Best Moisturizer For Combination Skin: 11 Exclusive Products For In-Betweeners

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When you have unique skin features that blend both oily and dry skin features, you are a combination skin. While combination skin types are common, it is difficult to find the right products, like the best moisturizer for combination skin.

Most times, you rely on two or more products to create a working blend for your skin. You can’t use heavy products, nor should they be too light; it dries up in a matter of hours. Therefore, you are saddled with the need for a definitive solution to help your skin with its needed balance.

As a result, a list of moisturizers for combination skin has been gathered to help make the right skincare choice. These products are put together based on sales data metrics research and a user guide for combination skin.

1. Best overall moisturizer for combination skin

Clinique Day Care Moisturizing Gel

Clinique Day Care Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel is what your skin needs for all-around hydrating care. The moisturizer works to keep your face moist and supple, softening your skin texture as a result.

Furthermore, the moisturizer is lightweight and quick-absorbing; it provides the needed nutrient your skin wants in no time. You can use the moisturizer if you want to improve the overall appearance of your in-between skin.

Plus, it is suitable for all skin types, especially those with excess sebum that needs controlling.

2. Best moisturizer for dry combination skin

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel

Neutrogena Hydro Boost contains the active ingredient hyaluronic acid to give your face the needed rejuvenation and hydrating care required. The moisturizer improves your skin texture by filling up your skin from within.

Additionally, it provides the necessary skin barrier protection, keeping your skin hydrated and stable. The formula is non-comedogenic; it slips easily into your pores. Furthermore, it is non-alcoholic and oil-free – your skin will not be irritated.

You can use this moisturizer to improve your skin’s hydration level for a long-lasting time.

3. Best moisturizer for oily combination skin

Neutrogena Combi Skin Moisture

Neutrogena Combi Skin Moisture provides enough moisture to your skin, keeping it in a supple and maintained state. The moisturizer is lightweight; nonetheless, it moisturizes the skin deeply.

Furthermore, the moisturizer is a dual-action formula that hydrates and controls excess sebum. The special oil-absorbing microsponge leaves your skin dry but moist. You can use the mattifying moisturizer to control the excess sebum in your skin while keeping it steadily hydrated.

4. Best moisturizer for sensitive combination skin

Estee Lauder DayWear Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant 24H Moisture Creme

This moisturizer contains antioxidants to soothe and reduce your skin’s aging signs and irritation. Furthermore, the moisturizer protects and prevents skin wrinkles; it serves as a barrier against external aggressors.

In addition, the sun protection factor acts as a base for protection against sun radiation. However, sunscreen should be layered on the moisturizer. Consequently, it is lightweight; it allows you to layer your cosmetic products.

Moreover, the formula is long-lasting on the skin. You can stay hydrated and protected for up to 24 hours. Use the moisturizer if your skin gets irritated easily.

5. Best drugstore moisturizer for combination skin

Ahava Essential Day Moisturizer

Ahava Essential Day Moisturizer contains hydrating ingredients to give your skin the needed moisture and barrier protection.

Furthermore, the moisturizer comes with 21 essential minerals to improve your skin texture. Minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium make up the minerals needed to nourish your skin and act as the nutrient barrier of your skin.

In addition, it is lightweight and also quick-absorbing. Your skin would get back its dewy shine without feeling too slippery. You can use this moisturizer to improve your natural skin moisture balance.

6. Best moisturizer for combination skin dermatologist recommended

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream

You can use this hydrating moisturizer packed with essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid to get back your skin’s moisture balance. The moisturizer is long-lasting on the skin, acting as a buffer against external elements for up to 24 hours.

Similarly, it works as a protector of your skin’s lipid barrier with its ceramides ingredients. Moreover, your skin is soothed and less inflamed for as long as the moisturizer is applied.

You can also apply the cream to your skin to relieve it of any dry spell without it leaving a sticky or greasy aftereffect.

7. Best moisturizer for combination skin in winter

InfiniteAloe Complete Skin Care Everyday Hero

Containing essential vitamins and minerals, this moisturizing cream provides deep hydration to your skin. The formula contains natural aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, which hydrate and protect your skin against harmful agents.

It also treats different skin issues such as itchy skin, eczema, acne, dry skin, psoriasis, redness, and irritation. The moisturizer is a natural product designed for a deep hydrating effect and maintaining skin health.

It is suitable for men and women and all skin types in need of a calming formula.

8. Best moisturizer for combination skin in summer

Grown Alchemist Matte Balancing Moisturizer

For a mattifying and non-greasy effect on your skin during humid or hot days, use this moisturizer to maintain balanced skin moisture while retaining the right skin texture. In addition, the moisturizer is non-comedogenic; it seeps easily into your pores without clogging them.

Furthermore, it is lightweight and quick-absorbing. This makes it easy to layer other products on the moisturizer. And with vitamin C, your skin stays clear and protected. Moreover, the sebum on your skin is controlled, giving you a silky smooth texture.

