How To Apply Cologne Without A Spray Nozzle

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Cologne comes in different bottles and forms, including solid cologne. The sprayer is the most common cologne bottle application type, but when you find yourself with one without a sprayer, how do you apply cologne without spray?

The trick to this is in the application method. Whether the spray nozzle is broken or the manufacturer is being cheeky or creative by using another application device, there is a way to apply cologne correctly, even without a spray nozzle.

This guide will explain how to apply cologne without a spray nozzle and not waste a drop.

How to apply cologne without spray

1. What type of nozzle does it have?

This is the first thing you should pay attention to before using the cologne. What type of nozzle does the cologne have?

If the cologne has a spray nozzle that doesn’t work, you will need to remove the nozzle to uncover the spout and tube that releases the cologne.

If a roll-on (common with perfume oils), all you have to do is uncap to reveal the rollerball. Meanwhile, when faced with the most simple yet tricky open-top bottle, unscrew the cap of the cologne too.

2. Apply cologne to fingertips

Once the cologne has been unscrewed, set your fingertip (use index finger) on the spout of the cologne and tip it over. This should get a bit of concentrated cologne on your fingertips.

Note: Hold the cologne bottle firmly when turning it upside down. You don’t want the bottle to slip and break, wasting the precious fragrance.

3. Apply to pulse points

Without missing a beat, dab cologne with fingertips to pulse points immediately, focusing on areas behind your ears, the base of the neck or hollow of the throat, the inner elbow, the inner wrist, and the back of the knees (if needed).

Pulse points radiate the most heat, which helps the fragrance become more poignant.

Note: Repeat this process of applying the cologne until you are satisfied with the strength of the fragrance around you.

How to apply roll-on cologne

Roll-on colognes are simply perfume bottles with rollerballs for application. They offer the easiest method of getting the perfume on your skin, especially if you do not want to smear your fingers.

Additionally, this is the most common technique for oil perfumes that need to get their aroma directly to the point of contact.

To apply roll on colognes, simply:

  • Uncap the cologne
  • Roll the cologne over your pulse points (twice to effectively get the fragrance in)
  • Then clean the ball of the roll on with a paper towel to avoid bacteria spread
  • Screw the cap the cologne back in and set it in a cool place

Note: Apply cologne on a clean body to avoid bacteria transfer. Also, keep the roll-on always closed to prevent oxidizing.

Tips for applying cologne

When you want to apply cologne on your body, no matter the nozzle it comes with, keep these tips in mind:

  • Dab, do not rub cologne on your skin. Rubbing causes the fragrance to evaporate quickly.
  • Do not use a cotton ball or cloth to apply cologne. The cotton absorbs the cologne’s moisture, leaving you with a little bit that will not last.
  • Do not rub cologne on your palms before application; it changes the consistency and smell of the cologne.
  • Apply cologne on a clean body to avoid bacteria transfer (preferably after showering).
  • Avoid using highly scented body wash and lotion before cologne; the smells can be contrasting. Unless you are layering compatible scents, use an unscented body wash and lotion.
  • Use just enough. Do not go over the top with your application. Too much cologne can be choking for you and the people around you.
  • Use an atomizer if you cannot get used to colognes without spray nozzles.
  • Do not splash cologne directly on the body. That’s over the top.
  • Rinse hands after applying cologne to the body.


how to apply cologne

Can you apply cologne on clothes?

No, you can’t.

Do not apply cologne directly on clothes because it would leave a stain or mix with the fabric smell. The outcome may not be satisfactory.

How many times should you apply cologne on your body?

It depends on how intense you want the fragrance to smell.

However, it’s best to dab in a specific pulse point area two to three times. This maintains a strong scent without being overwhelming.

Can you combine colognes?

Yes, you can.

Layering perfumes and fragrances are the best way to create your unique scent. You don’t have to apply the colognes over each other. Placing them strategically will give you the best combination.


Applying cologne is easy. However, when you see one without the spray nozzle you are used to, it can get confusing.

In such cases, all you need to do is put your fingertip on the spout of the cologne, tip, then apply it to pulse points.

If you still can’t get the hang of it, get an atomizer. It transfers the cologne to a smaller bottle with a spray cap, so troubles are over. But with this article, you would see that applying cologne without spray is not that hard.

Thanks for reading.

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