Get Your Ultimate Professional Finish With the Best Nail Lamp

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Want a perfect finish for your at-home nail polish fix? Try a good home nail lamp. You might think you don’t need a nail lamp because a good nail polish would dry smoothly and effortlessly. Well, you can’t be more wrong, especially if you are a self-professed nail art lover.

We downplay the essence of some products and tools like nail lamps in our domestic lives. But we seek nail lamps out to get a quality manicure at salons. Well, you don’t have to restrict nail lamps as salon tools. There are compact and also inexpensive ones that would you give you that professional finish you seek at nail or beauty salons.

When it comes to using nail paint you can get so much more with a nail lamp than just drying your nails. You will be getting a perfect polish finish in the shortest time. You will also get lasting polish because they were dried through the right process.

If you want to have this machine at your disposal, then you are in the right place. We will be discussing what nail polish is and how to purchase the best one.

Shopping Guide


Nail lamps are not complicated tools, they are easy to use. But there are characteristics about it that you should be familiar with. These characteristics will inform you of what a nail lamp is and how it works. Just like you would look through a product description, this section presents you with everything you need to know when it comes to buying a nail lamp.

What is a nail lamp?

A nail lamp is a device used to cure or dry gel nail polish and acrylic or gel nails. Nail lamps use ultraviolet (UV) light or LED lights to dry the nails. It’s an item that helps to reduce your normal drying time immensely. Not only does it save time used in drying your nail polish, but you also get a smooth finish because of its heat rays.

The time you use it completely drying your nail polish is dependent on the power of the lamp. Some lamp models take as little as 30 seconds to get you your perfect nail finish. The nail lamps usually come with an infrared system that detects your hands when they are under the lamp, and the device turns on automatically.

They also come with a timer to manage the minutes or seconds your hands will be under the lamp for. Once the timer runs out, the lamp turns off on its own. They are very safe to use.

Why do I need a nail lamp?

nail lamp

A simple function nail lamps perform is drying the nails quickly. By doing this, the machines are making other things possible that would improve your nail polish’s effects. For instance, with a nail lamp, you can be sure your nails will not chip off; neither will the polish peel easily because it provides a perfect finish.

With a perfect finish, your nails will also look neat and organized. Instead of a natural dry that could mix moisture with it and make it have bubbles in the polish, a nail lamp dries all the moisture from the polish, making it solid.

Another reason you need a nail lamp is for the manicures that can only be dried by it. We have gel nail polish and acrylic nails that use a special type of gel or acrylic powder that are too thick when applied and need something power-charged to dry the nails fast without smearing the polish. Having a nail lamp at hand will make putting an acrylic and gel nail on easily with a professional result.

Also, with nail lamps, giving a neat finish you will feel more confident when you use a polish. When you get your nails done, you can simplify the process, making it easy to have confident nails and not chipped ones. Having neat nails will also help those who have the habit of biting their nails. They won’t have to hurt their pretty nails that are also organized.

How should I use a nail lamp?

nail lamp

When purchasing your first nail lamp, you will definitely have questions on how you should use it. Then it should be a relief to you that a nail lamp is not a complicated tool to use. Once you know the tips and follow the instructions on how to use it, it is safe to use.

You should know that the models differ from the others, so you have to read the instructions for the model you purchased before embarking on your perfect nail journey. Also, these additional tips will guide you when using a nail lamp for the first time:

  • Plug in your nail lamp or make sure its reserved battery is charged fully.
  • Apply your manicure and put the finishing touches on your cuticles. Be sure to remove hangnails on your edges. Also, make sure your nails should be filed neatly.
  • Apply your desired nail polish or gel nail polish.
  • Set timer for your lamp.
  • One at a time, place your hand under the infrared light. To get a perfect finish, use the lamp after every coat on your nails.
  • When you are done curing the last coat or layer, turn the lamp off and unplug it. And then, you need to put the nail lamp in a safe place after it cools down.

Use a nail lamp to get the perfect finish for the best and popping nail colors.

How long will it take a nail lamp cure my nails?

Depending on the model you decide to buy, you will get different timers. For LED light nail lamps, 30 seconds is enough to cure a layer of your nail polish. For ultraviolet lights, you need about 2-3 minutes to cure a layer of nail polish. This way you will avoid any possible damage to your hands.

But as mentioned before, read the instruction manual that comes with the model you bought to safely use the machine.

Which model should I use between an LED and ultraviolet light?

This is quite important when it comes to choosing a nail lamp. You will have to decide which type you are going for. An LED and ultraviolet light differ but work similarly. A big difference between the two types is the type of radiation the bulb discharges. For ultraviolet light, it emits a broader spectrum of wavelengths while an LED light’s much narrower and targeted.

Asides from this, LED is faster than ultraviolet. It only takes seconds to cure or dry the nails up, while it takes ultraviolet light minutes to get the work done. Also, ultraviolet light can work on any type of nail polish but LED cannot. It is specified for some gel and acrylic nails. But LED uses less energy and lasts longer than ultraviolet light.

