where is anya taylor-joy from

Where Is Anya Taylor-Joy From? Nationality And Place Of Birth

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Anya Taylor-Joy has a type of face and beauty that makes it hard to place where she is from. Also, having moved from one country to another in her early years makes it hard for people actually to place her nationality and heritage.

So, where is Anya Taylor-Joy from?

Find out where the talented actress hails from and everything else about her background.

Where is Anya Taylor-Joy from?

Anya Taylor-Joy was born in Miami, Florida, in the United States. So she has an American nationality. Shocking!

While she does have an obvious English accent, she was born in America. However, her family moved to Argentina, where she lived until age six. Then her family moved to London, England, where they still reside.

While Anya identifies as Latina, she holds dual citizenship in the U.S. and the U.K. Anya got her U.S. citizenship through a “fluke” because of the jus soli (her parents were on vacation in Miami) nationality law that allows her to have American citizenship by being born in its state.

However, she says her father and mother being of Latin ancestry makes her feel more Latin. Moreover, her first language was Spanish before she learned how to speak English properly.

Where did Anya Taylor-Joy live?

She lived in Argentina when she was little. She grew up living a normal Argentinean lifestyle with green life and surrounded by animals.

Then she moved to London, England, which was a different geographical and cultural change for her. Anya found it hard to adjust to city life and learn English for a while.

However, she currently has a home in London and Los Angeles; she shuffles between the two continents. 

What accent does Anya Taylor-Joy have?

Anya has the standard London accent when she speaks. Her accent is something people have wondered about because the actress can switch to any form of intonation, even while speaking casually.

Although English was not her first language, Anya could only speak Spanish until the age of 8, two years after moving to England.

Anya said she found it difficult to blend in, and it was hard to learn English. But it looks like she got the hang of it because now she has the standard London accent most of the time.


where anya taylor-joy from

Is Anya Taylor-Joy vegetarian?

Yes, she is. Anya became completely vegetarian at the young age of eight. According to her, she became a vegetarian because it was an ecologically conscious choice for her as a consumer.

Why is Anya Taylor-Joy seen as mysterious?

Her looks and private lifestyle. Anya lives a very private lifestyle, which people think is contrary to her unique beauty and style.

However, the star says she feels saner keeping her personal life private.

Why is Anya Taylor-Joy seen as beautiful?

Anya has a unique facial structure and a long thin neck. These are distinctive features, so she stands out on the red carpet and at events.

Furthermore, her slim figure also adds to her aesthetic appeal, making her one of the most beautiful women in her generation.


Anya Taylor-Joy has one of those attributes that makes it hard to place where she is from. And the fact that she switches accents even when speaking makes it harder to figure out.

Well, she was born in Maimi, Florida. However, she grew up partly in Argentina and mostly in London, England. She holds dual citizenship in the U.S. and the U.K.

The fact that she identifies as a Latina also makes her rich background more appealing to learn about. And the best part is that she can blend into any character she is given with her acting.

Another thing you want to know about Anya is why people think her beauty is unique.

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