How Much Makeup Is Too Much Makeup? 9 Ways To Tell

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If you love to plaster pigment on your face frequently, you will often come to a stop when you notice “This is too much!” However, how much makeup is too much makeup?

To answer this, you need to admit you have too much, and maybe something is wrong somewhere. It could be your heavy-handed approach, using the wrong brush, or you are not using a good product. 

No matter the finish you want, you should know the basic rules for applying makeup and how to fix it quickly.

This article will walk you through knowing when makeup application is too much in different instances and how to fix them accordingly.

How much makeup is too much makeup?

1. When it looks unnatural

If your makeup looks cakey or heavy, it could be a sign that you have applied too much. This includes too much color. The essence of wearing makeup is to enhance your natural looks. When it does not do that, you got it wrong somewhere.

To fix this, simply blot out the excess colors with a blotting sheet or other methods of reducing products on your face.

2. When it’s distracting

If your face is drawing attention away from your natural beauty, it may be because of too much product.

For example, if people are staring at your makeup rather than your eyes or face, it could be a sign that you’ve overdone it.

If you can fix it with a quick bathroom break, then you should. A wipe or blotting paper would do the trick.

3. When it feels uncomfortable

If your makeup feels heavy or uncomfortable on your skin, it could be a sign that you’ve applied too much product.

The best way to fix this is to remove the whole thing and start all over again. If you do not, you will feel self-conscious the entire time you are outside.

4. When it’s not appropriate for the occasion

If you’re wearing a lot of cosmetics to a casual event, it may be too much. Similarly, if you’re wearing very little cosmetics to a formal event, you may feel underdressed.

To not stand out, it’s best you get the dress code of your event before preparing.

5. When the shade is too white

This is also a sign you have too much makeup on. When your face reflects cakey makeup or you look too white after taking a picture with flash, you layered a little too much foundation or concealer on your face.

To fix this, blot the foundation from your face. This reduces the whiteness of the pigments.

6. When your eye makeup stands out too much

Unless it’s for a specific purpose, your eye area is not supposed to be too much, even when wearing a bold eye look or smokey eye shades. Knowing the border between eye-catching and brow-raising is a skill you need to learn if you want to perfect smokey eyes.

It’s best to blend the products just enough without making it seem like you walked out of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale.

7. When your lipstick is too creamy

It’s one thing to layer thick lipstick, even if it is matte, but makeup becomes too much when your lipstick looks too creamy it can melt.

If that is not the effect of the lipstick, then you layered a bit too much. This prevents the overall look from blending. Moreover, too much lipstick can smear your lip area and this could be very uncomfortable.

The easiest way to fix this is to use a blotting sheet to remove the excess lip pigment.

8. When your face looks unnatural under natural light

This is more than having a whitish look. If you have light bouncing off in the wrong areas or more areas than others or in the wrong parts of your face, then you have too much cosmetics on your face.

This could be caused by over-layering contour powders, highlighters, bronzers, or blush. These are products that highlight areas of your face to give you a natural finish under natural light.

If you notice this, then you need to reduce some of the colors on your face to enhance the corners of your face.

9. When your face is heavy

Too much makeup can feel heavy on your face. It makes you look like you are lifting weights with your cheeks.

This can cause creases easily on your face because you are trying to feel your skin still move. If your face needs to be baked or caked, it shouldn’t be done with too much foundation and concealer. Therefore, you should watch out when applying this pigmented product to create layers.


Is too much makeup unattractive?

It depends. Some find wearing too much makeup flattering while others find it tacky. As mentioned, it depends on the occasion and how you wear your makeup.

Nevertheless, if you find it unsettling to wear too much cosmetics, reduce the pigments on your face.

What happens when you wear too much makeup?

Many things can happen including clogged pores, breakouts from too much oil on the skin, darkened or heavy skin, irritated skin, and creased face, among others.

The side effects of wearing too many products are not life-threatening unless you are allergic to some ingredients of the products.

Therefore, know what the product contains before using it. Because while small doses may not affect you, using too many cosmetic products can aggravate your skin reactions.

Can you still leave makeup even if it is too much?

Yes, you can. Too much makeup, while it is very obvious, can be beautiful if it adds to your confidence boost. If you feel comfortable with heavy cosmetics on your face, then by all means, wear them.


Makeup does a lot of coverage from bad pimples to dark circles. However, there can be times when it is too much.

If you want to know if you are wearing too much color on your face, then check the mirror to see if your face is too white. If it doesn’t show, try staying under a fluorescent light or just placing a flash or ring light on your face to see how the light bounces off.

There are several other ways to know that makeup is too much. Nonetheless, if you feel comfortable with the makeup, you can wear it. If you don’t, blot the colors out before you step out of your house.

Even after applying too much cosmetics to your face, you need to know how to fix it. This guide on how to fix heavy foundation will help you.

Thanks for reading.