14 Beauty Tips To Keep Concealer From Creasing

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Dark circles are usually countered using concealers. They also provide the perfect cover for hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration. The only downside, it creases and breaks, showing lines. To keep your concealer from creasing need a mastery of makeup application.

If you have tried to get it right by applying too little or too much but still end up with patchy makeup after a few hours, it doesn’t mean concealer is not meant for you (as some think), but you are not doing it right.

So if you want to get this magic coverall to look seamless and natural on your skin without forming lines, how do you do it?

This article is here to answer that. It provides tips on how to keep concealer from creasing. Read on.

How to keep concealer from creasing

1. Protective skincare

This is essential in a beauty routine. You need to maintain impeccable skincare to get a good result after applying your makeup.

This includes cleansing to remove dead skin, excess oil, and debris settling in the skin pores. Also, exfoliate and reduce pores, then treat the skin with hydration, moisturizing, and softening ingredients.

You can move on to your makeup application after this. Before using concealer, ensure you apply enough products to the places most concerned – the eye and cheek area.

So use extra skincare products like eye serums, eye creams, and face moisturizers that provide moisture to the covered and cornered areas of your face.

Additionally, you should look out for ingredients that suit your skin to the T. Dry or dehydrated skin should go for hydrating products. Meanwhile, oily and acne-prone should go for matte and oil-controlling ingredients.

Combination and normal should go for ingredients according to their skin demands. And sensitive should seek help from hypoallergenic ingredients that would not irritate.

Concealer is made to conceal dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles, therefore, use products that would plump your skin and keep it firm. Getting the right skincare routine is the first step in creating flawless makeup.

2. Use a primer

Do not look down on the power of primer. A good primer would set your skin, acting as a first layer coat that protects the skin. This way, the lines on your face stay firm without creasing the concealer too much. Also, applying primer ensures skincare and makeup products are not mixed up.

Moreover, a primer goes as far as providing hydration to the skin. Your skin will not feel suffocated while under a concealer.

After applying a primer, let it dry for two to five minutes before applying your first layer of makeup.

3. Pick the right concealer

This should go without saying. Concealer comes in different shades and textures. To keep your concealer from creasing, you have to pick the right one just for your skin.

The role of a concealer is to brighten and cover blemishes, giving the face a natural look, so you need to consider a shade lighter than your natural skin color.

Also, go for matte concealer without oil if you are oily or combination skin. A stick concealer works best for these types of faces.

4. When in doubt, go lighter

This simply means to use light foundations if you do not know what to use or layer. Lightweight concealers blend easily on the face. Additionally, it’s easy to get between lines on the face than thick concealers that lay over fine lines and wrinkles.

The best way to also build coverage is also with a light concealer. A thick one will look cakey or overbaked.

5. Smoothen wrinkles and fine lines

This happens when you are concealing. While building concealer on the face, the fine lines and wrinkles areas on your face are essential because they are the first places that show creases when they are greasy.

When blending, remember these places are folded skin. Rather than lay the concealer on them, raise your head and smoothen your skin until the fine lines and wrinkles are stretched. Then, conceal.

You can layer after doing this because it becomes easy to fill these lines.

6. Dark circle layering

If you want to get your dark circles and eye bags deeply covered, layer. Dark circles do not need to be brightened with one touch. You need to layer until you get the illumination you want around the eyes.

You can apply the first light coverage, then blend. Then follow up with a second layering to get a more defined look.

Layering helps build natural coverage. You can also avoid making your face too cakey. It also helps with hyperpigmentation on the cheeks or any other part of the face.

7. Line the edges

This is effective for blending and smoothening out concealer edges. To do this when layering, let the edges of the concealer on your face fade, not stop.

If the edges fade into the darker sides or corners of the face, it brightens and gives an illuminating glow. Furthermore, it pulls focus on the part of the face you want to highlight the most.

If you do not smoothen out the edges, the lines will be the first places that crease. That’s because edges are visible and easily create a crack in makeup.

8. Color correct

For covering pigmentation on the face, you need a color corrector to create a neutral look, then blend with concealer. Use one based on your skin shade and apply before your concealer.

9. Use helpful tools

For concealing around the under-eyes and fine lines and wrinkles, you need a concealer brush with soft bristles to get between the lines. Then use your fingertips to blend the other layers, especially the edges. Using these tools would help get the concealer in all corners.

10. Bake, if needed

Baking is a way of setting your concealer, making it last longer without creasing. To bake, layer and blend in your concealer. With a powder brush, apply setting powder on that area.

Let the powder sit in for a minute or two, then dust off. The setting powder would have absorbed the oil in that area, preventing crease from forming.

11. Blot excess oil

Another way to keep concealer from creasing is to use blotting paper to remove oil and excess product without staining the pigment.

All you simply need to do is lightly dab the concealed area with a blotting paper, then layer it with the next makeup product.

12. Use a setting powder

Using a setting powder to bake is not the same as applying setting powder for touchup. For baking, setting powder sets concealer and is dusted off. However, for finishing off with setting powder, you are getting the makeup to set, giving a smooth finish.

Apply setting powder all over your face with a fluff brush or puff. This cements all products on your face.  

13. Finish up with a setting spray

Setting spray is a master finishing tool to glue your makeup and prevent it from breaking even under strenuous situations.

After the last makeup product, spritz the setting spray on your face, and you will have creaseless makeup.

14. Touch up

With a setting or pressed powder and puff, touch up your makeup occasionally to keep the makeup in place and stop creasing. You can also blot excess oil accumulated on the face.

Constantly touching up will give your skin the seamless flawless makeup you want.

Why does concealer keep creasing?

Creasing concealer is not caused by one factor but by a chain of reactions that leads to imperfect makeup. However, the following reasons can cause makeup to crease:

  • Wrong concealer application
  • Excess oil on the skin
  • Cakey makeup that looks heavy
  • Using heavy concealers that crack over time
  • Forgetting to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles on the face
  • Using bad concealer


how to keep concealer from creasing

Will concealer hide wrinkles and fine lines?

Yes, it would.

Concealers, when properly applied, can hide most wrinkles and fine lines on your face. However, to get a smooth face, stretch out your skin, then apply it over the skin.

Can you use a color corrector instead of concealer to conceal?

No, you can’t.

You can use concealer without a color corrector, but you cannot use a color corrector alone to conceal.

A color corrector is just an added product to give your pigment a balanced color before you conceal it. Using both will achieve a natural look.

Can concealer cover laugh lines?

Yes, it can.

You can minimize laugh lines with concealer. Laugh lines appear after the mouth area is stretched. They can crease makeup if concealer is not properly applied. However, if you set your concealer well, the laugh lines won’t leave a crease.


Concealers are life savers for covering up tired eyes or pigments on the skin. But this comes to naught if it creases easily, breaking the flawless makeup spell.

You can keep concealers from creasing by keeping your skin hydrated and balanced. Then try changing how you apply your makeup by layering the concealer, smoothening lines and wrinkles before applying, and then setting with a powder and spray.

You can’t call your makeup complete without consistent touchups- everyone uses it to create an illusion of flawlessness.

If you practice this, you will see a considerable difference in your makeup in no time.  

Thanks for reading.

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