When using ultraviolet lights you have to periodically change the bulbs. LED lights don’t need to be switched because the diodes are unbreakable. This makes them recyclable. This feature also makes the LED more expensive than ultraviolet light.

What nail polish can I use with nail lamps?


Not all nail polish can be cured or worked on by a nail lamp. You have to know what will get a perfect finish if you use a nail lamp with it. For instance, for regular nail polish, you can’t use a nail lamp. But you can make your way around using lamps.

The trick is to apply your vanish before you apply your topcoat. It must also be completely dried. When the topcoat has been applied, you can use your lamp to cure your topcoat. And when it’s time to come off, use acetone to clean the polish off.

Polishes that best fit a nail lamp are semi-permanent polish, permanent, and gel nail polish. A gel nail polish lasts longer than the others, so you might want to opt for them more than the rest.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of nail lamps?

Knowing what to expect from a product is a great way of utilizing the product to the fullest. You have to know all about a nail lamp including its advantages and disadvantages to make the best buying choice.


  • Your polish dries faster.
  • It gives a perfect finish.
  • You can only use a nail lamp to cure some specific polish like gel nail polish.
  • It is neater and more professional with its results.


  • Not all polish can be cured with a nail lamp.
  • It can become flammable when used for nail polishes with harmful ingredients.

Shopping Criteria


When it comes to buying the best nail lamp, you have to be aware of some criteria that would influence your final buying decision. If you are ordering from the internet, you have to watch out for these factors because they serve as a compass in a market of varying types of products.


The best nail lamps come with a timer. A timer will turn on and off itself. It also helps you keep an organized curing process for your nails. You won’t have to mark time yourself. All you have to do is set the timer for the required seconds or minutes and the machine will do the rest.

Infrared Sensor

Another factor that would influence your buying decision is whether a nail lamp comes with an infrared sensor or not. The most recent lamps come with them now. The infrared sensor is what turns the machine on and off automatically.

When your hand goes under the lamp, it turns on and the timer sets off counting down. This feature makes it convenient to use the nail lamp because you won’t have to stress your wet painted nails.

Drying Time


The time it takes to cure your nails is also a deciding factor when getting a nail lamp. Ultraviolet lights take minutes to cure polish. But the more power or watts it has, the lesser the minutes become. For instance, a lamp with 72 watts could cure your nail polish in a minute. LED lighting is faster and takes seconds to cure nail polishes. But this depends on the number of light bulbs.

Type of Lighting

This has to do with choosing whether to go for LED or ultraviolet lighting. The types of nail polish you want to use and also your love for saving the environment will decide. If it’s hard to decide on what to choose, you can go for models that offer both lightings.

If you want to conserve energy, go for LED lighting. It is also faster when it comes to curing your nail polish. But if you have various types of nail polish, ultraviolet will work best because it works for any type of nail polish.


Some designs are compact and less space-consuming than other lamps. Go for lamps that are portable and can be stored easily. They must also be not heavy so it would be easy to carry them about.

Recommended Nail Lamp

1. Best Portable Nail Lamp

MelodySusie creates a compact and portable nail lamp to cure nails in low heat. It is also lightweight and painless to the hands. When using the lamp you are advised to cure your thumbs first, then the four fingernails of each hand. It has a one-timer and you can change between 60 seconds to 45 seconds. You don’t have to be versatile with the lamp and it’s the perfect device for first-timers.

2. Most Popular Nail Lamp

It is a dual UV and LED nail lamp. You get the benefit of protecting your hand and also cures your nail polish in seconds. It is a 3 timer that also has an auto sensor for on and off. It has a dual light source that imitates sunlight and is very durable. The lamp is also safe and prevents low risk to the users.

3. Best Nail Lamp

At $30, this lamp by iBealous comes as one of the highest rated. It is a 168W nail lamp with 42 pieces of LED beads. The bulb can last up to 50000 hours without any need to change. You can use it to cure gel polishes with its dual light design. The LCD screen is a touch screen along with 4 timers. It is for both professional and home use.

The nail lamp can be used for both manicure and pedicure. It can be given as a gift to a manicurist or nail lover. The lamp is perfect for a professional finish to your nails.

4. Best Inexpensive Nail Lamp

Easkep’s nail lamp uses high-quality LED beads with an 86W high power to cure gels twice as fast as the usual nail lamp. The uniquely designed diamond-shaped lamp can cure all gels including nail gel, nail sculpture gels, rhinestones gems glue, led gels, and others.

The lamp also has a pre-set between 10s and 100s. You can also use the LCD screen to set 4 timers. It also has an infrared sensor that works automatically without setting the timer.


Getting a nail lamp as a nail lover is a must. You can get the professional finish you would at a salon. You would also be saving yourself time and money used to get your nails done at a salon. They are convenient to use and come in different models.

With LED or ultraviolet lights you can get a neat nail in a matter of minutes. But to get the right lamp you have to make sure they come with a timer and infrared light. The design also has to be compact and light for easy moving.  You can get the best out of your nail polish with the best nail lamp, so try them today.

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