How To Exfoliate Your Back Efficiently

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Exfoliation is a must in any skincare routine. It aids in the removal of dead skin cells to reveal fresh, glowing skin. While we need to work on every part of our body, the back is one of the places skipped because of the hand gymnastics used to clean it. How do you exfoliate your back?

The back of the body still has skin, and it needs to be cared for just as any other part of the body. Not only to keep the back skin glowing and matched with the rest of the body, but to also prevent skin issues like back acne.

If you have been skipping exfoliating your back, you need to add the routine to your skincare regimen.

This article focuses on how to exfoliate your back and why you need to do it.

How to exfoliate back

1. Use a body scrubber

A body scrubber is a tool used to clean the back. It’s handy because the hands cannot get to the back, so the long wooden handle acts as an extension, while the head has soft bristles that scrub the back.

The body scrubber is skin-friendly and comes with different bristles and heads. You do not have to go for the most rigid bristles if you have sensitive skin.

To use the back scrubber for dry brushing:

  • Use the back scrubber on your dry back.
  • Scrub the upper part of your skin, then move to the lower sides.
  • Rinse off with water.

Or you can also:

  • While bathing, lather up your back (the lather serves as a lubricant to prevent friction).
  • Scrub your back with the soft bristles.
  • Rinse off with water.

2. Body scrub

Body scrubs are exfoliating tools used to mechanically remove dead skin cells from the skin. It makes use of particles like sugar and salt to scrub off dead skin cells and grime from the skin.

To use:

  • While exfoliating a wet body, apply body scrub to your back.
  • With your hands, massage the scrub into your body, focusing on the corners of the back.
  • If your hands cannot sweep your back as you want, use your loofah as an extension to scrub your back.
  • Then, rinse off with water.

3. Exfoliating band

This is a band used to remove dead skin cells and deep cleanse the pores. The band is made of microfiber and polyester with raised edges on the fabric to get rid of dead skin cells through mild abrasive contact.

The band is less harsh than the hand scrubber with bristles, so sensitive and dry skin can opt for this. You can also use this on dry or wet skin, depending on what you prefer.

To use, simply hold the band on each end and swipe across your back, moving from the upper to the lower back. The band covers the width of your back, working on every corner as you scrub.

4. Body wash with acids

This is a softer method to eliminate dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria and reduce pores on the back. You can use body wash with acids known to exfoliate the skin, like lactic, glycolic, or salicylic acids (AHAs and BHAs).

These acids will peel off the dead skin cells on your back and reduce the size of skin pores by removing excess sebum and residues.

Moreover, using this type of body wash makes the process easier because it already contains exfoliating ingredients. You do not need added exfoliating tools. However, you would need a loofah to scrub the back to get every lingering dirt on the back.

How to exfoliate back with acne

Back acne is often common in people who produce excess sebum on the skin that gets mixed with bacteria and dirt.

In the same way that the face produces acne, so do other parts of the body, including the back. Therefore, you must thoroughly care for the skin.

To exfoliate back acne, you should use a body wash with acids and a back scrubber for effective removal. Then you can apply acne treatment after rinsing to reduce back acne.

Why should you exfoliate your back?

1. Removes dead skin

Exfoliation’s primary goal is to remove dead skin cells lodged in the pores. Your back can also darken due to excess dead skin cells build up. If you do not exfoliate your back regularly, it will take on a darker shade different from the rest of your body.

2. Reduce back acne

Back acne is just as serious as face acne and needs to be treated and prevented effectively. To do this, you need to exfoliate your back regularly for smooth, clear skin you will be proud to reveal.

3. Reduces blemishes

Exfoliating the back also helps improve the smoothness of your skin by revealing soft new skin after the process. If you love how your back, then you will need to care for it.

4. Reduces flakiness

Flaky skin is often caused by dehydration. When you exfoliate your skin, you are removing the flaky dead skin. However, don’t forget to moisturize to prevent another dried-up white skin.

5. Protects the skin

The skin will not have residue buildup that could cause infections and other skin issues when you exfoliate regularly.


how to exfoliate back

How often should you exfoliate your back?


You can use a body wash and loofah everyday to exfoliate your skin. But if you are using scrubs or exfoliating scrubber, exfoliate your back when you do the rest of your body.

Will exfoliating your back irritate your skin?

Only if you are aggressive when scrubbing.

The process shouldn’t cause irritation or redness to the skin if you gently work your way through your back. However, if you haphazardly scrub, you might scrub a place or two too hard, which leads to cuts and irritation.

Should you moisturize after exfoliating?

Yes, you must.

This is an important part you shouldn’t skip after exfoliating because the skin is raw and needs something to cool and soothe it. A moisturizer does that while providing moisture that smoothens your skin.


Exfoliating the back is as important as any other part of the body. This is one part you shouldn’t skip in your exfoliating routine.

You can use a back scrubber, body wash with acids, or an exfoliating band to remove the dead skin lodged in your skin. And if you have back acne, treat your back with utmost care.

Remember to hydrate your skin with a moisturizer to prevent a repeat process where you have dry skin.

If you regularly exfoliate your back, you will retain soft, smooth skin all over your body.  

Thanks for reading.

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