Types of Celebrities: Profession, Status, & Influence [With Examples]

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Being a celebrity is a full-time job to some, and people recognize them for being famous. While they have reached local or international fame and status, some people don’t know the types of celebrities and what they can classify these famous people as.

In the new age of social media, the types and categories have increased, and people with a sizeable following can be called quasi-celebrities.

If you find it hard to know where celebrities you follow fall, then you should read this article on types of celebrities with notable examples of female celebrities.

Types of celebrities

Before thinking that celebrities have a uniform classification they fit into, let me break it down for you- there is no one such thing. However, classifying them is just a way for people to describe them and their importance as a celebrity. That’s why people use different classifications to suit their purpose.

Nonetheless, to help you understand the types of celebrities we have, I have put together these celebrity types in three major categories.

All celebrities fall under one of the types under these categories. Therefore, they can appear under different categories.

By profession

Naturally, your profession (especially in the entertainment and media world) will get you fame. The more exposed you are to people, the more your celebrity status is confirmed.

Here are the types of celebrities based on profession.


zendaya types of celebrities

These are performers who star in movies, television shows and plays. They are most exposed because they are easily recognized for their work. Likewise, the more acclaim they get, the higher their celebrity status.


types of celebrities
Taylor Swift

These are also people in the entertainment industry. They create and perform music. They include singers, songwriters, producers, and instrumentalists. Artists are just as exposed – if not more – than actors and actresses.

For fame, the same thing also goes for music artists- the more exposure, the higher their celebrity status.

Sports stars

types of celebrities
Serena Williams

These are individuals who compete in sports at a professional or Olympic level.

Regardless, sports people who often engage the media (directly or indirectly), fans, or the public have a higher chance of being known (even though they do not have record-high accolades).


gigi and bella hadid
Gigi and Bella Hadid

These are people who work in the fashion industry by showcasing clothing, accessories, and other products on the runway.

Not all models achieve celebrity status, but some may have occult following to industry familiars. This, however, puts them in the famous book.


These are people who have gained a large following on social media by sharing content and building a personal brand.

This type of celebrity is relatively new and increased exponentially in the past decade. There are lots of influencers who are merely regular people that rose to fame through content creation, and there are those who are already famous but just have a large social following.

Reality TV stars

types of celebrity
Kim Kardashian

These are people who have gained fame by appearing on reality television shows. Usually, their shows become popular for being entertaining or for being controversial and infamous.


ali wong
Ali Wong

These are performers who specialize in making people laugh through stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, or other forms of entertainment. Comedians have also received a large following and fame, as there are several ways to create and engage people.


Kamala Harris
Vice President Kamala Harris

These are individuals who hold public office or have become famous for their political positions, views, or actions.

Business moguls

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey

These are individuals who have become famous for their success in the business world, including entrepreneurs, CEOs, and investors.


jk rowling
J. K. Rowling

These are writers who have gained a wide audience and become famous for their books and other written works. In other words, their imaginative thinking made them famous.

By fame origin

Ascribed celebrities

lori harvey
Lori Harvey

Celebrities can be ascribed, meaning that their fame is based on factors such as their family background or inherited wealth, but more commonly, family relations. Sometimes, this status is often beyond their control as they become famous.

They are famous because they are related to someone famous, and they sometimes leverage this to get their name out there. However, this status may or may not change, depending on what they do with their career.

Attributed celebrities

the Kardashian-Jenner family
The Kardashian-Jenner Family

Attributed celebrities are also close to ascribed celebrities. Attributed celebrity refers to people who are famous or well-known because they are associated with a celebrity who can be a friend or romantic partner, or just an acquaintance.

Similarly, these celebrities are famous or well-known because they are associated with a popular brand, show, product, or event. Think of the stars of Love Island, The Bachelor and Bachelorette shows, etc.

Achieved celebrities

types of celebrities
Lady Gaga

Achieved celebrity refers to people who have become famous or well-known through their own efforts, talent, and hard work.

This type is often used to describe celebrities who have “worked their way up” from obscurity to gain recognition and success in their chosen fields, such as music, acting, sports, or social media.

By influence

When you become a celebrity, the level of influence you have will also determine what type of celebrity you are.

This classification ranks celebrities based on their popularity and influence in their field. You will find celebrities classified into A-list, B-list, C-list, D-list, etc., with the A being the most recognized celebrities.

A-list celebrities

types of celebrities
Jennifer Lawrence

A-list celebrity is used in the entertainment industry to refer to the most famous and successful actors, musicians, and other public figures.

These celebrities are also considered to be at the top of their game and are often the most sought-after by the media and fans.

Basically, an A-list celebrity is a public figure who has achieved a high level of fame and success in their respective field and is widely recognized and admired by the public.

B-list celebrities

karen gillan
Karen Gillan

B-list celebrity describes famous people who are not as prominent or successful as A-list celebrities but are still well-known and recognizable to many people.

These celebrities may have achieved some level of success in their careers but are not as widely celebrated or in demand as A-listers.

C-list celebrities

types of celebrities
Nene Leakes

These individuals may have some level of recognition, but they are not as widely celebrated or in demand as higher-level celebrities.

C-list celebrities may have some degree of success in their career but are not major stars or household names.

They may be known for their work in a particular niche, such as reality TV, comedy, or social media. They may also be known for their involvement in tabloid scandals or controversies rather than their professional accomplishments.

D-list celebrities

Lindsey Lohan
Lindsey Lohan

D-list celebrities are public figures who have little to no mainstream recognition or success. They are generally considered to be at the bottom of the celebrity hierarchy.

They may also be known for scandal or controversy rather than professional accomplishments and may have failed attempts at launching a career in entertainment.


Is being a celebrity a job?

Not exactly. Being a celebrity is not a job, but you can make money from being famous.

There are those who become famous for being famous, having no particular thing attributed to their success beyond having a large fan base. You can call being a celebrity a job with this set of people.

Who are the highest-paid type of celebrities?

A-list celebrities are often the highest-paid in their industry. They can be from any profession, but they are bankable.

Does having endorsement deals make you a celebrity?

Yes, it does. It means you are marketable and are one form of a celebrity or the other. Regardless, having an endorsement does not mean you are one of the top celebrities.


Being a celebrity means you have popularity in different ranges, including the beauty department. However, what you do not know is that there are different types of celebrities based on different classifications.

There are celebrities whose professions make them one, like actors, TV personalities, sports stars, etc.

Then, there are some who become celebrities based on what they have achieved, who they are related to, or what they are attributed to. There are also celebrities ranked based on their influence and popularity.

With these types of celebrities, you can now guess or classify where your favorites are and also what they are known for.

You can also read about actress Catherine Zeta-Jones to know where she falls under the celebrity types.

Thanks for reading.

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