Pretty vs Beautiful: Similarities, Differences, And Importance

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You often hear pretty and beautiful interchanged in a conversation or being used as adjectives to describe things- especially the appearance of an individual. In a comparison between pretty vs beautiful is there a difference, or are they synonymous?

You might not know, but these two words, if they are worlds apart or flowing closely together, would help you understand the meaning behind words and context in speech. Also, it would help you understand the values placed in these words.

If you want to know the meaning, differences, and similarities of these words, then you are in the right place.

This article juxtaposes pretty vs beautiful.

What does it mean to be pretty?

Simply put, to be pretty means to have attractive physical features, such as symmetrical facial features, clear skin, and a well-proportioned body.

Being pretty is often associated with conventional beauty standards, which can vary depending on cultural and societal norms.

While being pretty can be valued and appreciated, it can also be limiting when a person is only valued for their physical appearance. This may lead to a struggle to develop a sense of self-worth that is independent of their looks.

What does beautiful mean?

To be beautiful means to possess qualities that are aesthetically pleasing, inspiring admiration or appreciation.

Beauty is often associated with variations of physical attractiveness and inner qualities, such as kindness, empathy, and confidence.

While physical appearance is certainly a component of beauty, it is not the only factor that contributes to it. Being beautiful can involve various qualities that go beyond physical appearances. It can also involve abstract values like intelligence, creativity, and compassion.

This is a more holistic and inclusive understanding of beauty that values inner qualities as much as outer appearance. That’s why beauty is often seen as abstract.

Nonetheless, beauty is also shaped by determinants like cultural and societal norms, just like being pretty.

Similarities between pretty vs beautiful

Pretty and beautiful have a few common similarities. First, both terms are associated with positive qualities and can be seen as desirable.

Additionally, physical appearance is a component of both pretty and beautiful. This is when the object (living or non-living) has physical attributes that can be felt or touched.

However, it’s important to note that the emphasis on physical appearance is often stronger in the concept of being pretty than being beautiful.

Differences between pretty vs beautiful


Being pretty is often focused on physical appearance. Meanwhile, being beautiful encompasses a wider range of qualities, which include inner qualities such as kindness, empathy, and personal confidence.

When you are called pretty, it is often limited to your appearance, while beauty can mean not only your appearance but can also mean your outlook on an abstract concept or idea.


Being pretty can be seen as a more limited quality. On the other hand, being beautiful is often associated with a more holistic and empowering understanding of beauty.

The narrowness of pretty makes it confined to appearance and appreciation of it. Meanwhile, beauty can transcend to other things outside of their concepts. That is why it is empowering.


Being pretty is often associated with conventional beauty standards that vary depending on cultural and societal norms.

Meanwhile, being beautiful values individuality and self-expression the most. These values of beauty form a perception that is usually personal to you.


Additionally, being pretty can sometimes be associated with a more passive attitude toward beauty. Meanwhile, being beautiful is often associated with a more active and confident attitude toward self-expression and self-love.

They both have positive attitudes, but one is freer than the other. Being called beautiful elevates.


Being beautiful can be empowering, as it values individuality and promotes self-love and self-acceptance.

On the other hand, being pretty may limit individuals to a narrow set of beauty standards. It may also neglect inner qualities that contribute to overall beauty and self-worth.

Importance of physical attraction on being pretty and beautiful

pretty vs beautiful

Physical looks play a significant role in both being pretty and beautiful. However, the importance of physical attraction differs between the two concepts.

Being pretty places a strong emphasis on physical appearance and conventional beauty standards.

Physical attraction is often seen as the primary component of being pretty. You are often judged based on your adherence to these standards. This can lead to a narrow and limiting understanding of beauty that neglects inner qualities.

However, being beautiful values inner qualities such as compassion, confidence, empathy, and elegance as much as physical appearance.

While physical attractiveness is still a component of beauty, it is not the only factor that contributes to overall beauty and self-worth.

Additionally, by valuing inner qualities alongside the physical appearance of beauty, you promote a more holistic beauty that is uplifting. This type places importance on self-expression and confidence.

Being physically attractive is not a bad thing when it comes to being pretty or beautiful. It means you have an outward appearance that can draw people in.

Regardless, the emphasis on physical attractiveness can sometimes lead to unrealistic and unattainable beauty standards. It can negatively impact a person’s self-esteem and self-worth.

It is best you promote a more diverse and inclusive understanding of beauty, which values individuals for who they are rather than just for their looks. This helps to develop a more positive and confident relationship with not only yourself but with people around you.


Can you both be pretty and beautiful?

Yes, you can. While pretty and beautiful are not completely interchangeable words, they can both be used to describe physical attractiveness and inner qualities at the same time.

Is pretty or beautiful more subjective?

They are both subjective. However, beauty is more subjective because it is based on perception and emotions. For instance, inner beauty is based on subjective than physical features attributed to being pretty.

Is it offensive to call someone pretty instead of beautiful?

This depends on the context. While beautiful is more complimentary than pretty, some do not mind being called pretty. They are both positive compliments. That is why context determines if it is offensive or complimentary.

Pretty vs beautiful- which is more important?

While both pretty and beautiful can be used interchangeably, they are slightly different. Pretty toes the line of physical attributes and traits, including facial and body symmetry and appeal.

On the other hand, beauty is more aesthetic because it deals with physical attributes and inner qualities, such as kindness, empathy, grace, and confidence. Therefore, beautiful has more depth and elegant meaning.

People will tell you to strive to be beautiful inside and outside because it means you are at peace with yourself.

Nevertheless, you should always keep yourself pretty with your appearance and beautiful with your character.

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Thanks for reading.