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Beautiful beards go beyond letting them grow, you have to take care of them beyond the barber’s shop. Barbing is one of the oldest professions in the world and a lot of people are even known as masters of the art. However, it takes a lot more to decide on beard products.

If you are wondering what I mean by beard products, then I have the answers for you. I am going to explain some of the common questions you might have in mind and how to select the best products you need!

Buying Guide

What are beard products exactly?

This means any product that helps to care and maintain your beards with the most common being shavers, special scissors, oils, balms, lotions, brushes, and combs which helps to improve the appearance of your beards. Each of these products has different uses that I will explain with time.

How are beard products sold?

There are varieties of beard products by manufacturers due to the increased need for these items. These products are often sold in kits that include conditioners, oils, balms, brushes, and scissors. Also, you can choose to get these products separately. If you are new to beard care, a kit might be the way to go. There are more options you can get which I will explain in the shopping criteria.

Why are beard products necessary?

Many think grooming a beard involves just a little trimming but the skin under the facial hair also needs to be cared for. The products in the market are designed for this. The three main aspects of caring for a beard are:

  • Hygiene: Occasional cleaning and grooming of the beard.
  • Hydration: Of the facial hair and skin need to be hydrated.  
  • Style and cut: You need to shape your beard often too.  

What are the most popular beard products?

The offer for beard care has grown rapidly in the past couple of years. This means that there are now loads of products available for us to try. Even if you cant try everything out there, I can make suggestions.

  • Beard Conditioner, Balm, and Oil
  • Comb
  • Brush
  • Scissors

What beard routine can I follow?

The care and hygiene is a personal matter as every beard and skin is different. Like any product, different products are meant for different skin but the important factor is to know what you plan to achieve before purchase.

In general, you can follow the routine below:

  • Wash your beard: Wash the skin under your beards so you can remove dirt particles found there. I advise that you massage the beard when applying the soap so that it penetrates the beard thoroughly and evenly.
  • Rinse your beard: Make sure you rinse with loads of water as the skin can get irritated when drying.
  • Dry your beard: Use a towel to dry to get rid of the humidity. Do this with care as wet hair is more delicate than dry. You can also use a hairdryer to get the job done.
  • Apply beard conditioner: Apply the conditioner and leave it on for at least half an hour. Put a small amount on your hand, add to your beard and massage it for a soft and shiny look to prevent friction.  
  • Apply beard balm and oil: oil is better if you have short beards and for long beards, it depends on what you plan to achieve. When going out, a balm will be ideal for styling your beards while oil is advisable for staying indoor.  

Can I use hair shampoo on my beard?

It is tempting but not advisable to use the same shampoo on your hair and beards. This is because these two different body hair have distinct characteristics and PH(potential hydrogen).

Head hair is thinner, softer and two to three hair has its own follicle. Also, the scalp skin is stronger than other parts of the body. Beard hair however is harder, coarser with one hair growing per follicle. As you might have noticed, the face is also very sensitive.

How often should I use beard products?

You might not need scissors as much as balms or oils. Asides from this, you need to use your products often to keep them healthy and attractive.

  • Hygiene:  Just like your hair, the beard has dirt particles that you should remove daily. Men with thicker beards should do it at least twice a day.
  • Hydration: The usage of your balm and oil depends on your beard type and how you use it. Even though you don’t need it, you may need to apply it daily.
  • Styling and trimming: Make sure you trim your beard at least twice a week to keep it even.

Can beard products cause skin irritation?

Just like other products, beard items may include ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. Keep this in mind when applying the product to your skin. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, pay close attention to the products you buy.

Sometimes, your beard can cause irritation and redness which you can prevent by using an aftershave to moisturize and close your skin’s pores. Some of these products come with scents like cedar, orange, or sandalwood.

Shopping Criteria

Wearing a beard takes time, patience, and the right products. There are so many products you can choose your beard kits from which is why I have these shopping criteria to guide you:

Allergenic Ingredients

You need to know the composition of any products you buy especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies. Just make sure you check the description carefully. Feel free to visit a specialist if you have any doubts or concerns.

Comb Material

Combs are common products found in the market that can be used to style your beard. Combs are often wet as they are used at the same time with beauty products such as oils and conditioners. This is why your comb should be water-resistant. Plastic models are not advisable so you can opt for metal or, even better, wooden combs.

Brush Bristles

Just like combs, brushes are also important as part of your kit. The handle might be fashionable but the bristles will affect your beard. Plastic models are common but not recommended if you have sensitive skin. This means your best option will be natural bristles made of real animal hair.

Beard Scissors

One of the most complex tasks in beard care is beard design, trimming, and evening out your beard. This is why you need good scissors that are different from the ones you use on your hair.


Beard products are important to take care of the hygiene and style of your beard. The most commonly used products are oils and balms, beard conditioners and soaps, razors, and scissors. You can find all of these products in kits or as separate items.

Now that you have all the information about beard products, you are ready to go on your beard care journey.

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