How To Keep Makeup From Rubbing Off: Secrets To Lasting Coverage

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If you have an active life and also love to wear makeup, you would often ask yourself, “how do I keep my makeup from rubbing off today?”

It’s one thing to get the perfect everyday makeup look, and it’s another thing to maintain that look all day.

I’ve seen women who by noon, already have blotched makeup or raccoon eyes from all the face touching, sweating, hugging, and just moving around on the planet. And let’s not forget smearing on your collar or white shirt sleeve!

Makeup transferring is one of the big reasons some women steer clear of applying makeup. They would rather go bare-faced than end up looking like a failed mime artist.

If you fall under this set of people, then you should read this article. It contains tips on how to keep makeup from rubbing off and making it last longer without transferring.

How to keep makeup from rubbing off

1. Start with skincare

If you didn’t start applying skincare products before makeup, you have totally been doing it wrong. You need to carry out the essential skincare steps (including applying sunscreen) before you apply your first layer of makeup.

You don’t have to worry about layering too much. If you are using the right products, then you are safe.

Your serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen are all products that would help protect your skin and act as a barrier between the pigmented products and your pores.

Additionally, they help to hydrate the skin. And a balanced skin will not overproduce sebum that would lead to the breakdown of baked makeup from within. This, in turn, would help reduce transfer.

2. Use a primer before application

After skincare, what comes next is a primer. A primer acts as a coat/film that separates the skin from the face. It works to provide long-lasting, no-transfer makeup.

However, how well the primer works is determined by your skin type. Buy a primer that would either protect moisture from slipping or drying out.

But if you applied a moisturizer for hydration, then it’s best to use a matte primer to firm up your skin.

3. Apply foundation with setting spray

This is a trick that has proven its usefulness. The best way to keep makeup from rubbing off is to apply foundation with a setting spray.

Setting spray is a wonder tool people should not skip. It is a misty solution that protects your makeup and makes it stay in place.

Usually setting spray is used last in a makeup routine. However, using it with your foundation works better, keeping the foundation from melting or breaking down.

You can apply foundation with setting spray in two ways- apply spray before foundation or with foundation.

To apply with foundation, use your foundation brush to swipe foundation. Then spray the brush with setting spray and apply. This technique helps the foundation dry faster and avoids oil breakage.

Note: Use only a foundation brush for this technique; a blender will likely absorb the spray.

4. Use blotters after applying powder

After applying your powder, use blotting paper to absorb oil from the surface. Doing this would extract the excess oil already gathering on the surface.

5. Use setting spray again

After applying your setting powder, which usually goes last, apply setting spray once more to keep the makeup from slipping or transferring.

6. Apply pressed powder with a puff frequently

Maintain your baked face with pressed powder touchups. When you notice creases after moving your face too much, touch up your face with pressed powder and puff.

Apply the puff by pressing on the skin, not rubbing.

7. Avoid touching your face

This is easier said than done for handsy people, but you should avoid frequently raising your fingers to your face. The less you touch your face, the less your makeup rubs off.

How to keep makeup from rubbing off on collar

1. Wear a robe

If you are wearing clothes that take some technicality and would require dressing up first, then wear a robe on the dress to hide the collar. So whatever you apply will not rub off on the collar of your dress before you set your makeup in.

2. Wrap a towel or cover around your neck

This also follows the same logic as the robe. A towel wrapped loosely around your neck would protect the collar of your dress or shirt.

3. Apply little makeup around the neck

Applying the needed makeup around the neck would help keep makeup from rubbing off on your collar. And while you do that, avoid wearing your collar too tight. This prevents your collar from making as little contact as possible.

How to keep makeup from rubbing off on clothes

The best way to keep your makeup from rubbing off on your clothes is to avoid touching your face all the time.

The stain transfers from your hands to your clothes. If you are used to being handsy with your face, this might be difficult. However, it must be done.

Additionally, you can use a setting spray to keep your makeup from transferring, but this only applies if you do not touch your face with your clothing.


how to keep makeup from rubbing off

Does matte foundation transfer?

Yes, it does.

Matte foundation (while designed to stick to the face) can still transfer. However, this is only when applied wrongly.

If you apply your foundation, then a setting powder and setting spray, the likelihood of the foundation transferring reduces.

How do you keep foundation from rubbing off on mask?

Apply foundation with setting spray.

The best way to avoid your foundation from smearing a face mask is to apply the foundation sprayed with setting spray. The spray sets the foundation in as it dries.

How do you maintain makeup throughout the day?

Blot excess oil with blotting paper and apply pressed powder for touchup.

Touching up your makeup with a light pressed powder makes it look dry and neat. But before that, blot excess oil with a tissue sprayed with a setting spray or blotting paper. They absorb oil faster.


To keep makeup from rubbing off, you need to start the prep from your skincare. Then be sure to apply your face primer to protect your skin before applying foundation.

The best way to set your foundation is to apply it with a setting spray; your makeup doesn’t transfer this way. And do minimal care by touching up with a pressed powder now and then.

Remaining consistent will keep the makeup in top condition, and it wouldn’t transfer on your clothes or another person. So if you want long-lasting makeup, stick to the tips provided.

Thanks for reading.

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