Is Anya Taylor-Joy Pretty? 6 Reasons Why People Think So

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The Queen’s Gambit star, Anya Taylor-Joy is known for many things, including her unique beauty. However, people often ask if Anya Taylor-Joy is pretty and why everyone seems to think so.

Beauty in Hollywood is often subjective. Nonetheless, some women are known for having a standard beauty or pretty face. Anya is one of those women.

This is often attributed to her facial structure being unique. And as stated, beauty is subjective; therefore, not everyone sees this. That’s why some do not get her appeal and ask if she can be classified as pretty.

This article will help answer the question if Anya Taylor-Joy is pretty and why people think so. Keep reading.

Is Anya Taylor-Joy pretty?

It is important to remember that beauty is subjective, and what one person finds attractive may differ from another’s opinion.

However, it is widely acknowledged that Anya Taylor-Joy is a beautiful and talented actress, known for her striking features.

Why do people think Anya Taylor-Joy is pretty?

1. Big eyes

Anya has a unique set of big eyes. They are round and often look like they are popping out like a cartoon drawing. However, what makes people drawn to her eyes is how she expresses them.

The actress is able to express herself and create an emotion with her eyes alone.

2. Sharp cheekbones

Anya also has sharp cheekbones that are high and lofty. With makeup, she can convey sultry or demure concepts. This makes it easy for her to take on any role. Furthermore, her sharp cheekbones have helped in creating a model persona in front of the camera.

3. Sultry lips

Anya is also known for her sultry lips, which she often dyes red for red carpets. Her lips, coupled with a simple smile that show perfect teeth, also help to mesmerize and create an alluring beauty.

4. Expressive face

Anya Taylor-Joy has an expressive face that people are quickly drawn to when she speaks or acts. You can look at her and feel the emotions she wishes to convey.

5. Magnetic aura

Also, people are often drawn to celebrities who are successful and talented in their respective fields. This is also the same with Anya.

Anya Taylor-Joy has received critical acclaim for her performances in several popular movies and TV shows. Her magnetic aura, both on- and off-screen, create a persona that draws people to her. People always want to know where she is and what she is doing.

6. She is humble

Another reason people are drawn to Anya’s beauty is that she downplays her beauty not for self-deprecation but because she is genuinely humble about her beauty. She often counts herself as ‘ugly’ or ‘weird-looking’, not understanding the striking beauty others see.


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Are Anya Taylor-Joy’s looks unconventional?

Yes, they are. You can consider Anya’s look unconventional because she has a unique blend of big eyes, expressive lips, sharp cheekbones, and an angled jaw.

These features together make a different combination than what is usually seen.

Does Anya Taylor-Joy’s height make her pretty?

No, it doesn’t. However, it is one of her appealing factors. Anya has a height of 5’ foot 6” inches (169 centimeters), which makes her height appealing to some.

Is Anya Taylor-Joy a natural blonde?

Yes, she is. Anya is a natural blonde, but she does wear other colors like brunette and red sometimes.


Anya Taylor-Joy no doubt has a classic beauty that sets her apart. This is why people think she is pretty.

However, apart from her unique facial structure, people also associate her beauty with her acting and persona. Her good height also helps her.

And while the actress does not entirely think she is the most beautiful face on the planet, you can agree that she certainly is a woman different from her peers.

The ethnicity of Anya Taylor-Joy is another intriguing thing about her. Read how her background makes her who she is.

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