How To Layer Perfume To Create Your Unique Scent

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If you love signature scents, then you should know the trick behind it is knowing how to layer bottles of perfume to get the unique fragrance that meets your olfactory needs.

Elevating familiar scents by creating a unique blend not only makes you feel better but also upgrades your sense of style.

Moreover, not everyone likes to smell the same every day. Those that seem to have a different smell or aura have perfected this.

There is no hard trick to this; it’s just about testing scents until you find something just right for you. You can do it too, if you want to switch your usual scent up.

If you want to learn the rules of how to layer perfumes to create a unique scent just for you, then this is the article for you.

What is perfume layering?

Perfume layering is simply using different fragrances to make scents that are not only unique but also long-lasting.

This scent is usually called signature scent. It blends the distinguishable features of different perfumes to make an enticing fragrance that attracts you.

Perfume layering is often seen as a retail strategy to get people to use more scents. However, it goes more than that. It’s about picking a scent that fits into a personality. Therefore, it is always hard to find something that truly sticks.

Regardless, it is an exciting process because you truly get to know what interests you, and your scent describes what type of person you are. Moreover, no scent smells the same on everybody.

Different body products, perfumes, and the body’s natural scent contribute to creating this layered scent.

How to pick the right perfumes for layering

Know the type of fragrance

Knowing what scents work together makes it easier to layer your scents. There are different types of fragrances, which differ in strength and smell intensity. Therefore, some complement themselves, while others do not work together.

Knowing this brings you closer to layering perfumes correctly.

The common fragrance types are warm, woody, oriental, and fresh. These fragrances can be further broken down into mossy woods, woods, dry woods, aromatic, citrus, water, green, fruity, floral, soft floral, floral oriental, oriental, woody oriental, and soft oriental.

These fragrances differ in scents and intensity, moving from soft to deep. When picking scents to layer, the first rule is to go with fragrances with similar scents. This way, you won’t be bombed with jarring smells.

For instance, if you pick a citrus fragrance with zesty notes known to be sharp to the nose, layer it with a fruity perfume on a lighter strength to complement the tangy notes of the citrus perfume.

Likewise, when using a woody fragrance, go for an aromatic or oriental smell because they are close and go well together. And fresh and green fragrances also complement.

Be sure of the fragrance of the notes

Additionally, when layering, keep an eye on the notes of the perfumes. Notes are the layers of smell you get in your perfume. There are three notes in a perfume: top/head, heart/middle, and base notes.

The top note is the first smell you sniff when you spray perfume. It is light and enticing. It usually lasts about 30 minutes after spray. The heart note is deeper and also the main fragrance of the perfume. It lasts longer for about an hour or two.

Meanwhile, the base lasts longer for up to 4 hours. It is the smell that sticks the most. It is what mixes with your natural scents and other products.

When layering perfumes, take note of the heart and base notes especially. The heart and base notes of one perfume should complement the other perfume.

Pick a light and deeper fragrance

This helps when you have deep perfumes that are too strong or light perfume that doesn’t last long. You get a better result by layering these two opposite scents together.

For instance, oriental with spicy fragrances can be complemented with woodsy scents that are cool. Likewise, layering soft floral with deep floral scent also enhance the floral fragrance you want.

Once you understand this about your perfumes, it becomes easy to layer perfumes.

How to layer perfumes

1. Start with a clean body

Go about your regular routine with cleansing and applying lotions or moisturizers as you will. This is the first layer of creating a unique smell.

2. Use the stronger scent first

The stronger scent should come first because it will overshadow the lighter scent if layered on. When choosing your perfumes to layer, always pick a strong and light fragrance to balance the scents.

3. Spray the perfumes

Technically, you don’t have to layer the perfumes on each other. You can spray one on the wrist and the other on the neck or behind your ear.

The idea is to get the two scents to converge and give off a whiff that complements you. So spray the perfumes separately, with the strong fragrance coming first, then the light fragrance coming next.

