditions that range from simple to very damaged hair. However, you have to use the right product for your hair type and condition.

Also, the serum is highly concentrated, therefore must be used in minimum quantities and not every day. As long as you follow the tips, you are in the clear with this wonder product.

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