9. Best lightweight moisturizer for combination skin

Bliss Bright Idea Vitamin C Moisturizer for Face 

You can use this hydrating and brightening moisturizer by bliss to improve your overall skin texture and tone. It contains antioxidant properties and skin-brightening ingredients to improve your overall complexion.

Furthermore, it prevents skin dehydration and stimulates an improved moisture barrier with its minerals and vitamin components by nourishing your skin. It also leaves a silky skin surface ready for layering.

You can layer sunscreen and makeup on the lightweight formula. For a moisture-controlling moisturizer, use this lightweight product to keep your skin flawless.

10. Best moisturizer for combination skin with SPF

Cetaphil Face Moisturizer

This moisturizing lotion by CeraVe comes highly recommended due to its sun protection factor. It has a broad spectrum SPF of 35, which is a requirement for daily protection. The micro-zinc oxide sunscreen infused in the moisturizer keeps your skin protected from UVA/UVB radiation.

Furthermore, it is non-comedogenic and non-greasy. It wouldn’t leave a sticky or unpleasant residue on your skin, nor does it mix with sweat. It blends easily with the skin.

Additionally, it contains edelweiss flower extract, which has properties that keep your skin protected, hydrated, and smoothened. You wouldn’t deplete any gained moisture with this long-lasting moisturizing lotion.

11. Best face moisturizer for combination skin

EltaMD PM Therapy Face Moisturizer

You are safe with this product if you have combination skin. As a nighttime routine product, the moisturizer stands out for its deep hydration of your face; it keeps your face supple while you rest.

Likewise, it acts as a buffer against external aggressors with its antioxidant components. This also helps to restore skin moisture lost during the day. Your skin cell turnover improves as you use this moisturizer. And with peptides and ceramide present in the formula, your skin restores its lipid barrier faster.

It’s a lightweight therapy you need to improve your overall care and maintain around-the-clock moist skin.

How to pick moisturizers for combination skin

Skin features

This is the current state of your skin. Combination skin types are ever-changing. While the T-zone remains oily and acne-prone, your other areas can switch between dry or oily.

Therefore, pick products that suit all parts of your skin. Consequently, the ingredients in the moisturizer have to keep your skin balanced.


This plays a big part in picking your product. Naturally, go for emollient-rich formulas with humectant features. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, ceramides, peptides, and butters are good ingredients for hydrating the skin without being heavy.

Likewise, choose a moisturizer with antioxidants to protect your oily parts and reduce breakouts in your skin. Furthermore, it soothes the skin and prevents inflammation, which could happen when seasons change.


While your skin doesn’t change, it is best to pick for the season. Your skin could feel extremely dry and irritated during cold climates, which leads to flaky skin. Therefore, you should pick hydrating products with thick textures.

Meanwhile, humid weather would require lightweight moisturizers to avoid clogging your skin pores. Also, use non-comedogenic products that slip easily into the skin rather than stay on the surface.


Is combination skin natural?

Yes, it is. Combination skin is natural and genetic. You have combination because it occurred naturally.

You can’t change your combination skin. However, you can maintain it and keep it healthy by using helpful products that protect, hydrate, and provide needed nutrients.

Are moisturizers necessary for combination skins?

Yes, they are.

Combination skin types need moisturizers just like every other skin type. Your skin needs a moisture barrier to protect against external aggressors.

Furthermore, moisturizing your skin prevents rapid or increased signs of aging from appearing. And having moisturized skin means having healthy skin.

Can you use two moisturizers for your combination skin?

Yes, you can.

You can opt to use two distinctive moisturizers at the same time for your combination skin. One moisturizer can provide hydration to your dry and flaky skin, while the other provides sebum-controlling and antioxidant treatment for your oily part (T-zone).

Nonetheless, it is advised you seek products that do both perfectly- this saves you time and money in your routine.


Combination skin is truly an in-betweener due to its blend of oily and dry skin features. While it is characterized by an oily T-zone and dry cheeks, not all products are meant for them. However, the diversity in the cosmetic industry has increased the chances of getting products designed for combination skin.

One of the recommended products to use is Cetaphil Face Moisturizer due to its SPF of 35 and protection against sun damage.

Meanwhile, you can look to Clinique Day Care Moisturizing Gel to provide the needed moisture your in-between skin requires. And for deep and soothing hydration, use InfiniteAloe Complete Skin Care Everyday Hero to keep your skin hydrated and protected care.

However, your choice depends on your skin’s present condition. That is, if you are presently experiencing an oily blowout, use a product for oily skin. Meanwhile, switch to products for dry skin if you have a dry spell or need hydration on your skin.

If you have combination skin, it is important to keep a track of your products and skincare routine because your skin is a chameleon that changes. However, with the right products such as the ones on this list, you can get the best result you want. So try one out today.

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