7 Reasons Why Selena Gomez Is Considered Pretty

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Selena Gomez is one of the most popular celebrities of her generation. This is due to a combination of talent, public interest, personality, and relationships she has built in the industry. Another reason people notice Selena Gomez is because of her pretty face.

However, beauty is subjective, and not everyone thinks she is as gorgeous as the media wants us to believe. This begs the question, is Selena Gomez pretty, or is it all media hype?

Read this article if you want to know if Selena Gomez is pretty and why people think so.

Is Selena Gomez pretty?

Beauty is subjective. Nevertheless, based on average beauty standards, people think the multitalented actress-singer Selena Gomez is pretty.

There are various reasons why people think Selena is pretty, and this goes beyond her cute face and personality.

Why do people think Selena Gomez is pretty?

1. Natural beauty

It is rare to see some celebrities without makeup. However, Selena is not afraid to bare it all for the world to see.

She has shared pictures and videos of herself with no makeup, and she looks gorgeous with clear skin on some days and imperfections on others.

This makes her relatable because people can see she has days when she wants to cover a pimple or blemish, just like every other average person.

This is also what makes her makeup line, Rare Beauty, a favorite. It’s about enhancing natural looks with makeup.

2. She is cute

Selena has a cute almond-shaped face, which makes her look cute and feminine when she pouts. Being able to create a doe-eyed and round-mouth effect effortlessly is considered pretty, and Selena can do that well.

3. Good bone structure

Selena Gomez is also considered pretty because she has good facial bone structure. Her almond-shaped face has high cheekbones, and her straight nose is a prominent feature of her face. This she highlights effortlessly with her makeup.

4. Younger-looking face

Selena Gomez is also considered pretty because of her younger-looking face.

Her small face mostly contributes to this youthful look. However, the features of her face, especially her eyes and lips, make her look younger than her age.

5. Lovely eyes

Selena’s vibrant brown eyes also make her attractive because it draws people in. She has easy-going eyes that pop with attention when she looks at you.

6. Beautiful smile

One of Selena’s most special features is her smile which brightens her face immediately after it pops.

Selena’s smile is one of the most beautiful smiles in Hollywood, and people know it. When she smiles, you can’t help but feel drawn to her. Her smile is warm and comforting.

7. Personality

Her physical attractiveness is not the only reason people think Selena is pretty. Her energetic personality, which can change from childlike enthusiasm to mischievous, endears people to her.

She also has a sweet personality that is friendly and welcoming. She has a non-judgmental personality that accepts people easily.


Why does Selena Gomez’s weight fluctuate?

Selena Gomez has explained her unstable weight as the effects of the medication she takes to treat lupus.

When was Selena Gomez diagnosed with lupus?

2014. Selena Gomez was diagnosed with the inflammatory disease in 2014. She also underwent a kidney transplant to reduce the effects of the disease.

To encourage others, Selena has since been vocal about her journey and treatment.

Why doesn’t Selena Gomez like being called pretty?

Selena once stated in a podcast episode of Dream It Real that she doesn’t like being called pretty because it feels judgy.

The celebrity appreciates when people notice that she is pretty, and she also knows she is too, but Selena feels it limits people from seeing her for who she really is.


Selena Gomez is a Hollywood starlet known for many things, including her beauty. Some call her pretty because of her youthful look, her pouty and cute face, her bright eyes and loveable smile, or even for just having a welcoming personality.

Many things make Selena pretty. And while beauty is subjective, it does not mean she is not amazing because she is that, and many more.

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