What Is The Ethnicity Of Meghan Markle? Nationality, Background, Etc.

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When her story came straight out of what seemed like a fairytale or Hallmark movie, everyone wanted to know all about American actress Meghan Markle, including her ethnicity, family background, heritage, and lifestyle, among others.

Being married to a royal was swoony, but being married into the most influential monarch family in the world, all eyes were definitely on Meghan.

If you want to know more about Meghan Markle, including her ethnicity, background, and why she is famous, then you should read this article.

Who is Meghan Markle?

Meghan Markle is an American actress, humanitarian, and former member of the British royal family. She was born on August 4, 1981, in Los Angeles, California, and began her acting career in the early 2000s, appearing in several TV shows and films.

In 2011, Markle gained widespread recognition for her role as Rachel Zane on the USA Network legal drama series “Suits.” She also appeared in several movies.

In 2016, Markle shot into worldwide notoriety when she began dating Prince Harry, the younger son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The couple announced their engagement in November 2017 and were married on May 19, 2018.

After their marriage, Meghan was given the title of Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex. Meghan and Harry have two children, a son and a daughter, born two years apart.

However, in 2020, Meghan and Harry announced that they would be stepping back from their roles as senior members of the royal family. They decided to divide their time between North America and the United Kingdom.

Meghan and Harry have since moved to California, where they are involved in various philanthropic and charitable initiatives.

What is the ethnicity of Meghan Markle?

Meghan Markle’s ethnicity is mixed. Her mother, Doria Ragland, is African American, while her father, Thomas Markle, is of Dutch, Irish, and English descent.

While doing a genealogy test, she found she was 43% Nigerian from her mother’s side. Therefore, she has Nigerian roots.

Concerning her heritage, Meghan has talked about her biracial identity and the challenges she has faced because of it.

In a 2015 essay for Elle UK, she wrote, “Being biracial paints a blurred line that is equal parts staggering and illuminating.”

Regardless, Meghan has been an advocate for racial and social justice issues and has used her platform to raise awareness about the experiences of people of color.

What is Meghan Markle known for?

1. Acting career

Meghan Markle is known for her work as an actress. She gained recognition for her role as Rachel Zane on the USA Network legal drama series “Suits,” which she featured in from 2011 to 2017.

She has also appeared in several movies, including “Remember Me” and “Horrible Bosses.”

2. Marrying into the British royal family

Meghan gained further attention when she began dating Prince Harry. The couple announced their engagement in November 2017 and were married on May 19, 2018, at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

The wedding was called a fairytale wedding because it felt like one from a romantic comedy movie where an actress marries an actual prince (this has happened before).

3. Stepping back from royal duties

After her marriage, Meghan carried out her royal responsibilities and duties. However, in 2020, her husband, Prince Harry, announced that they would be stepping back from their roles as senior members of the royal family.

This came as a shock for the United Kingdom because it was the first time a senior member, since Princess Diana’s divorce, was stepping back from their role.

Meghan and Harry made the decision to protect their nuclear family from the hounding of the British tabloid press.

Their stepping back from representing the monarch means they will be financially independent. However, they would maintain their Royal Highness style without using it. Harry and Meghan still remain the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

4. Humanitarian

Meghan Markle is also known for her humanitarian activities, which started while with the royal family. Since she left, Meghan has continued to advocate for social justice issues and has been involved in various philanthropic initiatives.

She has worked as a United Nations Women’s Advocate and served as a Global Ambassador for World Vision Canada, focusing on issues such as gender equality, women’s health, and education.

She has also spoken publicly about mental health awareness and has worked with organizations that support mental health initiatives.


Is Meghan Markle the next in line for the British throne?

No, she is not. Meghan is not the next in line to be the next Queen Consort of England. That goes to Catherine Middleton, when her husband, Prince William of Wales, succeeds his father, King Charles III. However, Harry is fifth in line to become King.

Does Meghan Markle identify as black or mixed race?

She identifies as mixed. Meghan recognizes the color of her skin as mixed and also shares experiences from being of mixed heritage.

What cultural traditions has Meghan Markle incorporated into her life?

Megan has embraced several cultural traditions. However, she mostly identifies with the African-American culture since she was raised by her black mother. Also, she enjoys part of British culture, like afternoon tea.  


Meghan Markle was known for her role in the legal drama “Suits,” but she became a worldwide celebrity with her relationship with Prince Harry. People want to know about her, including her ethnicity.

Meghan is of mixed heritage. She is the daughter of a black mother of Nigerian genealogy and a Caucasian father of European descent. Meghan identifies and mixed, leaning on her African-American culture more.

She is known for many things, but most of all choosing to relinquish her title as a Duchess to live just as Meghan Markle. Nonetheless, she still tries to help the society as best as she can.

You can find out what type of celebrity Meghan Markle falls under here.

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