How To Use Solid Cologne For Lasting Effect

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If you’ve always pursued other safety and natural methods and products, then you may have heard of solid cologne. However, for people just getting interested in it, they would want to know what the deal is and how to use solid cologne.

It’s understandable if you find the tin in your hands and think you are supposed to use it like wax because it’s in that form. Well, you don’t use it as you would wax- it’s far from it.

So if you were given one, bought one out of curiosity, or want to switch to something natural, here is a guide on how to use solid cologne effectively.

What is a solid cologne?

Solid cologne is a combination of natural ingredients, with beeswax or shea butter acting as a base, which gives it a waxy structure.

Because of their semi-solid structure, the cologne often comes in tins with an easy-to-slide open or close cover, making it effortless to use discreetly without letting the fragrance slip out too much when opened.

Solid colognes are made with a high concentration of fragrance, essential oil, resin, and others to maintain the same scent strength as a spray or roll-on cologne would. This type of cologne is usually for people who are on the go or want to travel lightly and conveniently.

How to use solid cologne

1. Slide the cover of the cologne open

This is very simple to do, and if you are familiar with cover tops, then it wouldn’t be an issue.

However, this is a fragrance product, so opening just wide enough for one or two fingers is good. You do not need to remove the whole cover. Exposure strips the cologne of its fragrance the more you expose it.

2. Swipe with your fingers

It’s best not to dip your fingers into the semi-solid form. All you need to do is swipe a finger or two. Do this swiftly, and close the tin immediately.

Be generous with the portion you take but not too generous. Having your cologne smell too strong on you can make it uncomfortable that you may have to get rid of a bit you’ve applied.

3. Apply to pulse points

After swiping a bit of the cologne, apply it to your pulse points; that is, the place where blood pulse rises the most- the wrist, behind the ears, inside the elbow, and neck.

Rub the cologne on these parts in a circular motion until the wax-form cologne melts entirely on the skin. The heat of your pulse points will permeate the fragrance of the cologne.

Solid cologne vs spray cologne vs roll-on cologne

Cologne can come in different forms. However, the most popular is usually spray and roll-on cologne, with solid becoming a new trend.

While the three provide enough scents that’ll last long depending on product formula and skin type, there are differences between the three.

First, spray and roll-on usually have an alcohol base, where when applied to the skin, the alcohol evaporates, leaving the fragrance behind. Meanwhile, solid is mostly made with beeswax or shea butter base, which gives it its semi-solid structure.

There are spray and roll-on colognes without alcohol bases, but having one form or other of ethanol in these colognes is standard.

Additionally, the form in which the colognes are applied differs. The spray is pressed, and the liquid fragrance vaporizes when exposed, attaching to the skin it comes in contact with.

Roll-on perfume is rolled on the skin with a ball applicator. The liquid melts into the skin, leaving only the fragrance behind too. And solid is swiped and applied like a cream to the skin.

Why do you need a solid cologne?

It’s not necessary to use a solid cologne. However, if you are looking for a reason to switch, the following benefits will help:

1. It is natural

Solid cologne is made with natural ingredients as bases. So those who get irritation or are allergic to ethanol can switch to this form of cologne.

2. It is durable

Solid cologne is just as durable as any other type of cologne. It lasts for a lengthy time and leaves the skin moist.

3. It is portable and convenient

This makes it a great option for travelers who want something that wouldn’t take up too much space in their bag. The rectangular tin can even fit into your pocket.

4. It moisturizes

While you shouldn’t use this as a top point, cologne does moisturize the part where it is applied. After all, it contains shea butter or beeswax that moisturizes the skin for a long period.

For a solid cologne, applying it on the pulse areas of the body can keep that place supple, but this only applies to the parts of the skin you apply it to, not the whole skin.


how to use solid cologne

Is solid cologne better than spray cologne?

Both have their strengths and weaknesses. One is not better than the other. Your choice of cologne depends on your preference.

Do solid colognes expire?

Yes, they do.

All products have an expiration date. So does solid cologne. However, the best-before window is wider.

Also, once opened, the cologne’s strength starts to weaken, and once it’s past its best-before date, the scent may not be as strong as it used to be.

Can all skin types use solid cologne?

Yes, they can.

Solid cologne is suitable for all skin types, most especially sensitive skin. Due to its ingredients, solid colognes are much more natural and, therefore, safe to use.


Solid colognes are unique and trending in the market, but that does not mean they are hard to use; it’s the other way around.

All you just have to do is slide open, swipe gently, and rob firmly. You will get a lasting smell on your skin. Furthermore, it is made with natural base ingredients, so the possibility of irritation is very low.

If you want to continue to use this durable product on your skin, just remember to always swipe and close immediately. This keeps air from oxidizing the cologne.

Thanks for reading.

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