How To Make Foundation Darker With Products In Your Kit

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A rule when buying makeup foundation is to go light when in doubt. But what do you do when the light is too light? How will you make the foundation darker to match your skin tone?

As you know, we have different skin tones with equally a wide range of foundation for inbetweeners. And, once in a while, people do get the wrong product even if they follow the rules of buying makeup.

Nonetheless, mistakes can be made. Sometimes you won’t realize this until your first layer of application. By then, it’s too late to return, but you need a quick solution. So, what do you do?

This is a question I know you have asked yourself. That’s why you are reading this article.

Well, your curiosity will be satiated because this article delves into ways you can darken your foundation with simple beauty tools and hacks. Keep reading.

How to make foundation darker

1. Mix with a concealer

If you use concealer to contour, then you’ll definitely have a color that is two shades darker than your skin. If you do, mix a little concealer with the foundation to darken the pigment of the foundation.

Do this with dark concealer and foundation until you get the shade you want. Apply in layers on your face, then blend.

The color can still be off, so swatch on your wrist or jawline to check compatibility before applying the mix to your face.

2. Mix with a bronzer

Bronzer has warmer tones that can tone down the light foundation in your hands. The color of the bronzer will also give you a tan tint. Your skin looks more glowing and tanned than a typical foundation would deliver.

When using the bronzer and foundation mix, focus on your T-zone area, not all over your face, for an effortless glow.

3. Try adding a blush

If you have a pinkish undertone, mix your pink blush with the foundation. Meanwhile, use coral, rose red, or brick orange blush with the foundation if you have an orange or tan undertone.

Not only will the blush tone down the foundation, but it will also look natural when applied.

4. Mix with a darker foundation

This is the best solution to make a foundation color darker. When trying to darken your foundation, mixing with another darker foundation can tone down the lightness of the other. Mixing these light and dark shades helps balance your skin tone when it falls between the colors.

Usually, you are advised to get a light and dark foundation for the season change (the skin is more tan in the summer months).

Therefore, having a lighter and darker shade of foundation would help when your skin color slightly changes.

5. Mix with tinted moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer is a moisturizer with pigment. It will not add another heavy layer to your skin. Instead, it gives the face a natural glow while hydrating it.

You can mix a dark-pigmented moisturizer with your light foundation to deepen the tone. This provides near-color coverage for you.

Alternatively, you can use a BB or CC cream to darken the lighter foundation with you. These creams also provide sheer coverage with their pigments while hydrating the skin.

6. Mix with powder

You can also opt to mix things up with dark face powder. This proves to be the savior for the worst days because it sets the makeup in and tones down the color.

Mix the lighter foundation with a powder (preferably loose) until you get the desired shade. Apply to your face with a sponge for a creaseless finish.

You can also apply the foundation first, then layer the face powder to darken the color.

7. Use a color corrector

A color corrector is meant to hide your skin’s imperfections while highlighting some parts of your face. A color corrector can deepen the light tone of a foundation by giving it a deep base before applying the foundation.

However, when building a foundation on a color corrector, apply in layers, then blend the colors with the lighter foundation.

8. Add color-adjusting drops

These hue shifters help you customize your foundation to the color and undertone you want. They are easy to use and blend perfectly with any foundation shade. They even come in different colors if you want to shade them up or down to match your skin complexion.

9. Use as a highlighter

You can switch it up and use the foundation as a highlighter. While this doesn’t darken your foundation, it provides an alternative use.

Highlighters provide a shimmer to the face in places where you want definition and a lift. Gently apply the light foundation on your upper cheeks, cupid’s bow, nose bridge, and inner corners of the eyebrows.

10. Use in cooler months

Saving your foundation for a time when you have less tanned skin is the best way to use a lighter foundation. This should be around the fall and winter months when it’s cold and your complexion is lighter.

11. Apply with a light hand

You can apply with a light hand if you do not want the foundation to look cakey on your face. This would give you sheer coverage, however, the foundation wouldn’t look too off your face when applied.


how to make foundation color darker

What makes foundation orange on the face?


When your foundation turns orange on your face, it means it has oxidized and lost moisture in it.

There is no cause for alarm when you notice your makeup turning orange. However, if you feel slight itching or irritation, remove the foundation immediately.

Why does your face look white when using a suitable foundation shade?

Wrong undertone.

If you have a whitish finish when using the right foundation color on your face, it most likely means the undertone is not the most suitable.

Before you buy a makeup foundation, check if it has a defined undertone that matches yours. Suppose it doesn’t, swatch it on your jawline to see if it blends seamlessly with your skin.

Should you discard lighter foundations?

No, you shouldn’t.

You do not need to discard your lighter foundation even if you do not want to fix it. You can use it for other things, such as highlighting and concealing. These procedures use light and dark shades, therefore, a foundation can be used alternatively for them.


When you end up with a foundation that is too light, you can make the foundation color darker by mixing it with a deep-colored foundation, a bronzer, concealer, or color-adjusting drops.

You can also use it alternatively as a concealer or highlighter or store it for winter months when you have less tan skin.

Whatever you choose, discarding your foundation is not an option because it should be money spent well. And next time you go shopping, swatch and test the color to get your perfect skin shade.

Thanks for reading.

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