How To Become A Celebrity: 9 Steps You Can Follow

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They say becoming a celebrity is one of the easiest things you can do. That’s not exactly true because you need several things in place, especially skill or talent to trade to endear people to you or immense luck to go viral on social media. 

How do you successfully become a celebrity then? What are your chances of becoming famous? What are the best ways to get you that spotlight you crave?

This article talks about how an individual becomes a celebrity. However, it is not in any way a sure means. It just explains the process.

Who is a celebrity?

A celebrity is a person who has achieved a high level of fame and popularity, often due to talent, performance, or other noteworthy accomplishments.

They may be actors, musicians, athletes, social media influencers, politicians, or other public figures who have gained widespread recognition and attention from the general public.

Celebrities are often featured in the media and have a large following of fans who admire and support them.

However, it’s important to remember that while celebrities may have a high level of visibility and influence, they are still human beings with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. They should be treated with respect and empathy.

Furthermore, a celebrity can increase in popularity based on their interaction with the fan base and media.

How to become a celebrity

1. Understand the path you want to take

Before you decide to become famous, you have to understand you know what you are getting yourself into. Most people do not understand the level of their fame until they are exposed to the limelight. Meanwhile, some do and prepare for it.

Whatever career would propel you to the limelight needs evaluation. You sometimes do not have control over many things, especially how people see you.

Nonetheless, you can control your reactions to it. That is what you should resolve to do when fame gives you the chance to become a celebrity.

2. Develop a skill or talent

To become a celebrity, you need to have a skill or talent that people admire or find interesting.

This could be anything from acting, singing, writing, content creating, or even social media influencing. You need to hone your craft, practice, and develop your talent over time.

Becoming a celebrity means you have a talent, skill, or a part of yourself you feel the world would want to talk about and know about.

Having a skill or talent doesn’t, however, mean you instantly get to become a star. It may take years or decades to the to a known celebrity status. Also, the level of fame may not be exactly what you want. The best is to hone your talent and create something unique only to you.

3. Network

Attend events and gatherings that are relevant to your industry. Meet people and network with them. Build relationships and create opportunities for yourself.

Meet people you are trailing -image-wise- to get tips from them. Read about them, their journey, and how they overcame challenges.

If you have worked your way a little in the industry, you may get to meet these people. And if you have not, study the lives of the celebrities you have something in common with.

4. Start exposing yourself

Create accounts on popular social media platforms and engage with your audience. Share your work and showcase your talent.

People should be able to find your craft on social media, especially TikTok and Instagram; it is the fastest way to get yourself out there. This is also the same thing as releasing mixtapes on Myspace, YouTube, and early social media platforms.

Release your works, a music snippet, a dance video, or a comedy skit – something that would get you out there; this is called creating content. You can get viral through this method. Or you can build a portfolio to show people.

5. Build your following and fan base

While you study people in the field and put your content out there, you start to build a following little by little.

Social media is a powerful tool for building a following and gaining exposure. As you increase your fan base and following, your popularity also grows.

Mind you- you do not set out to get popular in fields where talent speaks than following. For instance, athletes are set apart by their talent, not their fan base.

You may have the most following, but without talent, popularity through accomplishments may be difficult. So build your talent first before thinking of building a fan base.

6. Get noticed

Use every opportunity to showcase your talent, whether it’s auditioning for a role or submitting your work to a publication. Put yourself out there, and don’t be afraid of rejection.

7. Stay persistent

Becoming a celebrity takes time and effort. Keep working on your craft, building your following, and seeking out opportunities. Be persistent, and don’t give up on your dreams.

8. Work on your image

This includes going for interviews, making appearances, and attending social events that have meaning to you and the image you want to build for yourself.

For instance, if you want to start humanitarian work, this requires you to volunteer and attend functions that give back to society.

If you want to build a fashion icon image, you should make statements on red carpets, get invites to fashion weeks, and get endorsements from top fashion brands.

Marketing yourself includes showing the part of you that is most unique. It is what makes you different from others.

9. Keep working on yourself

That you are famous now does not mean everything is pitch-perfect. You have to continue working on your talent, developing new things, and growing. Be open to criticism and negative press (they will come).

Furthermore, know how to respond to negativity from people, especially when you are not showing your best parts.

Building a tough skin against negativity is something you need to work on yourself. And create a community of positivity- people who can create a safe space for you.


Can you become a celebrity overnight?

Not literally overnight, but you can become an instant celebrity for doing something out of the ordinary that goes viral.

This includes saving a life, doing something fun and posting it, or becoming infamous for something out of the ordinary.

Does becoming a celebrity means becoming rich?

No, it does not. You may start to get revenues and endorsements from being a celebrity, but it does not mean you become filthy rich. You build wealth largely due to your financial intellect and understanding of commerce. 

Are you a celebrity even though you do not want to be famous?

Being a celebrity means people know and recognize you to an extent. You can always refuse to stay out of the limelight, focusing on your talent and skill.


To be considered a celebrity, you need to have more than a pretty face. You need to be able to have a talent or character that would attract people to you.

Then you get to networking and building your fan base. When luck shines on you and you get the attention you want, get ready to keep your life in the open because everyone would want to know what goes on in your life.

In all, have a solid community of people that are ready to support you and always be ready to change and be a change. And if the celebrity life is not for you, you can always choose a quiet life and still do the things you love doing.

You can also read about what having a net worth means to celebrities to understand how to build your wealth.

Thanks for reading.