4. Be careful when mixing scents

Remember, the rule is to use scents close to each other and not contrasting. So when picking fragrances be sure to work with scents that would complement, not contrast.

The best way to get the strongest signature is to stick to the basics. That is, use fragrances from the same family. You can’t go wrong with this.

Additionally, be sure the perfumes have a note in common; it makes mixing easier for the perfumes because what goes with one will go with the other.

5. Be experimental, not brash

This often happens when we want a challenge. However, when rising to the challenge of mixing different fragrances from different families, understand they won’t always produce the outstanding effect you want; it could be the opposite.

For instance, citrus is zesty and hard to pair, so try not to overdo it with the layering. However, floral scents go with most scents, so it fits with most fragrances.

6. Use single-note perfumes with three-note fragrance

This helps when you want to enhance a particular scent of your perfume. All you have to do is use a single-note perfume to enhance that note in the other. This creates a rich and long-lasting fragrance.

How to layer perfume and lotion

Yes, you can layer perfume with lotion or any other body product that has a scent. Lotions have a sleek feel on the body, and they are part of products that create your unique body scent. Therefore, you can enhance your perfume scent with the lotion you apply.

To layer your lotion and perfume, do the following:

  • Apply your scented body lotion as usual
  • Let the lotion dry on your skin and be absorbed into the pores
  • Apply perfume at pulse points
  • Take in the scent to find your unique smell.

Why do you need to layer perfume?

There are merits to creating your signature scent, the first being that it creates a sense of individuality unique to you alone. No two persons have the same scent. There are always things that set them apart, and layering perfumes make your scent as distinct as possible.

Additionally, it provides an intensity in a smell that is intriguing and enticing. When people love your scent, it gives you a confidence boost because you made it happen.

Moreover, layering perfumes will also make the fragrance last longer on you. For instance, using a one-note perfume with another with several will enhance that particular note the perfumes have in common. This provides a stronger, long-lasting scent that imprints in your mind and the mind of others.

What fragrances shouldn’t you layer together?

Heavy scents should be avoided. They can cause a contrasting smell that would not always give the best results.

Also, avoid using more than three perfumes. Two is okay for a strong and light perfume combination. Meanwhile, use three if they are very similar or you want to create a strong note.

Also, citrus can give an intense smell, so stay away from oriental or spicy fragrances because they would bring about a tangy scent that could be off-putting. Stick to woodsy or floral scents to calm the tanginess of both scents.  


how to layer perfume

Do layered perfumes make you smell the same every day?

Yes, it would.

That is if you use the same perfume and body products. You will keep smelling the same, however, once you change one product, you might not get the signature scent you want because it comprises both your natural scent and the products you use.

Can you layer woodsy and fresh scents?

Yes, you can.

Woody fragrances like tree bark, sandalwood, and others can go well with fresh scents that consist of aqua and citrusy scents. The deep musky or earthy note will give a rich, fresh scent when layered beneath them.

Can you layer perfume and body mist?

Yes, you can.

To layer your perfume and body mist, apply your body mist first. Let it seep into the skin, then apply your perfume. This way, the scent lasts longer.

Can you layer 4 perfumes together?

It’s best not to.

The scent can come out too contrasting or overpowering when you use too many perfumes. Keeping it simple would provide a signature scent most distinct to you.


Layering perfumes is all about experimenting and discovering what works for you. Therefore, you need to keep an eye out for perfume notes. And if you do not know how to layer perfume, stick to the basics- staying in the same fragrance family.

However, if you want to build a strong scent, use a one-note perfume with a three-note fragrance that has a common note. With them, you create a stronger smell that will last longer.

Nonetheless, remember to stick to perfumes that are not too strong. Using strong scents can be overwhelming. So when you want to layer, pick a light and a strong fragrance.

If you keep mixing and matching scents, you will get your desired smell just for you in no time. And before you do, enjoy the lovely scents you create with your perfumes.

Thanks for reading.

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